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RSE Is a Deep Dark Hole-skip the rabbit

We gave our hearts away and our $. The least of it. We went there trusting. And, got caught up in somethng over our heads. Bait and switch.
I dont want to be where people hate...and compete. Divide and conquer? Where people are at odds? It ISN"T how it was supposed to be. As advertised! Oh no, it was about LOVE. Helping the world and ourselves. Yea right. No, it was about hampton and her delusions. Claim to fame.I wouldn't want her soul. Causes me to shudder. And yet she is to be pitied! It's obvious SHE has NO identity. But is "teaching" others? Heaven help us all! Anyone can be on King Live. Including Tammy Baker and Hugh Heffner and God knows how many others because it SELLS!
Look, hampton is like the news. Come out w/some startling new, shocking event and move on to the next w/out ever following thru? Sound familiar? It's all sensationalism? And life goes on. Waiting for the next siren? Next scam?
A deep dark hole. A SWAMP. That scams people out of their $. Convinces them it's a worthy cause. What's the cause?

Re: RSE Is a Deep Dark Hole-skip the rabbit

""What's the cause?""

"Judy's in Disguise." (and likes to shop)