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Disappointment. That is what I feel the most. Man, I thought I had come upon something wonderful, magical. But, that ain't the case with JZR/RSE. Although I did meet some sweet and interesting people. My entire experience was full of promise. My understanding of that promise was that it was a possibility that, if I did the Great Work faithfully, everyday, I would be able to "ascend" into the higher realms. More like 'ass end'!

I celebrated the last day of 2007 by taking down the big "The Power Is In You" poster, folded it up and put it in the recycle. I've gathered all the Ramtha stuff and put it in one place. I'm looking at a lot of money spent. What shall I do with it now? Ebay, here I come....

Re: Disappointment

I just wanted to say thanks. I'm glad you guys are here. You keep me grounded. It was kinda tough during Christmas. I didn't bother to put up the tree. I did have a wonderful time with my family and friends. Hugs

Re: Disappointment


As your name says, you're free now. That's the most important thing.

Thanks for sharing about what you did to "pack it away", so to speak. I have a lingering photo of "Ramtha" that is just shoved under a pile of papers. The frame is nice ! LOL

Before the holidays, as we were cleaning up around the house in anticipation of company coming, we came across that picture. The little ones said to me, "What do you have that stupid picture there for ? Throw it away!"

Egads ! Kids don't miss anything.

Long story short; we ended up with an extra artificial tree with lights this year. We now own it. So, I decided that next year, I'm going to trim a tree for myself. I used to consider the RSE Christmas teachings when I decorated my tree. No more.

This year, the kids decorated the tree, so it was a cute Charlie Brown type of tree. That brought me joy.

But I want a tree that has the things on it that I would choose, WITHOUT the influence of the teachings. Just because I like what I like - well that is good enough !

This was my second Christmas post-RSE. It was also one of the best ones of my life. It was low key, simple, and just right.

I say all of this, because here is just one more example of the things we go through (holidays), that need to be re-experienced.

The disappointment hurts. Who knows - maybe it will always hurt. My take on it is that it's like a major life loss (for me), and the grief from the depth of betrayal is something that I will have an emotional scar from. But scars are healed wounds and then we go on, in our own time.

But, that does not mean that there isn't joy. It's there to find and to have. I also had my "faith" seriously rattled to the core. But it's still there. Certainly not because of RSE, but in spite of it. All of the bad things in this world exist for reasons I cannot explain, nor need to. I know there is a lot of good in this world, too. I prefer to see the cup as half full and enjoy every drop.

Best to you, F.N.

Re: Disappointment


Brother, I so hear you. I just got my friend of 20 years to finally junk JZ this New Years too!!!! And it had nothing to do with EMF. At the exact same time that the Moderator here banned my "Lie, After Lie, After Lie..." thread. Truly a miracle and quite telling.

Do EVERYTHING in your power to junk this freaky ****** Don't let the politically correct crew tell you how to act, behave, or talk. They aren't judges, cops, or preachers. Most of them are just junkies and sleep-around-*****s with more abortions than they have live births and straight off the high, high, high horse.

You go!!!!! You just GO!!!!!! Screw these PC idiots!!!!

Re: Disappointment

Tyger, are you okay?
And, admitting complete ignorance. What is PC? Peace Corps? here it's the name of the political party currently in power, Progressive Conservative.

Re: Disappointment

I couldn't face looking at all the ornaments. I think I will go through them this summer. I know I am going to smash the one that looks like a deck of cards! And enjoy it too!

Re: Disappointment

FN said, "I know I am going to smash the one that looks like a deck of cards! And enjoy it too!"

I hear you. I didn't put a single ornament on my tree last year or this year. I needed time. As the kids unwrapped the tissue covered ornaments to hang them, I saw the ram a friend got me from some country store.

But this is also the year I made peace with all of it.

FN, you have a grand ol' time taking care of business!! AND enjoying it !!!

(Where in the world did you find a ornament that looks like cards ?! I've heard it all, now.)

Re: Disappointment


Re: Disappointment

for many years it has been an inner struggle for me. trying to identify and come to terms with it. what is and isn't true. Lost, your honesty is appreciared.
folks, it's like "falling in love". the magic and anything is possible-smile. and as we go deeper into the relationship we discover that it isn't what we thought it is. and we watch our dreams fade like illusions and fall from the. hearts ache..tears fall.
all of us are strong and in time will heal.
i see it as an experience. a stepping stone of sorts in a journey. and, i am not sorry because what i have learned is priceless.
speaking of myself ONLY (not directed at anyone else) I GAVE MY POWER AWAY..at first. meaning i threw all caution to the wind...trusted.
the same thing can happen in any relationship or anything we believe in. the lesson for me is to trust and believe in myself.

Re: Disappointment


Tyger said, "At the exact same time that the Moderator here banned my "Lie, After Lie, After Lie..." thread."

Such a shame that post had to be deleted. 99.9% of it was so good. The Moderators (PLURAL) contacted Tyger, and welcomed him to repost it, edited, sans the flame at the end. Apparently, he’s decided that he doesn’t want to do that.

The guidelines for posting on EMF are stated up front, as with any message forum. They are not open for debate, but are designed for people to post in a civil manner. For those who find flaming entertaining, EMF is not the place for you to post. Feel free to take that elsewhere.

PC = politically correct

Re: Disappointment


Re: Disappointment

Tyger, sometimes you can be distracting and disruptive. The anger inside you is coming out in inappropriate ways. Just, an observation.

Re: Disappointment


You've really hit upon an important point, I think. In some of the threads on this board, in talking with recovery counselors, attending a couple of workshops (an interesting experience!), reading post-cult books and articles, there are some distinct patterns that emerge.

One of the stages of recovery is the bubbling up of some intense emotions. Finding EMF, and realizing that not only were we conned, which is horrible enough, but learning of the stories that others have endured, may only make a person more angry than they're already feeling.

We've had some folks start posting on EMF, who were still current students, that had some doubts. Like me, they did some googling, and found out that not only are they not alone with their doubts, but they are experiencing similar things that others are, too.

I saw somewhere, a comparison/contrast chart between the stages of grief, and the stages of recovery (emotionally working through) when leaving a cult.

Those posters came on EMF kicking and screaming, trying and partially wanting it (the experiences here) not to be true. If they accept what we've posted as true, then they have to leave RSE because they've burst the bubble and faced the fact that it's a scam. Not easy at all to do that.

We've been patient with them, and it all worked out well. A number of those people have moved on from EMF for the most part. We still hear from them from time to time. They've relocated, rebuilt their lives, found happiness and are just doing well. EMF is a stepping stone that can be of short or longer duration.

But then there are still those dang guidelines.

( Love ya, Tyger ;-)

Re: Disappointment

I can't pinpoint when I started doubting but I had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right. I had dreams that the reason JZR wanted everyone to move to Yelm was to trap them there. I remote viewed Yelm several years from now and it isn't a pretty sight.

So I started Googling and found EMF.

Re: Disappointment

>>>>>...I've gathered all the Ramtha stuff and put it in one place. I'm looking at a lot of money spent. What shall I do with it now? Ebay, here I come....<<<<<

Free, No!

I wouldn't recommend spreading that mental distraction to others to get hooked on those teachings that only brought you 'dissapointment. I trashed 'everything.' And I didn't do it out of anger. Simply released it from me, and clearing my self.

Re: Disappointment

Put it in a UG, then seal that UG up...It's a tomb.

Re: Disappointment


My posts and reply attempts past 3 days have not appeared. Am I cut off too?? What is going on?


Re: Disappointment


Your post went through just fine; it's posted.

Re: Disappointment

""Put it in a UG, then seal that UG up...It's a tomb.""

I've got the same dilemma. On one hand, I'm reading the "old" R teachings so that I can compare for inconsistencies. I picked up a copy of "A Master's View etc.", Vol. 1 & 2. It's interesting in that while at RSE, it was explained to us that Jesus was actually meeting "R" at night, while in the books, it's written that Jesus was meeting with Yahweh and Id. Those of you with some interest and/or training in psychology certainly know what the "id" is. Interesting.

However, can you imagine, 2000 yrs. in the future, some "archaeologist" stumbling across the remnants of "R's world," and people actually believing it? It leads one to wonder about anything that's been dug up! What is real? What is truth? All we know from reading, all we've learned from churches and religion still--all we can honestly attest to is our own feelings and experiences, ie - I love my family (and my GSD although he's given me quite a workout today!)

I can only try and envision the scene when someone digs up "the two paths" and the "Rockumentary!" Waw. How enlightening, INDEED.

Re: Disappointment

G2G: Jesus spent the night with the ID? I don't get it. But, then, even though I have been trying my darndest to understand everything that goes on or went on at RSE, since I have not been there, What the Bleep do I Know???
And, know I tend to go off topic, but your idea about archaologist digging up artifacts years hence makes me think of a great book - "A Canticle for Leibowitz" - in the first part of the book, post nuclear holocaust 100 years in the future, "Saint Leibowitz" is worshipped by the remnants of the Christian Church - the sacred artifact they have dug up says "Bagels for Emma,...it's a grocery list to us, but to them, a source of infinite wisdom and mystery. I wish I could remember the name of the author.

Re: Disappointment

Lost, why not Google that? I asked myself.
Here is a link if you are interested.

Re: Disappointment

""G2G: Jesus spent the night with the ID? I don't get it. But, then, even though I have been trying my darndest to understand everything that goes on or went on at RSE, since I have not been there, What the Bleep do I Know???""

Oh, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier! "Id" and "Yahweh," according to "R's" model, were two of the three extraterrestrial "gods" who came to "terra" (earth) when mankind called out for help (for what, I'm not certain). The third god to come? Why, that would be Jehovah, who had been at war with the peaceful Id and Yahweh.....

The book you mentioned sounds enticing. Thanks for the link - I'm going to Amazon and buy it! Reminds of the old Star Trek movie, "V-Ger" - the old Voyager which somehow created life, which was searching for its "creator."

Re: Disappointment

Yup, G2G. To add to the story, Jehovah (a jealous God who hates women due to his sister being more powerful-popular than him), did war with Yahweh. Id, however, stayed out of it and minded his own business - a very peaceful dude.

Well, Jehovah actually won the war, the rotten egg.

So, in the meanwhile, the troops of Yahweh have been preparing, along with Ramtha, for the return of Jehovah (whose presence can be felt here on Earth). They would do battle again, and Jehovah would lose.

Then, another day, Ramtha told the audience that WE (humanity) is Jehovah. The collective consciousness of the first three seals, trapped from visible light, downward.

So, yet again, WE are made "wrong". Directly, indirectly, doesn't matter, just always happens.

Oh ! And don't forget that when the next war happens, there will be the 12 Days of Light in the heavens, with no night time. Perpetual light that we'll need to hide indoors to be safe from. Why ? Cuz it will be the light of the battle of the spaceships. Lasers, as I understood it to represent.

Hmmm....I don't have much in the way of curtains on my windows, LOL. Don't want to obstruct my view.

Re: Disappointment

Thanks Whatchamacallit. Still don't get it.
Weren't Yaweh and Jehovah the same entity, at least in the translation of the Bible commonly used today?
If they were separate - which of them did Jesus derive from, according to JZ?
Should we be worshipping Id, who stayed out of it?

Re: Disappointment

Sounds like, when RSE students are told, "You are God" what is meant is some sort of insult.

Re: Disappointment


Ramtha may be rewriting the Bible ? LOL

Yes, in the Bible, one would think it's one being. R would disagree. He claimed that the old and new testaments are about multiple "Gods"...who warred. He claimed the Old Testament was about the controlling, jealous god Jehovah, and the new one was about Yahweh.

He claimed that the Council of 13 (Gods) "split" their souls and made a new one - Jesus. Then, another time, he said that Jehovah was behind Jesus' coming here, because he was to take a dark path of control, on behalf of Jehovah. BUT, the Council saved the day and intervened.

I think Ramtha has had too much wine.

S/he can't even get a story straight.

Re: Disappointment


I can see a rationale for contrasting the God of the Old Testament with that of the New Testament.
The Old Testament God really could be described as a War God, unlike the God of Love and Peace in the New Testament.
Fortunately, that other stuff, about 13 Gods, (unless they were all aspects of the same divine entity) prevents me from completely agreeing with JZ/R.