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Degrees of recovery ? ?

I was just curious if anyone knows of any sources ..but it just seems to me, from my observation on here and in Yelm....

Some people seem to walk away and discover the "cult" thing in pieces.
Others take on bigger chunkc.
Some seem to stay in anger, or still believe in channeled beings or mediums,
some still allow various degrees of abusiveness in their lives.

It just seems the closer one gets to getting a total clean bill of mental health the more um... even they are about most issues surrounding a cult and also in general.
It seems to me they are more compassionate as well, as they understand the path that recovery is all about, whether is be abuse issues, alcohol issues, cult issues, etc.

Anyone? any further info or input(on this particular topic)?

Re: Degrees of recovery ? ?


Not exactly sure of your question, BUT in my case its all about my own insecurities, WHICH might be dealt with and conquered in one area of my life, but as soon as that happens another area opens up for me to deal with and it always comes back to my own insecurities no matter what area that I am having trouble in.

I have found though, that if I remain fearless in allowing all that preconceived energy that "likes to run" to areas in my mind that involve the "power to be right", if I can take all that energy and amplify it to a fevers pitch and then exhale it within, then I am less likely to re-entertain the thought of my insecurity.

It has to be all about me.......first.
Then I can love others because I know what their hiding from and know why they are hidding.

That is compassion.

Re: Degrees of recovery ? ?

I hear you Wolfman.

I was thinking more along the lines of a
meaurement scale of some kind after exiting a group.
Sort of like the scientific curves related to alcoholism-the definite stages of alcoholism and the recovery from that.

I was just wondering if there was a "former cult member" equivalent.
It would be quite easy to pinpoint where one was.

And, of course, all leading back to self.

Re: Degrees of recovery ? ?

I think I know what you're after, Tree. I believe the trouble would be that such a curve is bound to be cyclical in some way, meaning that all the stages aren't necessarily gone thru in one straight line but rather come like waves. Still, it would be interesting to know if such a 'scale' exists. I just don't think that one would be able to say 'aha, I'm in such and such phase, I must be almost healed'.

Re: Degrees of recovery ? ?

ICSA [International Cultic Studies Assoc.] has been trying to examine this from the point of view of levels of "harm" and that determines degrees of recovery, but the study is in early stages even after 10 years! This article by the ICSA director may help you:

I like this book as a model for recovery.


"Changing for Good: A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program for Overcoming Bad Habits and Moving Your Life Positively Forward"

is a result of a 20 year study by 3 authors primarily for drug and alcohol recovery but it can apply to any "bad habit" including cult devotion.

Re: Degrees of recovery ? ?

this is not the one I was thinking of,
but close.