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Tyger Does It Again

Yes, I'm going to blow my own horn here. Yes, the Moderators can block it, ban it, or remove the thread if they want.....I honestly don't give a crack anymore.

Last night a miracle occurred.

I have a friend who has been in that **** school for over 15 years now. I've been trying to get him out for years myself. And with no luck. Hell, he even enrolled his 4-year-old and was brainwashing that poor soul.

Last night....FINALLY, last night he broke down. I've been hammerring away at him, using my own techniques, which get roundly criticized in forums like this, for years and years. Tough love just isn't in style this particular decade. Metrosexual, feminized weenies rule now.

Anyway....he broke down and swore off RSE permanently. And his little boy too. No more events, no more tapes, no more Scamtha ....anywhere!!!! The kid celebrated by watching 2 straight hours of cartoons.

Believe it or not (this is for the Moderators here and I don't care how lame you really are), removing my "Lie, After Lie, After Lie, After Lie" thread was the clincher. He went off when he saw your censorship, saying that this site was no different than the control crap they use at the school....and by the time his rant was through....he was an "ex-Ramster". Hehehehehehe.....now tell me I can't cook....go ahead, do it.

WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!! His son beamed at me, curled up against my chest and said, "Thank you, Uncle Mark."

Then he fell fast asleep.

His reward for FINALLY LISTENING TO ME and getting the hell out of that Funny Farm? I'm going to give him 2 acres of lakefront property for he and his son if he can keep his promise and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE NUTJOBS!!!

My Best Friend and My Best Man IS BACK FROM THE ABYSS!!!!


Re: Tyger Does It Again


Take two medals out of petty cash.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

LMAO, Wolfman!!!! That made me laugh out loud for real... Good one!!!

Re: Tyger Does It Again

The wolf and the tiger...sharing a beer.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Hey Tyger
That's GREAT Congratulation,

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Thank you kind sirs and ma'ams;

I'm still grinning from ear to ear and having to pinch myself. He just called me and is coming over with his son.

He's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Another slave has been freed. Actually two for the price of one. LOL!!!


Re: Tyger Does It Again

Took you 4 years?
Hell, when I work I usually get people, who often despise me at first, to leave their cults in 2 -3 days, bro.
How's that for salt in your eye?

Okay, I'm kidding you, seriously, but I get your drift. You deserve credit for all your effort and dare I day "LOVE" for your friend...
Sincere congrats to your friend for seeing the light with your help. Behind those fangs and claws is a real caring *****cat....

Will your friend post his story for us here? I'd like to hear more.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

edit: I meant just "years", not 4.

and apparently the p word for a feline is blocked.
How about "fuzzball kitten"?

Re: Tyger Does It Again

You are a piece of work- even when the story is about someone else, its still about you, isn't it?
I would love to see your DD-214.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

What a piece of work is man;
How noble in reason;
How infinite in faculties;
In form and movement how express and admirable;
In (don't remember) how like an angel;
In apprehension how like a God.
The beauty of the world;
The paragon of animals.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Anonimouse, what is a DD___?

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Never mind - you want to see somebodies separation papers from the military.
What would that prove?

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Another two souls freed from RSE. That's always good news.

Tyger, perhaps you're really a dog and your bark is bigger than your bite. That would be a compliment.

Oh, those wretched moderators....how dare they volunteer their time, create a site for people to connect, and then expect people to respect the rules. They're probably the only website with a message board on the entire internet who would dare expect such a thing!!! Such audacity. Love ya, Tyger. Just like my teenagers and toddlers ! LOL

Despite their own compassion mixed with contempt for Judith, they never asked anyone to respect JZ KNIGHT. No, not that ! She'd have to earn that first, and it won't likely be happening in this lifetime. Or any time.

Seriously - hurrah for the RSE escapees from Doom & Gloomland.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Wow, wow, wow! I'd mail you my gold coin that I manifested by driving to the store and plunking down the money I earned to buy it, but, no, I'm gonna keep it as a lucky charm.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

"Oh, those wretched moderators....how dare they volunteer their time, create a site for people to connect, and then expect people to respect the rules. "

oh by far, you two are the best.
You give so much.
Thank you.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

FN said, "I'd mail you my gold coin that I manifested by driving to the store and plunking down the money I earned to buy it,"

ROFL !!!!

Re: Tyger Does It Again

I am Tyger. That's what they found out in the USN.....I just am what I am......and I am Tyger.

That's it.

Re: Tyger Does It Again

so, how ya gonna address the man's severe alcoholism? Alcoholics tend to 'confabulate' alot ..(lie.) Might want to address that, if you care so much for little boy blue. AND certainly before a celebration of life renewed. Just a few thoughts before you go popping any champagne. Desperation is as desperation does.. Very sad family story, and nowhere near a happy ending.

Btw, Tyger, you are no therapist, nor exit counselor. An inability to get out of your own ego suggests ...well, wouldn't want this to be a flame...

A TRUE friend would help a friend get addiction treatment, so he doesn't contribute to drunk driving statistics. THAT'S a friend.

And, btw - USUALLY..friends allow friends to crow about their own victories, acomplishments, jumping of hurdles. eh?

Re: Tyger Does It Again

Friends share in our victories and defeats.

And at least, T's friend will no longer be handed two barf bags and told to drink till he's puking.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


Get off of my cloud, jerkoff. You're the rain on the picnic....congratulations. Bet your wife is so proud.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


Will my SAT scores suffice??? Bet mine is bigger than yours.

Re: Tyger Does It Again


I am such a bad, bad man. Or maybe it's just the cold meds kicking in.....