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Soliloquoy on the Ironic Journey of Seeking Enlightenment

And so begins yet
another Julian calendar year
With the help of cyber elementals
Confused thoughts may become clear

Whether days, months or years
or for some, a decade or even two!
Now sands in the hourglass settled
One wonders what next to do

Like children awaiting
Santas appearance in the night
N'er did the promised shimmering appearance
Manifest for our sight

There was indeed fun
enjoyment, belief in the wind
We left dead mules behind
At the expense of our kin

Yet on kept percevering
Often blinded by sight
We huffed and we puffed
Through warm days & cold nights

Colored pencils and crayons
Suspended disbelief
Trusting and hoping
Of lack & troubles relief

Meeting souls from all over
The round planet Earth
For a time thru wine & dancing
There was indeed mirth

Ironically the teacher
Often to those being entertained
There was nothing he would not do
To enlighten their brain

After the journey,
Our experiences into wisdom owned
Perhaps we not sit closer
To the brains true enlightened thrown

No longer to be as trusting
As children or followers of belief
Ironically upon reflection
Our own Lord is again Chief

It may have beat sitting
for years in hard pews
While frozen liturgies & music
As we listened to gospels 'good news'

Like from dust to dust
Our lifetime begins and it ends
Never requiring decrees, focus
Or hours of holding up our hands

Still every morning
The glorious sun rises anew
We still have a choice
More than only to regret or review

One fine morning indeed
But of our own creation and choosing
No longer requiring time & money
Nor time with loved ones again losing

Let us then consider
The gift that we, now enlightened indeed
Are free to live, love and celebrate
All of life's boundless gifts-- not limited by creed

If all the world indeed
A stage, and we mere Actors
Let us learn from the performance
Then, smile and allow laughter

IF the teachings were 'ere true
Then each reading words on this site
Have reached the cyber void
Remove Blinders, Rejoice and delight!

Happy New Year


Re: Soliloquoy on the Ironic Journey of Seeking Enlightenment


Lucky me. I am online and just saw your new post as it came through.

This is AWESOME ! Clearly you spent so much time on this.

I'm going to print this out and put it on my fridge to share with my family. How beautiful that they can read your words, and understand that there are other people out there, who have gone through what I did, what you did, what they did (the kids)...and...who can come through the other side of it all, intact.

THANK YOU, thank you !!!

Re: Soliloquoy on the Ironic Journey of Seeking Enlightenment


That is incredibly credible!!!! I nominate that for a sticky!!!
Thanks for sharing that.

Re: Soliloquoy on the Ironic Journey of Seeking Enlightenment