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Some assistance please?

Can you all give me the hopefully short list of what jzr teaches that is specific to jzr and not found else where? It would help me sort this out. Thanks

Re: Some assistance please?


Re: Some assistance please?

JZ will teach you that it's imperative to pay her thousands of dollars for drivel that can be had on the Cartoon Network.

That's about it.

Re: Some assistance please?

Well, almost nothing.
Will leave you to determine its worth.
JZ teaches that Ramtha is a 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior who ascended, and is now an ascended master channeled by her.
And that by drinking a concentrated seasalt compound, you can become bionic.
That twinkies cause imortality.
That copper has divine protective properties.
The rest of the teachings, or reasonable facsimiles of same can be found elsewhere.

Re: Some assistance please?

it's basic. that consciousness and energy creates reality. we are god. the complexity is trying to use quantum physics to explain what cant be explained.

Re: Some assistance please?

LIS wrote, "And that by drinking a concentrated seasalt compound, you can become bionic."

OMG ! That's so funny !!!

You ought to get that line TM'd. Sounds like a new business venture. LOL

I wonder whatever happened to that guy from Canada who came to the ranch, that taught us the recipe for making Sea-11 water. He's probably ascended by now.

Even that wasn't JZ's original thought. She brought that guy - who claimed to be an alchemist, into the arena during a mandatory event. He was a guest speaker. Oh, the claims !!!

Re: Some assistance please?

Whatchamacallit, i wasn't there for that one. apparently R wasn't either. LOL