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hampton and her hamsters

Imagine it. Isn't it the truth? What could be more accurate? Hamsters? On a wheel...going no where? Except to their next event?
Isn't it interesting how nothing hampton says can be proven? And, who spins her wheel? All those hampsters! Showing up for their next event. Didn't pay the rent..OMEGA is here..next week. People who live in deplorable conditions. This is America. Until I went to rse I had NO idea people live like that. Would judy? Would SHE sleep on a floor in the arena? Or shower in the stalls she provides for students? Or, eat the food from the vendor? Would SHE work for the wages she pays others to work for her? Probably not.
To understand hampton you need to read "a woman named jackie". It's about jackie kennedy. Her life..childhood. Her marriage to JFK and what a farce it all was.
She grew up w/an alcoholic father. Was ambitious. Always proclaiming her hardship. NEVER enough $. Even in the white house. Sound familiar?