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Financial Pressures within RSE - Question

To former members:

What sort or form of financial pressures or demands does RSE impart on members outside of the fee requirements for events and purchases at the Outback.

I.e. does the school put pressure on students, with the ability, to make investments in their business ventures, make loans to the school, invest in third party activities where the school has a vesting.

I am very aware of the horse syndicate venture, OMNI, White Gold, various water schemes etc. My question is:

What, if any, programs are currently being used to divert students money to the schools, either direct or indirect, control?

Thank you in advance for the information

Re: Financial Pressures within RSE - Question

This may only be a guess...
Subtle pressure, to attend one more event, buy the teachers' books/videos...
Incur the costs of moving to Yelm.
Buy everything at the Ranch while staying there...
Buy everything at student-owned businesses while not staying on the actual Ranch per se, particularly, supplies for the DTC, and wine for, er, um, ceremonial purposes...
Perhaps someone closer to the actual hub of RSE can add to this...

Re: Financial Pressures within RSE - Question

If you check out previous posts here, RSE is looking for very well-heeled, major duty investors/shareholders, who have to be "accredited" (seems that means they have to demonstrate that they have at least one million dollars)...if someone else remembers the name of the post about this, maybe they could tell you.