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Re: Twinkie teaching?

With my psychic powers, I will now make a stunning predicition.
I saw a show a while back on The Learning Channel, about a Buddhist sect whose Monks believe that mortification of the flesh leads to enlightenment. In their main temple, is a mummy...not just any mummy though. One of their leaders went through a mummification process, while still alive!!!! He achieved this by starving himself, and then, eating nothing but pine needles and pine bark. It worked!!! Upon his death, his body did not putrify, and is still in pretty much the same state as when he passed, years after the fact.
So, if eating massive amounts of pine needles and bark could have that effect, wouldn't small quantities be a great idea????
Coming soon to an event near you.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

lost in space, for real? on the learning station? pine needles huh- no thanks ive been green enough.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

Yes, they showed the Mummy...looked old and a little shrivelled, but then, he was reportedly elderly and wasting away when he passed.
Going to look up pine in a book I have, A Modern Herbal (which is not really modern, but does give a comprehensive listing of the medicinal, commercial, chemical and folkloric properties of many plants) - I'll get back to you.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

lost in space, in mississippi i encountered pine trees that actually smelled like kerosene and was used as starter wood for fires. however, twinkies is a much softer approach.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

No wonder it smells like kerosene, pine is used to make (among a bunch of other things) tar and turpentine.
I have read through the various species of pine trees in my book...there are indeed medicinal properties attributed to pine, and decoctions from various parts of it are used externally and internally for a whole host of ailments - but no suggestion that it will make you immortal.
Twinkies are certainly a softer approach. Ever sat on one? Better than sitting on tar...cleans up real nice, lol.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

RSE makes "The Exorcist" look like "The Sound of Music"....

They should re-name it. "Ramtha's School of Idiocy and Demonology".

It fits.

Re: Twinkie teaching?

lost in space, can you imagine wine ceremonies w/twinkies? OMG squished into the floor? being stepped on? LOL

Re: Twinkie teaching?

.....imagine what the porta-potties and the restrooms would look like with all that red wine and twinkie puke decorative touch that JZ has going on up there.

Enlightenment anyone?.........

Re: Twinkie teaching?

lost..i will let ya know how the pine works. gonna put a wreath on my wounded foot-possible it's broken. i tripped over a twinkie.