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Re: Keeping it simple for 08

G2G boldly said, "G2G - liberal and proud of it - FREEDOM!"

You go, girl ! You have a RIGHT to be liberal and proud of it !

Otherwise, I really enjoyed your comments about realizing that life is about living and enjoying. I am so "there". Things that would have angered me years ago, no longer do. I find joy in simple things that when I was in RSE, I thought were stupid because they were Soooo Social Consciousness...ewww...

No. I realize now that what I as doing was avoiding living life to the fullest for what it is...earthly. Instead of being "Godly" (and an idiot), I know now that the joy is in being very human...and loving my life.

A friend of mine kept saying to me, "We're here because we're supposed to be living this life, not having one foot in and one foot in the "cosmos".

Grounded...it's a good thing !

Re: Keeping it simple for 08

Tyger, you were born in the Chinese year of the TYGER, unless your Birthday this year falls before Chinese New Year. Not so very painful, honouring other cultures and beliefs. PC - or neighbourly. U decide.

Re: Keeping it simple for 08

such the church going Nazarene.
Good girl.

Re: Keeping it simple for 08


LOL!!!! I will NEVER STOP. Never, ever, ever....Bill Clinton cured me of keeping my mouth shut for eternity. Don't you just love it man??!!!

LOLOLOL!!!! ;-)

Re: Keeping it simple for 08

Awww, Tyger, you snuggly cub! Kudos on the recent freeing of your friend from RSE. Two more minds freed from RSE greed. Had to make this quick, I'm dealing with a similar situation as pictured in this URL:


(not my pictures, but imagine this behavior INSIDE the house lol)