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Inner Christmas - the movie

blessings to ya'll -

I was thinking some of you might enjoy this, seeing as it involves the greatest gift we can give ourselves.. insight.


Its not long. Addresses the 12 days of Christmas, which begins today, and ends on Epiphany, Jan 6. By taking the time to contemplate ourselves, perhaps we will all have a personal epiphany - about healing, our bi-polar self (T2T, take note) and that which is precious to us which we take into the New Year 2008.

BTW, I did get some waterproof mascara for xmas. It makes ALL the difference.

Thank the Lord! SHE Lives!

Re: Inner Christmas - the movie

Dear Tammy:

That truly was lovely music, and profound thought...don't know why I resisted it...maybe because I am of the opinion that I give to myself all year - if I have nothing for myself, I have nothing to share with others...and the veil that divides the spiritual from the everyday is pretty darn thin for me, most of the time. ALso, perhaps because this is what I was taught as a kid, I think of Christmas as the time of giving to others...and my inner Christmas is celebrated delightfully, filled as it is with thoughts of what I can give my loved ones for Christmas, I know, kind of a 'material plane' thought, but gives rise to feelings of intense personal satisfaction to me. As does seeing my family.
This year, Christmas is a little different, since I am letting go of my Dad, whose funeral was on Saturday. Now thinking about what, in the way of emotional support and spiritual sustenance I can offer my family.

Re: Inner Christmas - the movie

Felicitations on the new run-proof mascara!!! They can't say you look racoonish now.

Re: Inner Christmas - the movie

WHAT? and enlightened w h o r e ?
(for you moderators, that was a joke about people who saught ought new age channels for an extended length of time, MYSELF included.) (jk) with enlightened make up?
Puulleeeze, tell us all your secrets.

Thank you

Re: Inner Christmas - the movie

""BTW, I did get some waterproof mascara for xmas. It makes ALL the difference.""

If I'd known about that creek, I would have sought out inflatable false eyelashes (darn, should have asked JZ as R during the q and a session if she had any on hand) . How much easier it would have been to just "bat" my eyelashes and propel myself the heck out of that creek!!

I have a question about that mascara, Tammy.: )
Do you think it's better to do the "spider thing" or glue in a fake one here and there? (I'm joking! Last time I tried to glue fake eyelashes on myself, I had one end up on my eyebrow in a most peculiar position-eeek!)

May you all enjoy a holiday season full of love to you and your loved ones, and also of being kind to yourselves. May those who are in the RSE trap, rip off their blinders and and return home to those who love them and miss them.