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Common Ground & RSE

earlier thread mentioned the Common Ground article [July 1995] "Ramtha: Light or Shadow of the New Age?"
by John Crutcher (in 2 parts, Vol. X, No 7).

"Common Ground of Puget Sound" no longer exists, I believe. It was a free news tabloid.

I have the original and copied it. I helped John C extensively to put this together and coached him before he went into a several day RSE event..so he would not get "brainwashed".

Okay, maybe some RSE wits [as in dim] will counter that I "brainwashed" him first. Just proves that I have better soap, that's all....

I will send the entire article to David or whoever. If anyone one wants a copy, ask David or me.
It is a thorough report around 24 letter size pages. The original is on tabloid news size copy on 13 pages plus a letter to the editor I wrote.

Maybe it can be scanned and put into a PDF.

Re: Common Ground & RSE

Just to clear up some confusion. I will not be scanning this article myself--too much work.

I will send anyone that asks a hard copy in a 9x12 envelope via regular post.

I need an address to send it too---I keep all addresses confidential.

Maybe you can copy and spread it around yourself so I do not have to send too many out.

It is 29 pages.

AFTER you receive it, if you wish to cover my expenses, maybe $2 plus postage, send me a check or money order.

I really do not care if you repay me...

Every ex-member of RSE should read it....

Re: Common Ground & RSE


I'll send you my snail mail addy in email. I want to see this stuff.

Re: Common Ground & RSE

I sent a couple already,
so $4 will cover most of my investment but I still offer it as a gift. Send me nothing till you get it.

Tyger---yours I will post today with many others.

The packet includes J Gordon Melton's lengthy critique/letter-to-editor about the article and my rejoinder to Melton in subsequent issue.

Re: Common Ground & RSE


Suuuuuweeet.....just send me the bill, bro.

Re: Common Ground & RSE


I will scan all 29 pages to Word..
and post it on EMF...


Re: Common Ground & RSE

Sounds like that could be made into a .pdf file.