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Do Your Home Work!

Do you know that Richard Bachs "Jonathon livingston seagull" sold 40 million copies? And, what he writes about is simplistic? Ever read "illusions"? Or, "one"? With the quote, "I gave my life to become the person I am right now...was it worth it"? How is it that it coincides w/rse...but existed before the alledged Ram occurred to hampton? Oh, maybe Bach met Ramtha?
I strongly suspect that hampton did her home work. Perhaps briefly there was a Ramtha. But, lots of other sources on the same page..never heard of him. We have in our life ONLY what is equal to our thoughts and acceptance. Is it surprising that hampton would come up w/a victim/tyrant "father" called Ramtha that came to rescue HER? Because after all SHE has had it so hard? All of her life times of "evolving". Saving France and all of that? Saving France from WHAT? The Brits that we (and France) are now friends with? Hello?
Does anyone remember when hampton said that ram was going to take her and bb away before all hell breaks loose here on earth? Whatever happened to THAT fairy tale? "A Woman Named Jackie". Read it. It's the story (fantasy) of camelot. hampton and jackie kennedy have much in common. They both never grew up an lived in a make believe world of fiction and their own delusions and desperate need for recognition. Michael Jackson. There's info on the net that hampton has given to schools. "Done a lot for Yelm". Only because it makes her look good. While her own students face deplorable conditions at HER school? Excuse me..business! That is w/out a complaint dept. Self insured. "Risk Management". You might want to study Walmart!

Re: Do Your Home Work!

"Perhaps briefly there was a Ramtha"

Perhaps briefly there was JP Patches, perhaps briefly there was Captain Kangaroo, perhaps briefly there was the Green Hornet, perhaps briefly there was Bozo the clown. Do you have one ounce of proof that these people did not exist?

I am going to sign up for Bozo the Clown channeling school of enlightenment right now. If that doesn't work I always thought that the Green Hornet had good "oneness". Please leave me to my spiritual quest for enlightenment one day I too will be Superman IAM.

Re: Do Your Home Work!

What is your problem? Why are you even on this board? You mentioned "church"? I dont suppose that the very thing you are criticising ...? WHO wrote the BIBLE? Obviously, channelling has been going on for a LONG time? Unless of course the bible wrote its self? Get over yourself!

Re: Do Your Home Work!

There are more references at this website, but here’s a sampling. I remember this because of a former RSE student, who was also a theologian, shared this with me, comparing it to mediumship-channeling. I’m sure not “preaching” here !!! I’m responding to Magpi’s comment about the Bible. Period.

Samuel 10:6


English Revised Version
and the spirit of the LORD will come mightily upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

Jewish Publication Society Tanakh
And the spirit of the LORD will come mightily upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

Webster's Bible Translation
And the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

Circular arguments

Why do I post on this board:

1. Because I hope to locate my sister
2. Because this board was established for current cult members, former cult members and disaffected family
3. Because I hope to challenge cult members to leave their cult comfort zone, disengage in cult speak and have a discord with noncult members that is comprehensible. (little of that so far)

Any other questions for

Leemar, Commander Galactic Invasion Force

Re: Do Your Home Work!

PS I don't suffer fools. Guess I wouldn't be much of a therapist.

Re: Do Your Home Work!

Leemar, a Freudian slip of the fingers ? "discord"

"3. Because I hope to challenge cult members to leave their cult comfort zone, disengage in cult speak and have a discord with noncult members that is comprehensible. (little of that so far)"

I believe you meant to say "discourse".

So you want to locate your sister so you can let her know she owes you an apology.

What about her safety ?
What about her emotional well being ?
What about her being under the influence of mind control, so that her basic personality may well be quite suppressed without her even knowing it ?

I asked you the following question a few times, in slightly different ways, and you have avoided answering it.

What about yourself, moving on, without ever talking to your sister again ? Without ever getting an apology ? She may be an RSE lifer. Some of them are.

Re: Do Your Home Work!

Didn't Satan try to tempt Jesus in the desert by offering him "fabulous wealth", "immortal health", and "cosmic power(s)"?

I thought so...

I believe he was also known as the "Father of Lies" to those "with eyes that can see and ears that can hear".....(oppps, my male chauvanism is showing....tee-hee....(major eyeroll))

Is this "channelling" or is this a simple case of an exorcist being desperately needed and none to be found.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

So far all I've seen is rotting fruit that lies about being rotten. And lies not too far from the tree it fell from too, come to think of it.

Can you imagine Ramsters worshipping at the feet of "Megan" in "The Exorcist"? I heard she pukes on her audiences too.

It is what it is, folks.

Re: Do Your Home Work!

There is a common feature in many Christian Churches...speaking in tongues...
In Shamanism, transforming (at least in spirit) into an animal you wish to emulate, or whose gifts you wish to share in.
In voodoo, not sure what it's called, but it looks like a kind of ecstatic fit.
Maybe channeling IS sort of like 'demonic possession', you may be on to something there, Tyger...
Communing with your dead...
Someone to watch over me...
Judith did not invent this concept...
Not wishing to debate about the possibility of channeling, just remember something quoted here by Vegan Pride, that any Channel/Medium/Spiritual Healer that is beneficent, charges nothing for his or her services, or charges only what the recipient can afford...
And usually, a reading is a once in a lifetime or very occasional thing...I mean, if they get it right, you shouldn't need years worth of readings, right????
And if there are channeled entities, they have to wait for an invitation, surely? I think it's amusing that JZ makes it sound like martyrdom, at times, giving over her body for Ramtha's use...ever think, maybe it is she who is exploiting or misrepresenting Ramtha, if Ramtha truly is a discarnate spirit?
Follow the money...(of which a discarnate spirit has no need.)
My Grandfather, a Protestant Minister, got paid in chickens and buckwheat...
Not saying that people who charge money for services are evil...
It does look highly suspicious to me though, a School from which you can never graduate...and for which you have to keep paying and paying, or you get kicked out.
And, what would you say if the Jehovah's Witness or Mormon at your door, or the Gideon who left a bible in your Motel room, suddenly started asking for payment????

Re: Do Your Home Work!

what scientific method is there to test/measure scripture? what scientific test was done on those that wrote the bible? is that any different than what hampton is doing? saying she is a channel? was it just their altered ego or mental illness?

Re: Do Your Home Work!

Richard Bach-think comes straight out of 19th century New Thought/Unity religiosity.
JZ attracted a host of her first serious devotees from that same crew that loved Bach books, as I recall in the mid-1980s. Of course there were folks like Jeff Knight who came in with litle spiritual orientation and were bowled over by the celebrity and "outrageousness".

and LEEMAR, if you want to accomplish this:
"3. Because I hope to challenge cult members to leave their cult comfort zone, disengage in cult speak and have a discord [discourse?] with noncult members that is comprehensible. (little of that so far)

then you need to understand that helping ex-members in recovery is more about sharing solid facts and offering simple steps than shouting orders like 'TEN HUT or ORDER ARMS. You come across a bit harsh..

We are 'atease' here, mostly

Re: Do Your Home Work!

joe sz, Bach had contact w/hampton? didn't he get started a decade earlier? i have found his beeks inspiring. far more thought provoking and simplistic...