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New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!


Whew!!! Barely made it in time!!! This just came in off the (RP) newswire (Ramtha Press)....

"(RP) Yelm, WA: December 31, 2007: "GUMMY BEARS HELP STUDENTS ASCEND!"

"Greg-Gene Simmons, appearing without his signature demon-from-hell outfit and bass quitar informed a stunned audience at Ramtha's School of Enebriation today that JZ has decided to release "The food of eternal life and immortal ascension" this New Year's Eve. Simmons then informed the ecstatic crowd that mysterious ingredients that were added years ago by hermaphrodite alien beings from Epsilon Crapola to the candy known as gummy bears, when consumed heavily enough, will cause a human being to "move to the fourth" and ascend on the spot.

JZ's longtime paramour, known as "Blue Body" to the students, then took the stage and informed the audience that "The blue gummy bears will speed up your vibrational frequency even faster." "Blue Body" then consumed four pounds of blue gummy bears in front of the students, fell to the floor, and began convulsing and 'vibrating' rapidly, to the students awe and amazement, and then promptly ascended into the back of an ambulance ten minutes later. He remains in stable but quite 'blue' condition.

Classified ads in the local Yelm newspapers offer to trade 4 red, 3 green, and 1 yellow gummy bears for a single blue gummy bear.

In other related news, 12 new dentists have opened up offices in Yelm this week."

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

U are so funny!!!!!!

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

Reminds me of a George Carlin sketch - "Blue food probably causes immortality...ever notice how no food is actually naturally blue? Even blueberries are actually purple. WHERE'S THE BLUE FOOD???!!!"

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

I swear Lost.....the next time some idiot Scamster does a "war cry" in my presence I'm going to punch them right in the mouth and see just how willing to go to war they really are. Living up here in Yelm, you don't know whether to laugh, cry, or cut their pin-sized heads...clean off.

I go out of my way to make fun of them just to keep from getting real serious on their anti-human, illegal-alien, delusional/demonic azzes.

(Why do I always draw the crap detail on Earth? I don't get it....)

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

I prefer humour, by far!
And remember, as they are now, so once were you...and many others. Maybe there is hope that they too will wise-up.
Help the poor strugglers...
An yu can't help nothin' or nobody if you are jailed for assault. Last time I checked, Ramsters have the same legal rights as other citizens; though, as an aside, some of them feel they are above the law. Revisit the screamingly funny post by Old One on a bygone thread - something about getting stopped by cops fresh from an event, drunk and high on ex, and explaining that you are God, so its okay...lol, lol, lol...

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!


Kinda-sorta. I live here in Yelm and I have excellent relations with the local police. They tend to like guys like me and REALLY dislike the Ramsters. They consider them like cockroaches up here....a public nusiance. Then there is the fact that I give them inside information anytime they ask for it. I enjoy helping them harrass Ramsters, although in all actuality, there is little of that that occurs here. Ramsters fear police more than they do Jesus.

And in person, I've found that the VAST majority of them, especially the staff members, tend to be metrosexual weenies without a clue. Mr. Karate Kid Steve doesn't DARE use his crap because the police are just waiting to arrest him for it. The rest have no skills in that area, especially after a few bottles of wine. I've got videotape of these morons fighting each other, throwing punches like 8-year-olds, and then smashing each other's cars out with sledgehammers. It's quite the "enlightened experience" up here...

On the other hand, I've thrown more Ramsters through windows than Wal-Mart has parking spaces and never once got a single citation for it. The drunk Ramster usually gets cited and the police record. Things like this can happen when they try to sexually molest your 12-year-old daughter and such.

Perhaps JZ should train them better in how to "handle" the real world and real people in it.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

You so remind me of my ex, Tyger - not such an insult, he is still my good friend.
I felt sorry for the poor slob who tried to rob him when he was trying to access his bank machine...guy went to hospital. The whole thing was on video cam, no charges against the hubby.
And I remember the cops' attitude, when my ex punched a guy out on the subway, because the guy was slapping a woman around.
But it kind of makes you sound like a bully, to hear tell that you consider it manly to beat on a 'metrosexual' with no martial arts skills. And you, an ex-Seal!

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

Tyger !!!!!

Stop telling secrets !

And by the way.
What are you doing hanging round the deputy dogs of Yelm?

RSE's finest are "The Barkers In Front Of The Strip Joint"

What the heck are you doing hanging around strip joints?

Still 007 the frog man?

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

LMAO!!! You guys are too funny!!!

Lost, I'm the last thing you'd ever imagine from a bully...I weigh about 165 lbs and am middle aged. Tsk, tsk, tsk. ;-)

I just don't suffer moron fools well. Especially the drunk and above the law variety. Not my fault mommy raised them to be an emotional tyrant with the skills of a wimp. When they step out of line too far,....I blast them. End of story.

I would expect nothing less form any decent American father.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!


Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

Was not talking about the guys who molest 12 year olds. Don't suppose they all do that.
Was talking about taking pleasure in putting people through windshields, like a sport.
Somebody gave this joke to my ex.
Lord grant me the the strength to change the things I can change,
The courage to accept the things I cannot change,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill because the p*****d me off!

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

....no pleasure about it...especially at my age and weight. More like a chore and a nusiance. Unless you've been through 10 or so years of these suarez's and examples of neaderthalism from these New Age freaks, you have no idea. It's a weekend thing here in this county. Witnessing it is all about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It's commonplace...Staff members pound the living crap out of each other over the years on a fairly regular basis. I've watched it, objected to it, and was chastised and thrown out for objecting.

Welcome to Earth.....we've got all the nuts here. Part of Life, I guess.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

>>>>>>from Epsilon Crapola to the candy known as gummy bears, when consumed heavily enough, will cause a human being to "move to the fourth" and ascend on the spot...<<<<<

Yeah. It's called a Sugar High, or Sugar Rush. And the the guy was 'rushed' to the hospital after he came down from: 'The Outer Limits.'

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

the real announcement on New Year's Eve was that their almighty God & slave-master wouldn't be showing up, as JZ 'didn't feel well' (question: is she EVER really well???) Anyways, so all those folkies paid $50 so they could sit thru a video of LAST New Year's Eve, the oldy & goody Rocku-mentary.. (Yawn.. now how OLD is that one??)

So it's the same old, same old. So much for living in the future, its the PAST, Distant PAST and then of course ANCIENT past. Gosh those hip boots really are needed..

I'm thinking the blonde hussy was just exhausted from packing for a two-week get-away.., watcha say? Cleared the schedule & canceled that bothersome January 10 weekend event... The seasonal affective is really hard on the bo-tox (all that mid-winter snarling..)

Got $50 a pop for not even showing up!!! All those other fools who gave $$ for Changing Their Mind event: watch & LEARN!!! HA!

bon voyage..!!

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

oops! almost forgot - if anyone needs those classic days-to-come recipes for Stuffed Porcupine and Crispy Fried Muskrat - - I GOT THEM! (my most unusual gift this holiday season...yeah.) Omg, the things the UG people think is important. Even has diagrams on how to skin them! Nailing eels to a board.. yuummmm.

But, I am having trouble with one. Where DO those 2 fresh tomatoes for the Caribou Casserole come from? Do you have to bi-locate to a UG in Mexico to go get them? When you bi-locate to Alaska to get the caribou, how do you avoid the bloody mess when you reappear in the kitchen again with 250 lbs of bilocated caribou strapped to your back...? Somehow, I just don't feel ready to try out that recipe right now...

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

No show huh? Some things never change! My heart goes out to those looking for something to make em important or that they can "depend" on. When we allow others to do our thinking for us..it's dangerous. So they all got drunk and watched a rerun? Sounds like fun. Not!

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

I am simply shocked! (not) I DO have to wonder about all of those who purchased cross-country airline tickets only to review last year's video. How starkingly "black and white" it is that she doesn't give a ****e about her students. Why, she'll only have more come through the revolving door, while the others exit.

I had NO idea of anything more about RSE when I was "rudely" awakened by the TV's "What the Bleep" with JZ as R. I bought the movie, and we thought it was "interesting." I went to the website for RSE and only wished to learn "ancient" knowledge of healing. I had NO idea of the school's history, or that the intent was for the producing a "Christ." It began with total innocence of little more than this. Then the disciplines were interesting initially, the C & E (TM or whatever!) along with the music borrowed from recent movies did produce a "high" or "trance" and it felt calming. The teachings on the levels of existence (since I'd read about such in eastern culture philosophy etc.) made sense. Micael's talk was extremely grasping-this man had been researching and was in the Vatican library with access to everything. Finding cards in the field was initially a challenge and when I found mine, it reinforced the teaching of analogous mind. The schedule was rough, and my small group wasn't entirely convinced of this "channelling" drunken being who went on for hours about J's personal life, used the foulest language, spat on the stage, and punched (I didn't see this but others did) a long-time student. I left with good feelings about being positive and more "organized" about my day.

Then I went to my follow-up and several subsequent events, one not in Yelm, and then primaries with the BC teachings.

WTH was going on here, I asked? People gossiping, JZR NOT showing up, confused teachings from teachers differing from my beginner's group - oh man. It was abusive, and I'm not ever going to pay for that or watch others being abused.

But I still wonder, how many of those people who continue to fly in year after year for the New Year's event, and then JZR bails? They STILL think there's an exalted entity there?

Hey, Tammy - as you said in another post. Maybe she just didn't want to put on her "face" or her lips exploded from too much collagen.

Will those who keep returning continue to sleep?

Sad. Really.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

G@G..I give you KUDOS...you have expressed your displeasure, disgust and dissilusionment well, with no sneering for the most part (thought the constant harping on JZ's plastic surgery is kind of cruel) and not targeted anybody who has not injured you personally. Without advocating acts of vengefulness or violence. Really good.
And Tammy, if it hadn't turned my stomach to think of what those delicacies you mentioned would actually look like, I would say the same to you.
Tyger; are you saying that because you weigh 165 lbs. and you are middle aged, you couldn't possibly be a bully??????
How much did Hitler weigh? How tall or old was Stalin? How old is JZ?
My ex is older than you, and skinnier. Also I am betting that my friendly local Karate Master weighing 140 and standing about 5'3 could do a heap of damage if he wasn't ethically bound to fight only in defense of life or limb. Think about it. I think there is a difference between defending yourself and vollunteering to bust heads.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!


Stop, .....please. This is getting embarrassing.

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

otay panky

Re: New Years Eve Announcement From RSE!!!

G2G said, "Will those who keep returning continue to sleep?"

Some will. Some will quietly doubt and do nothing but patch it up with their rationalizations - and - go back to their next event. Some will do what I (and others) did, and privately search online to find out if anyone else is out there who has the doubts and questions that they do. Or have private conversations with friends about the discrepancies.

I already posted once or twice, about the last Christmas event that I went to out there. It was "marketed" big time, and since I travel so far, I decided I was going to treat myself. So for the single evening event, I traveled far. I cried all the way home and for days after.

It wasn't anything like it was marketed to be. It was a drunken wine ceremony. I was "hit on" by men and women, as I was just walking to the bathroom. I witnessed quite a litany of disgusting behaviors. I drank very little wine, and had quite the view from where I sat. DISGUSTING. Puking, fighting, a big woman, quite heavy-set, fell on me as she stumbled, trying to get back to her seat. (I'm quite short) She was leaning on me like a pillow for a good half hour. My arm went numb. But, for more reasons that I'll get into here, I just shut up and sat there, listening and watching. I was covered in wine splatters and baked/fried chicken, that went flying all over the place, though the air. Why ? "Ramtha" was doing a toast and held his glass in an outstretched manner - a signal to students to come up to the stage and toast his glass. They all ran. RAN. Over anything and anyone in their path. Disgusting. Staff was stinking drunk, and I witnessed several fights almost break out. The dancing (more like a mating call) was ongoing, until about 4 a.m. I had nowhere to go, and it was cold outside. I wasn't prepared, but I left and would walk around outside until I was so cold that I had to go back in again. Couldn't sleep. Tried to go to my car, but too cold to stay long.

I should have left when I arrived at the event and the staff handed out two barf bags to each student as they entered the door.

The marketing was totally misleading. It was one of the worst events I ever attended.

My Christmas gift that year ? I saw the strawberry. The appalling event served to push me out the door and cut the ties that bound me. It was probably the saddest Christmas (not counting when my father died), ever. I was stunned at what I saw that night. The betrayal was deep but that strawberry in the mud was coming closer to the surface for me to pluck. Ripe.

I came home and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, night after night. I was online googling things like "Ramtha" "fraud" "critics" "JZ", and I found a lot of information that I wish I had found earlier. Better late than never !