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delusion vs virtual reality?

I could not watch the bleep/rabbit hole infomercial. because i saw it as misleading. It's all so MESSED UP..complex.
How on the one hand can R (i have it on tape) tell people they are DELUSIONAL if they think they dont have to prepare for dtc. Hold it. What about we all create our own reality? The rse teachings have evolved to anything a person thinks is "reality"? So then what be delusional? LOL

Re: delusion vs virtual reality?

I liked that movie...did not know then it was meant to indoctrinate.
None of it sounded so way out to me...and I took each of the "talking head's" comments as their own opinions, and therefore, not a threat to me.
But then, I grew up with a science PHD myself, who does like to talk about quantum physics, and metaphysics, but has never even heard of JZ/R, and would probably not be over-awed if he did. I did not get up the nerve to show him the movie, though I own a copy.
Also, I like Marlee Matlin, and I also liked the actress who played her roommate, and the young 'Prince of the Basketball Court'. Also, really liked the RSE person who recommended the film to me.
Have I been converted? NO.
Once again, thank you for this site, Moderators.

Re: delusion vs virtual reality?

What be reality?

Reminds me of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - "All people are equal, but some are more equal than others"...and so it is with RSE's expressed views on reality...
"All realities are equally probable, but if I say it's reality, it's more probable than anything you can come up with"...