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"Christmas Shopping"

I want to share a little story that happened to my wife and I while we were Christmas shopping (last year, not this...).

We were in Los Angeles at the time, and near the downtown area. Weather was nice and balmy (global warming, you know) and we're picking up goodies for Christmas.

As we're walking from one store to the next, we have to pass a group of anti-war, pro-terrorist protesters/supporters.....you know the type, loud, abusive, rude, dirty, smell like stale beer and other fluids, and get their fashion advice from Salvation Army. Kinda like the people they support, come to think of it...

They are chanting "Bush Lied, Kids Died" like a bunch of monkies on crack cocaine and waving signs at people trying to go about their holiday business.

As I pass by one of them, I smile and say, "Don't even bother....I'm a Republican."

She immediatley animates in my direction. "She" is a short, overweight, black chick in her early 20's. Judging by the body odor roiling off her in waves, I suspect she skipped the "Hygeine" portion of public education or can't afford running water and soap.

Never-the-less....this 'citizen' approaches me.

She gets in my face and demands, "Are YOU a Lincoln Republican or a Reagan Republican???"

Without skipping a beat, I ask her for a five dollar bill.

To my surprise, she produces one and hands it to me.

I hold the five dollar bill up to the sun (thanks to global warming), gaze momentarily at the picture of President Lincoln on the five dollar bill, and then say firmly to the young black lady, "Lincoln".

Then I carefully folded the five dollar bill, put it in my pocket, turned, and walked away.

She never said a word.....

My wife and I laughed so hard we cried.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

I am a lilliputian myself...

Pronunciation: ˌli-lə-ˈpyü-shən

Lilliput and Blefuscu are two fictional island nations that appear in the 1726 novel Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Both are portrayed as being in the South Indian Ocean and are inhabited by tiny people who are "not six inches high". The two are separated by a channel eight hundred yards wide. The tiny people of Lilliput and Blefuscu contrast with the giants of Brobdingnag whom Gulliver also met.

The capital of Lilliput is Mildendo.


wikipedia link..


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

What about the island of the Whinnims (noble horse rulers) and the Yahoos (who use excrement as missiles, and who, if you check the definition, sound suspiciously like regular human beings)? Also in Gulliver's Travels...
So Tyger, you think you can get away with a mishmash phrase like "anti-war, pro-terrorist"...like, the two are equivalent??????

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


I understand your political standpoint but...
Where do you see your post as offering information and support
for those of us that have left RSE...?
Judith is very adept at using the “human shield” to protect herself,
They are a disposable commodity to her, Barbie doll toys to play with.
Hurting each other to get Judith… feeds into this selfish madness..
and fragments families, friends and this board.
Lets avoid this trap at all cost, the best way to shut RSE down is
through education and networking..
Intelligence without compassion is the road to Jonestown.

This is what I see going on here.


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Amen David.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Hi Tyger,

I think it's fair to say that we all understand your political position as a Republican, and how that differs from the Democratic agenda that seems to be supported at RSE. Pointing that out was at least relevant to the forum.

With all due respect, I want to mention that this thread you started isn't relevant to purpose of this message forum.

Whatever anyone's view about your political position is, whether they agree or not, is secondary to the fact that it's just not an "on topic" thread at all.

Just wanted to mention that.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

It's just a Christmas story about the real world. You're reaching....and a bit far, methinks. RSE is so insular and suffocating that we can't even share cute little stories anymore about the real world outside RSE? Not even at Christmas? Smothering yourself in Ramtha in every single thread, may not be the way to go, folks. ;-)

"Paranoia will destroy-ya....(and it goes like this)"......The Kinks, 1972

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

By the way;

The normal response to this story...(I've published it before) is a short laugh. Even from the "protestors".

Lighten up...try it sometime, who knows, you might have fun.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


I do hope you realize that you have such a huge ego !
I can feel your gnawing pain ! It realy hurts !
I'd never thought I could have encountered such a huge ego in my life !
Almost as huge as JZ's ! Almost half as huge as mine !
I sincerily hope that you would tame this growling beast that torments you !

I love you Tyger

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


It's Christmas time....people say things to each other this time of year that relate to Christmas. Sometimes, they even tell stories to each other to.

I've read every single one of these threads over the last week. Analyzed them, re-analyzed them, made a few notes, and endeavored to get the "gist" of this website....as expressed by the contemporary commentary. People post off topic here all the time.

It's a Christmas story with a little humor. Why are you singling me out for criticism? It isn't like you've got dozens of writers here putting up original material on a daily basis. If you want website activity, you have to post (one reason your website has double the hits that RSE's website has in the last month...Judy is heavy on the censorship thing too). Those are the rules of the Internet and not available at RSE or from your "God Within"....for any price. I simply cannot overstate that. Websites that censor DIE. Period. Thus endeth the lesson. Trust me on this one.

This is amazingly similar to Red Guard behavior patterns, come to think of it.

It's a simple little story....it doesn't attack anyone personally...and it's got a punch line. What about this is evading you?

Dazed and Confused;

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


Restrain yourself.....I'm happily married. LOL!!!!

Merry Christmas, bro.....or sis....or whatever your druidic self is.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Merry Christmass to you too, Tyger, you can call me bro...
if the gender is important to you. When I wrote " I love
you Tyger", I didn't meant that I want to f¤ck you, I just
meant that I love you. Can you afford it ?

With love

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

oh my Lord.....will a Christmas cookie do?

just joking....I actually wrote this story with an eye towards brevity and "Christmas Spirit". Judging by the comments so far, I think I erred. Humor Presley has left the building, methinks.

On the other hand, people who lose their sense of humor are the most lost of all....they've taken their own ego to the abyss of seriousness in a universe of chaos. How absurd....

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Dear Tyger,

You said, "I think I erred." I agree.

With regard to a sense of humor, yours is ONE viewpoint. I know I have a delightful sense of humor, too. Maybe you'll see that. Maybe not.

So do others on this forum. Many/most of them not only have a sense of humor, when you take the sincere time to get to know them through their posts, they're rather endearing.

MERRY Christmas

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Tyger : "On the other hand, people who lose their sense of humor are the
most lost of all....they've taken their own ego to the abyss of
seriousness in a universe of chaos. How absurd.... "

I was just hoping that my last posts would be taken as humor !

With love

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


My ego is much more huge than yours !
Take it for granted !
You will never get to inflate your ego to a point that it's
gonna be huger than mine ! It's impossible ! That's it ! Period.

With love

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

But of course!!!

The comment was geared and directed at the general post and topic, yo comprende? Twas nothing personal at all.

This website has potential. The number of hits here has doubled over the last month. That is promising only if that momentum can be maintained. It shows that there is an audience for the material presented here. That is a momentum that I have long suspected, but have been unable to tap or find.

Thanks and kudos to David, joe, and the rest for doing that.

Bravo once...

The fraudulent New Age is done. It's over. The millennium passed, civilization did not end....Earth did not end...you can still buy bread at the supermarket...and even Martian ice caps started melting (LMAO!!!) And the sincere among us were WITNESSES to this entire panopoly of human behavior. We watched it all!!!

Bravo twice...

It's not about recovery, folks.....it's about moving forward....going on with YOUR LIFE!!!! And, yes, being brave enough to brave it all. Which those of us who sincerely examined and went to the school did....even if it only turned out to be a lark in the endless curve that Life is. We did it anyway, and came out the wiser and wear the battle scars with honor. That is the truth. Kudo's to the survivors. We're the only one's smart enough to go to "the void" ....AND GET THE HELL OUT!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone.....Merry Christmas.

With Love;

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Tyger......... Not bad...Not bad at all....For a dirty river snorkel diver.

"Takers Get The Honey....Givers Sing The Blues"
robin trower

You know how to push buttons better than a grocery checker in the 1960's.

You don't push my buttons though.

I used to steal my groceries.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

::Passing some simethicone to Tyger to relieve his inflated ego:: (joking)

Although you might see fit to steer clear of the beans and broccoli over the holidays! (talk about vibrations!!!)

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

LOL Wolfman!!!

"for a dirty river snorkel diver."....LMAO!!!

Merry Christmas, bro!!!

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Tyger : "The fraudulent New Age is done. It's over. The millennium passed,
civilization did not end....Earth did not end...you can still buy
bread at the supermarket...and even Martian ice caps started melting
(LMAO!!!) And the sincere among us were WITNESSES to this entire
panopoly of human behavior. We watched it all!!!"

Blow, blow, blow all the wind you can, you'll never get to inflate your
ego to get as huge as mine ! Never !

And I still love you, Tyger

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

dude....you and this ego thing. Here, you can have the bigger ego. ;-)

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


Who has beans and broccoli for Christmas besides Vegan Pride?

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Tyger : "dude....you and this ego thing. Here, you can have the bigger ego. ;-)"

Thank you so much, you're such a lovely dude...

Re: "Christmas Shopping"


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

""Who has beans and broccoli for Christmas besides Vegan Pride?""

Why other vegans, of course! (of course, there might be some who have wolves and tigers on their plates alongside the broccoli.)

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

So I was on my way to the mall and happened to pass by an abortion clinic. Whatd'ya know, there were a handful of slobby, middle-aged, gun-totin', redneck fatso's with their teenage sisters - I mean wives - waving signs with bloody fetuses in my face looking for donations.

You know these people - they're everywhere these days, they're ignorant, think we still live in 1820, demand their wives walk 2 steps behind them while they beat their children to a pulp and generally give off an unpleasant odor of Bud Light mixed with stale chew - your friendly, neighborhood Republican.

Lately though, they've also recruited their long lost cousin, who's a 18 year old Jehovah's Witness and who - if it wasn't for the too tight suit tie around his neck and the chastity belt in his crotch - would actually be kinda hot.

"I've had 4 abortions and don't regret a single one" just kind of slipped out as I came within earshot. "Murderer" was one reply, "God save those poor souls, God save you, sinner" came another. Next, I asked the nearest child-wife if she ever had a knife stuck in her vagina or if she knew what it felt like to have razor blades inside her. "Well, uh, uh, no, but you didn't have to do that. The Lord forgives you and loves you. If you repent, all your sins will be forgiven. The Lord is my savior, I shall not want..."

I was already on my way to the nearest fair trade coffee shop still shaking my head. Then I stopped in my tracks. What the heck, it's the holidays, right? So I doubled back reaching for my cash and handing the poor child-wife a five $ bill. Hang on though - she's crying, no sobbing, spitting. "Don't touch me, you sinner! Lucifer is in you! You will rot in the depths of hell forever!! I don't want your blood money! Baby murderer!!!..."

The rest drifted into the void as I removed myself and decided that even Wal-Mart was more deserving of my fiver than these poor lost souls. Didn't these people know that they can deny evolution all they want but just because their family tree doesn't happen to branch, does not mean the world is standing still for those of us who turn our lights and appliances off when not in use and bring our cloth grocery bags to Whole Foods for our overpriced organic produce?

No, thank goodness, the world is not standing still. Not for me.
And not for you, my dear Republican brothers and sisters.

Mods - feel free to delete if you think this is inflammatory, bigoted or just plain made up.

Merry Xmas all!

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

David, Please consider an "off topic" section for this Forum.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Tyger... it feel like you are in a den of TIGERS... and they are NOT Happy.

The Tigers lost their humor and have started taking EVERYTHING personal.

So much for the REAL Human Ego.

What every happend to Lighten up.

Smile. LOL

Now the Gloves are off.... Watch out...

Row Row Row Your Boat... GENTLY down the stream... Merrily Merily Merrily .. Life Can Be A Dream.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Have you ever NOTICED... when someone wants to put you down they ALWAYS say it is your EGO.

I will be the VERY FIRST to tell you all I have a VERY BIG BIG EGO.... I love myself. I would NEVER appologize for that.

It takes a BIG EGO to live safely and happily.. and finicially successful on this planet.

This world is full of preditors. SUCKING off of each other... just look around you.

If not being STRONG.... you will become some sniviling idiot at the HANDS and EFFTS of BIGGER EGO's.

I have so many frieds WHO I HAVE FINIACIALLY supported... who are ALWAYS the VERY fist to point fingers and LABEL Everything EGO. But they sit in their homes, playing money games with all their friends. Poor Me Poor Me Poor Me.

My my.... if you can not see the forrest as just the enrgy of the forrest... you will always encounter the many preditors who are ready willing and able to devour YOU...the prey.

Sort of like a BIG BOX.... rumbling.

I love Tyger's post.... they don't bother my BIG FAT EGO at all.. and don't agree with some of his statements... but who cares. I am NOT at the EFFECT of his penmanship.

The issues is not really Tyger's post at all... but the fragile EGOS that READ tygers post.

But, then again, if the shoe fits were it, it is always fun to DEFEND the victium rols.... the powerless ones.

Stand up... TAKE COMMADE of yourself... and SEE IT for what it is.

Perhaps he is a GREAT TEACHER for many here... who are still requiring SPIRITUAL CORRECTNESS. Huuuummmm

Could be.

How easy is it to just stop reading them, if you don't like it.

You are NOT a VICTIM Here. You have a CHOICE.

There are many posters here who VOMIT a lot of crap all the time... and make it constantly ALL ABOUT THEM....I just don't give them my attention. Who Cares.

My life is the same.

Perhaps the greater question within might be... WHAT IS IT that bothers you SOOOOO Much about those types of post.

It might be an opportunity to look deeper at your RULES and Boxes you are holding up.

He is... regardless if you like the term or not... a GREAT MIRROR for you all....

Stick around, you might learn something about yourself.

Thank you Tyger... I have enjoyed your ride.


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Lavendar posts, "There are many posters here who VOMIT a lot of crap all the time... and make it constantly ALL ABOUT THEM....I just don't give them my attention. Who Cares."

Yes, IMO, how true that is, LAVENDAR !
You don't give them your attention ? But you post YOUR OPINIONS and read that of others, regularly. Must be part of loving yourself so much, to tolerate those people. Perhaps you are one who talks so much only about YOURSELF ? Your comments and obvious viewpoint about "many" of the posters on this forum speaks for itself. It seems curious that you bother to read and/or post at all. Tell us more about yourself, Lavendar. LOL

Whether Tyger's posts are agreeable or not to others isn't the point. I agree with much of what he has to say, too, which he knows from private emails, and some of my posts. I'm also a Republican and I'm not convinced that Global Warming is due to humans, and I don't believe it's legitimate.

But, it's not all about Tyger. It's about the purpose of the forum, and this is not a forum for promoting a political cause.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Lavendar, asked, "Perhaps the greater question within might be... WHAT IS IT that bothers you SOOOOO Much about those types of post."

What is it about the other posters, "many" of whom "vomit a lot of crap all of the time" that bothers you sooooo much ?

You may want to brush your teeth so that the acid doesn't wear down the enamel.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Again, you take everything personally.

La la La La La La La

You are very angry by the sounds of your post...

Again and Again, you take it personally.

I did not say YOUR NAME... that is YOUR CHOICE to READ that into my post.

I read your pain... it is sad... perhaps some counseling might help.... with a real professional.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

I actcually have REMARKABLE Teeth at 50 something.... PERFECT WHITE... BIG... No cavities...

All the dentist REMARK about who good my teeth are...
most at my age need dentrues... and I am not missing any of them.



Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Just like the Ram's Organization.... Watch.. twisht and TURNS the words aroudn and around... to make some crazy meaningless point to fit her own cult agenda.

It is sad... Merry Christmas... and let it snow let it snow let it snow.

Pay no attention to the person behind the curtin... it is just you.


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Queen Elizabeth is now the Oldest Monarch at 81 Years Old..

That is AMAZING...

Long Live The Queen.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

It becomes clear as to how some of you become corrupted and fail to realize it. The winnie-the-pooh character who rants here has released jz from his mind and adopted rush limbaugh as his new teacher. It is one thing to hold and support a point of view it is quite another to be a god expousing truth.jz has taught you well ***** man..
It is hardly ego involved when the short one equates anti-war with a number of other highly inflamatory descriptions and asks those who disagree to "lighten up".
His banter is typical of the cowards who strut the anonymous halls of the internet. Had I been physically present during his "Christmas joke" and been labeled "pro-terrorist" the ex(if in fact ever)-Navy seal
would have been confronted with enthusiasm.
I know war. my father was killed in WWII and I am a Viet Nam vet. The ***** called Tyger can have his opinion but when he starts generalizing war -protesters and it includes me (in his offensive description) it's time for a come to jesus meeting.

That being said, those of you who find this refreshing
might consider the consequences of such speech in a public arena. You might also consider that the people on this thread are not in need of another self-serving bigot while trying to get back to reality. I've heard one of jz's tactics is to belittle the opposition. See a similarity?
So to Lavender and Watch and *****man I say f*ck off!

Lighten up!
Don't let you ego get in the way. LMAO!
Consider this some friends just sharing a Christmas story. I love you guys!

This trend in your thread is divisive, sophmoric and not in any way condusive to "help" anyone.
I would dearly love to see jz fail. I can guarantee this nonsense will have nothing to do with it. She no doubt loves the divide and conquer of LARSE.
David, you suggested I come here. From the work you have done so far I expected more than this.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Lavendar Dearest...............yawn........

.......Skipping merrily along.....

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Bud said, "This trend in your thread is divisive, sophmoric and not in any way condusive to "help" anyone."

You're right, Bud. We've tried to point out to Certain People that the "off topic" stuff is just that - without saying, "Stop". Yet, it hasn't stopped. Further Lavendar has hopped on board, slamming "most of the crap vomiting posters on EMF", too. Someone holding such a viewpoint doesn't belong posting here; it's a blatant hypocrisy.

Nevertheless, true colors are being shown and this is a good thing for a short while longer. Please be patient, Bud. There is much good to this forum, though there is an occasional hiccup.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

Bud...sure do like your way with words...

Unfortunately....my words were too vulgar to be left on this thread..I am afraid that a tigger got my tail..so to speak and I don't like my tail being pulled...so I bit back....MEOW!!

hatred and intolerance is not something to "Lighten Up about" as we are told to do when reading this Sh*t...by the Pooh Character(nice one).

I totally understand your wanting to have JZFraud get brought down...it would be her just desserts if and when it happens as I do believe that is exactly what will happen to her...its inevitable!!

Bud...take good care during the holidays...Peace to you...

Everyone.....WAR IS OVER..IF YOU WANT IT!!
John Lennon.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

G2G.......Wolves and tigers on the dinner plate....

Well my dear. Romulus and Remus and the decadence known as the Holy Roman Empire were suckled by a She-Wolf.

As far as tigers go. Best to kill "it" before "it" kills you.

And as my old neighbor Jack Palance in Tehachapi used to say in the movie "City Slickers", "The Secret To Life Is Just One Thing." "And "it" is up to you to find "IT"."

And the best way to handle ex navy frog men is to put the ointment Ben-Gay in their wet suites and nitrous oxide in their scubi tanks.

Re: "Christmas Shopping"

This thread shows more than ever our need for a more user friendly EMF forum software,
one that moderators can remove certain threads to a quarantine folder,
and as Neenderli suggested.. an “off topic” folder…
I view this thread as belonging in a “red herring” folder…!
Given long enough any fish will smell bad…. if not refrigerated..


A red herring is a metaphor for a diversion or distraction from an original objective.
An example can be found in academic examinations, particularly in mathematics and physical sciences.
In some questions, information may be provided which is not necessary to solve the given problem.
The presence of extraneous data often causes those taking the exam to spend too much time on the question, reducing the time given to other problems and potentially lowering the resulting score.

Wikipedia link..


Re: "Christmas Shopping"

This thread is being locked and considered for deletion. It's not, and hasn't been, in the spirit of Christmas, nor is it offering support for ex-students, or information about life after RSE.

The Moderators