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I believe this confirms my position on scientific vs RSE method

Regarding "What the Bleep":

On the other side, the Christian Science Monitor’s Peter N. Spotts asked physicists their opinion of the film and its claim that the unknowns of subatomic particles translated into theology. “They take advantage of things we don’t know very well or can’t test very well, then use it in an unfair way,” Northwestern University particle physicist Andre de Gouvea told him. Bruce Schumm, particle physicist at University of California at Santa Cruz called the film’s conclusions “two leaps beyond what scientists believe to be true.”

Re: I believe this confirms my position on scientific vs RSE method

In my answer to your previous post, I said I liked the movie, as entertainment - did not defend it's science. But some of those scientists were legitimate, and most of their comments were harmless, as long as you didn't read too much into them. Also, they were all asked leading questions by people with an agenda, and not allowed to talk very much about actual science. At least one of the scientists involved has stated that they deleted most of what he said, which in fact contradicted the premise behind the movie. And some, they just asked them to talk about their concept of God...not their field of expertise.
However, what makes a particle physicist an expert in quantum physics? They are not exactly the same field, I don't think (but not an expert in this area). My brother, who has some knowledge in this field, has told me that Quantum Physicists have decided to 'rewrite' or redefine the science, because it is too vague.