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Coming Again, to a city near you...

I can not belive I am posting this message as a learker, but a friend of mine just send this to me in an email - regardiong the Mafu channeling group.


Looks like Mafu will be going out to world again this year after about 25 years. So, new Cult Memebers are sure to be born.

When will the madness stop.

Can anyone say they honestly see the VALUE on our planet of these Channels... other than... the destruction of peoples life.

Below is an excert from that public blog:
Quote from public blog:

The meeting went well, and Mafu will once again be going out into the World for Everyone to taste of His Love, and although hiding in Oregon has been wonderful, wonderful, it is time.

Mafu said this is the Year of Unity. All Good things come full circle and all circles get biger and brighter and stronger...


My question is WHAT is the value of these Channel?

Seems to be, that if what they said is ture, that everone is God and CHOSE to come back here; then if this is oiur choice, why do we need to focus in other worlds.

What ever happened to STOP and smell the Roses?

Perhaps the channles are not happy whith the projections that they see... is that a judgement?

Where does allowing come in to all of this crazy stuff?

It seems most of it all is about creating big fat egos, we are better than you... or something like that; tends to be the end result.

Our Group Is So Special?

Re: Coming Again, to a city near you...

One Point that I have always found interesting is the Channels talk about SELF POWER, yet it has never been demonstrated to anyone.

I recall the R saying it would cause followers to demonstarte his miracles; funny thing,they have created followers just like Jesus Buddha Krishna ect

Looks like to me, the channels messages has just exchanged one dogma for another. A new set of rules and demands to be this or that.

What ever happened to just being?

Groopies? Perhaps it is the nature of the human to always seek a group for validation of what we feel.

I have questioned also the need to speak out and tell others, and in a way, I do realize that others will have a totally different experience than me and that perhaps we each get what we need out of these groups.

Are we truly allowed to question these group?

When you are in them, any thought of question creates the goons of the group pouncing on you and attackinig to protect the leader.

Seems to me that if we question, then we belong to a new group of unsatisfied buyers of their products and in a way we have joined a new cult, the cult of regret? LOL.

I realize that I have so many unanswered questions.

I do not look here for the answer, but reading the many post does shead some moments of perspective.
I do thank EMF for providing this space. It simply allows us to speak what is within.

Will we ever totally and completely move on from this.

It is amazing to me, when I divorced my ex husband it was a complete and total cut. No ties, no looking back, no regrets.

Boy I wish I could have cut these ties with the same.

But, I would be lieing to myself to say that is true.

I question deeply within myself

What Do I Want from this?

What will it take to totally move on?

and at this point I do not have an answer.

I would love to be so compelted with these things of my past with these groups that I never again would give it any though, but at this point, it does still come up for me to look at again and again.

I get sick of it, but It is still within me to deal with.

In recovery, is it every totally gone from within us?

Re: Coming Again, to a city near you...

Dear Phyllis:

This is the old EMF forum, most people will be posting on the new one - you can get to it by entering the link shown above your post.
Sounds like you have a lot in common with ex-Ramtha devotees.
And there is still a wealth of information to be had from the links on this site about recovering from involvement with toxic channels.

Re: Coming Again, to a city near you...

Thank you Lost in Space.

Welcome Phyllis,

Your questions are very compelling and helpful.
Please consider reposting your thread in its entirety on our new message forum.

In our search for meaning and healing
your insights and presence on EMF will serve as a touchstone of reason and a healing balm for many.

The Moderators