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Did Any Of Us Ever Consider.....

That while the premise of the "school" and charging an outrageous amount is that we all create our own reality? If it's free we wont appreciate it? Oh. but hampton comes forth and says "they" have found a way to shut the school down (there goes our deliverance)and she has to have $?
How low is low? Suckers at best?
Yea right. A 35,000 year old entity from the lost continent of Atlantis. The "stratum was pierced" by sophisticated weapons..mars to earth. That wrecked total havoc. Traveling on light beams..while riding a war horse named shameeridem-"closer than a toyota". Absolute insanity! Yea right. The stratum is being pierced by sophsicated weapons while "R" is riding a war horse? Using a sword? Insane at best. Then, there's the hamptom that's an actress conniving and manipulating that she has had a "visit". Isn't a rabbit hole..it's a hell hole. Quicksand. A swamp at best.