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being scammed

The worst part is the number it does on a persons head. Manipulation IS evil. Does a LOT of damage. And, the VICTIM (yes i said victim) is left to heal by working thru all the emotion. First and foremost is the GUILT and embarrassment of having been duped. And, the HURT that goes along w/it. Then the ANGER that boils our blood. The disbelief. All of the emotion isn't any fun. Taking responsibility for ourself is one thing. Blaming ourself..beating up on ourself is quite another.
What about people who worked for a corp all their life and it found a way to steal their retirement?
What about people union members that pay their dues but the $ is ripped off by corrupt officials?
How about people that get involved w/someone only to discover that everything they were told..is a lie? Who wouldn't be angry? How start berating themself. "how could I have been so blind"? It's humiliating.
How does the above fit within the structure of rse? Are customers insulted? Lied to? Treated in a demeaning way? it isn't any fun to be a "victim". it also isn't a DISGRACE!
God Bless