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It's Warped!

What were the original teachings? Anyone remember? "You are God-Love yourself into life"! How does that coincide w/hate your family (or anyone that doesn't think as a hamster) and/or live for their next event?
It would be a different story if that place actually taught anything. Now, we have the "breaking news" of "quantum physics". Give it time, it will change. Insane is what it is. Stay tuned..hampton is about to pass gas. Get your scientific test(proof)ready. It's a "smell test" (no thanks).
Remember signing the gag on the teachings? "To keep it pure"? No folks- WAKE UP! It's a business. And, the way to protect it is to have a copy right.
What "woman" thumbing thru a magazine "falls in love" w/ a guys picture? And thus comes the story of soulmates. Yea, and she "loved" him so much that she went after him knowing he was gay (and she was married). Got all the mileage she could outta him. He was dazzled by it all. Was used up, chewed up and spit out before he ever saw the truck that hit him. While she comes across as lost, pathetic and suffering. Taking advantage of others. Crying all the way to the bank. Ever see the list? How about healing? Oh, and the people closest to her die? In one way or another? And, all she cared about is the show must go on? At the death of others...that didn't go to her..that SHE went to and recruited into her delusions?
Ever hear the teachings on how nature saves that which is important?
The truthis that if there ever was actually a ram..he was always establishing teachings as "damage control". As an explanation and excuse.
I believe there was something. Call it Ram, jesus Christ or whatever. But,hampton couldn't handle it. Until now I have not believed in Posession. I do now. hampton is an exampl of it. She isn't an individual..has no identity. Best she can do is quote what "r" says. She's a shell of a person. To be pitied regardless of how dispicable she is.

Re: It's Warped!

""Stay tuned..hampton is about to pass gas. Get your scientific test(proof)ready. It's a "smell test" "

Aha! So that's the secret to levitation. Eat lots of beans, have a small case of the vapors and oila, she's levitating. Eat tons of beans, and she can phhhhhfffft herself into "ascension" (syndrome).

Maybe "Jack" really did have magical beans.

Re: It's Warped!

okay G2G...great humor. however, doesn't look like she's expelling it. guess time takes it's toll. at a different time she came across much differently. genuine. now, i cant stand to look at her. exactly what "R" said would would never happen...has.