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Reality Check

It doesn't take a 12 step program (if so go back to rse) to have common sense. School? WHAT SCHOOL? Oh, you mean the illusion that "students" are actually learning something because after all there's the beginners and secondary and advanced and bc? Based on WHAT? Having enough $ to attend? Keep it going? Keep people in competition w/each other? All the while it's about hamptons bank account and image? A successful business? At whose expense? It is CRUEL! To intentionally play with other peoples heart and emotions. And, for what? For hampton to live out her illusions and delusions of desperately needing to be important so she can be someone? While raping others of their individuality? NO laughing matter folks! You wnat to get used..go to rse. Want to give your power and life away..go to rse. You can dream all you want w/an honest heart and honest desire to be all you can be. and hopefully make a difference. But, when you/re dealing w/people w/out a conscience...you dont have a PRAYER!
God Bless!