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Anyone remember the boiled cabbage teaching?

R was plugging for her. Defending her-of course. Said that she had left her husband "rather than live w/the redneck maddness". She got cabbage out of a farmers field and boiled it..out of the back of a station wagon. Question: living out of the station wagon w/her boys or did she boil that cabbage in the back of the wagon?
I think it was the same teaching that R went on to say that her hands are scared and she has scars on her body from the numerous times she has been burned at the stake and/or dragged to her death.
R (?) went on in his address to the audience and ask what scars do have on your hands/body. What suffering/misery have you changed? Heavy-heavy-heavy. Same theme..poor her. All about her. Isn't how it started out. Funny how things change.

Re: Anyone remember the boiled cabbage teaching?

Or, the time R quoted prophecy as saying " I will come thru a woman"? He went on to say, "well here I am"! It's on tape from a c and e. The same one that hampton was speaking to the Europeans from Yelm. Explaining that she couldn't show up (go there) because her life had been threatened by "insecure entities that feel threatened by her". At the end of her speach and offer of a reduced rate for those she stood up(should they come to the states. After expounding on how there's "SO Few Lights" in this world.
It's in that same context that then R comes in and makes the above announcement. Anyone remember it?

Re: Anyone remember the boiled cabbage teaching?


I don't recall either of those things happening. Perhaps someone else does....

Re: Anyone remember the boiled cabbage teaching?

it's on tape,