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Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

Seagull dangerous? I hope you do not think I inferred dangerous... but yes to
silly and self-centered.

"About Christian Science. Did not see it as so way out either. Not dangerous."

Lost, tell that to CS children that suffered and sometimes died because their parents would not admit that anything was wrong and eschewed ever considering a regular doc.
Strict CS practitioners do not attend or have funerals. Death does not "exist".

Mary Baker Eddy was a fascinating and powerful woman. Even her great critic Mark Twain admitted as much. The Masons built a large granite Pyramid as a monument in her honor. The CS folks later blew it up.
It was a reminder that she actually "died." She died of pneumonia after 9 days of suffering at age 89. It took many days for CS witnesses to allow a medical examiner to check and report on it as requied by law.

As far as lifespan/health, yes the CS folks generally come from a higher strata of social success and are teatotalers but if you compare them to same social set outside of CS there is probably no difference. Of course, most CS people do see docs when necessary. As in any strict faith group, most members cheat a little and lapse too.

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

I was not saying anything about Ms. Eddy. Was talking about modern CS people I have met. Fascinating to hear about things that happened in days gone by, though. But as you may recall from previous posts, I consider that there are chapters in Catholic (and Protestant) Christian history that really are embarrasing and painful to dwell on for modern practitioners.
And u are right, CS people and Mormons don't have a corner on abstemiousness, or chastity, or anything like that. Just giving them credit for having sound health practices built-in to their faiths.
Also, other faiths I can think of also have that.

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

A higher strata, Joe? I am pretty egalitarian, I would say. But I grew up privileged. And I must tell you, the teenagers on my block had more money for drugs, more money for fast cars/motorcycles which they were likely to smash up, and a sense that they could get away with more, because "daddy will fix it" was their mantra = Daddy was a lawyer, a judge or a politician.

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

The real privilege I had, which is not the sole preserve of the affluent, was having parents who cared, who made themselves available to me, who were not selfish or narcissistic, who made sure I ate right, got enough sleep, behaved respectfully to others (I didn't get beat up), minded my manners, did my homework, obeyed the laws of the land (didn't get expelled or wind up in jail)...you get the picture. And there are parents like that everywhere, and parents who fail miserably, everywhere.
I noticed that some of my peers on "easy street" went home to empty houses and made themselves TV dinners, parking themselves in front of the TV, or asked themselves over to my house for dinner, because they were wretchedly lonely (even though Mom wasn't a great cook).
I was allowed to read whatever I wanted though...don't suppose that hurt me.
I am saying, it's not the beliefs, it's the behaviour that counts, when it comes to health, or values.

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

About the eschewing of traditional medicine///
Some home remedies work. Those kids might have died anyway. And I thought it was the Jehovah's Witnesses who would not permit their children medical treatment?? (at least, if that meant blood transfusions). Still, I don't think it's right to deny your kids medical care if they need it. The subject didn't come up with the CS people I have known. Is that true?
Or is it sort of like the Catholic Church's position on Birth Control - while understood to be a stern directive from respected spiritual leaders, in practice it is commonly flouted?

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?


You can check out these articles above for a start. Sure CS people are nice [all the ones I ever met were sweet to me socially] but I would not let their practitoners "treat" my dog let alone my children.

You are right, it is the "behaviour" not the belief, per se. Treating people based on a belief is a behavior. Withholding perfectly good medicine when it is available and required is "mistreating" on my way of seeing the world.

My the same token, bringing this back to Bach, I think his subcurrent of subjective idealism can have a toxic effect on anyone that takes it in uncritically.

But thanks for the give and take, Lost. I mean that...

Re: bach? joe sz can you please elaborate?

You are welcome, Joe.
Just because I argue with you doesn't mean I don't respect and appreciate you.
Well, read about 3 minutes worth (I read fast) of those articles, and cannot continue, too depressed. Does, unfortunately, outweigh the extent to which I was impressed by my friend's parents, one of whom had cancer, the other Parkinson's disease, receiving aid from CS, when medical science had written them off. They were healed. Maybe it was the placebo effect. anyway, 2 lives of adults cannot outweigh 167 lives of kids.