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Domestic violence and RSE!

How many of us would put up (for long) with verbal abuse in a relationship? Or, being slapped around?
What would happen if someone filed a charge for assault against R. Hampton can say isn't her responsibility cuz R had her body at the time?
If I'm not mistaken the owner of a vehicle is responsible for any damage someone does while in posession of it? Even if the owner willingly loaned their vehicle to another?
How does verbal abuse and assault equate with "Love Youself Into Life"?

Re: Domestic violence and RSE!

Oh, how silly of me. I forgot "there's no thing as a victim". There's only misplaced trust.

Re: Domestic violence and RSE!

Magpi said, "How does verbal abuse and assault equate with "Love Youself Into Life"?"

Hmmm....how about 180 degrees ?