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Re: Any other Trims out there??

my maiden name is Trimm, and my ancestral Irish name was de Lacey before my ancestors moved to America and had to change it (back in the 1800's). back then (during the famine), the influx to America of Irish families was so great (and also anti-Irish sentiments in areas of the country), the government required many Irish families to "Americanize" their names. so, in my family's case, de Lacey became Trim, and then a few generations down the line, became Trimm. why the extra "m"? who knows for sure, but I think most likely it was a mis-spelling on a birth certificate that never got corrected.

anyway, would love to hear from any de Laceys still living in Trim. I know we'd be cousins god-knows-how-many times removed, but it would still be interesting. (and I'd get a one-up on my little sister, who is VERY proud of her Irish heritage.......the whole family is proud, but she takes the cake!)

Re: Any other Trims out there??

oh, and one more thing.........there's a Trim(m) geneology page at this address:

might see a few names you recognize there, but there hasn't been a whole lot of activity on that page recently. but who knows what you'll find until you try it, right?

take care!

Re: Any other Trims out there??

Hi. Ryan : Yes , many of us here in Canada as well as England .

I have researched back to 1701 in West Stour , Dorset , England It's a very addictive hobby , willing to share ( As a Trim - NO CHARGE )

Oshawa , Ontario