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New information on my KELLY & BANNON greats..
Kate BANNON, b 1854, place unkn, d/o Michael BANNON & Mary GOREY.

possible parents of Mary GOREY; Andrew GOREY & Mary FITZSIMMONS..

other children of Michael BANNON & Mary GOREY baptised in Trim:

4 June 1856..Anne..sp: John MURPHY & Julia CONNELL

26 Aug 1861..Lawrence,,sp: Thomas GAUGHAN & Rose NEWMAN

17 Aug 1862..Maria (Mary?)..sp: Thomas CLARKE & Mary NEWMAN

I have an unidentified burial in the KELLY family plot in Jersey City, NJ, which is possibly Annie ...

Annie CROZIER, 22, b Ire..buried 19 Mar 1877..died in childbirth with son, Alexander CROZIER, minutes old..husband; Alexander CROZIER...

any connections to these names?