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Thank You EMF .... David and all others...

Merry Christmas !

You know, one thing that I love about thie space is our ability to just get the crap expressed out.

I think what is truly MISSING with any New Age / Religious organization is the lack of ANY Student/Devotee ability to QUESTION the reality of these organizations.

Be QUIET... KEEP IT A SECRET.. is the mantra. Shut up..don't speak up.

These things all fall under the UMBRELLA that the BIG GUYS know best... and what the channels do, is none of our business.

It is all HUSHED and the COVERT questions and converstations leave many unanswered questions about this or that.

In a way, this is like talking to a psychologist..


The things we write on EMF, and if you look at the number of lurkers and posters, are the many many questions about BEHAVIOR and the many unspoken questions that have not been resolved within.

In a way, this place (EMF) is like talking to a psychologist.... Yahooooooooo Smile.

Most of the time, no one really wants an answer so much as they simply want to express outward what is bottled up inward.

We all have our own fish to fry yes, and; the abuse of money, power and the position of others have left more carnige ON THE PATH... than Illumination.

Out of the thousands... how many truly SUCCESS STORIES of the Illminiation do we have?

How many can you name?

This place is a blessing to simply allow the crap to come out and be released.

Re: Thank You EMF .... David and all others...

I think it was Joe who said months ago something about EMF acting in a similar capacity to an exit counselor. Not his exact words - but along that line.

The good part about being able to come here and talk things out is we can all benefit - similar to a group therapy session.

The harder part is dealing with being able to do this when a lot of strong minded, opinionated people are holding diverging and converging viewpoints depending on the subject. That's where the respect comes in - to stay on task with an ISSUE. Not taking things personally. Pointing out "another viewpoint" to address the issue and not name call the person. To deal with our OWN emotions (anger, etc) instead of projecting them onto others. It's all about growth for those who choose it.

RSE isn't about growth in that sense, imo...it's about compliance.

Two more cents from a Whatchamacallit