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To Aussiegirl;

After reading and re-reading my response in the last thread, I felt (again) remiss, and decided your question was worthy of a thread by itself.

"Why do intelligent and confident people join this...(fill in the blank)..?"

I thought about this sincerely. And the most difficult challenge is in how to present your answers. I decided (as is my wont) to use bluntness.

Intelligence....true intelligence, not the kind of intelligence that says, "I can function and I'm not in a nuthouse (yet) and I can read the back of wine bottles, drive, and vote...therefore, I am intelligent!" ...but the kind that is intelligent with respective to the comparative set, is not a blesssing. Not in any way, shape or form. It's a curse.

I will explain. You see, intelligence forces you to look places that other people won't. It forces you to look under rocks and into caves that are crumbling to pieces and have strands of garlic on them. It forces you to demand proof. Proof to your own standards and intellectual/experiential demands before you will even consider it as a PART of a greater theory.

Now that's a fairly high standard. The only modern institution that ever espoused a standard that high was called "Modern Science", ...but only before Al Gore.

Thus it is with "Intelligence", "Religion", and "Faith" (but Faith only in it's permutated and misunderstood state).

For myself, it is very easy to see how an intelligent mind would be misled in this time in history....better yet 20 years ago....into areas of the occult. Traditional religion has failed to answer the spiritual questions that many intelligent and not-so-intelligent people have asked and demanded...questions that their religion told them they had answers for. Answers that no longer work in the face of WHAT WE NOW KNOW. And we all know that people WILL LOOK elsewhere when they don't get the answers they demand. This has been going on for centuries now.

The confidence issue should be self-evident on it's surface.

Confident people are rarely concerned with external influences or getting "sucked in", always believing in their ability to withdraw at the opportune moment. Thus it is and was with me, and this is all I truly know or can say with absolute certainty.

Your comments, si vous plez?

Re: To Aussiegirl;

Boy, this is SOOOOOoooooooooo True...

"..... intelligence forces you to look places that other people won't. It forces you to look under rocks and into caves that are crumbling to pieces and have strands of garlic on them."

I would say, it is also something WITHIN us.... QUESTIONS things that others do not even care to look deeper at too!!

Re: To Aussiegirl;

At some point, emotional intelligence transcends intellectual intelligence, and you stop looking for intellectual answers and proof... You stop looking for the burning bush, the ability to levitate, the reason WHY you're here... When you are happy and content with who you are, your life, and what you contribute to, or not, to the world around you, that's all the "proof" you need.

Re: To Aussiegirl;


What is "emotional intelligence"? This is the first time I have ever heard the term. Can you describe it's abilities and attributes for me?

Also, "intellectual intelligence", as you put it (I believe that's a redundant term....but nevermind) has definite properties such as memory, spatial perception, problem solving, etc. etc. etc.

What are the properties of "emotional intelligence"?

Re: To Aussiegirl;

If you google it, many links come up, but this is from Wikipedia:

Emotional Intelligence (EI), often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. As a relatively new area of psychological research, the definition of EI is constantly changing.


Re: To Aussiegirl;

Interesting, Marie. Before Wikipedia, we called it "perception". Funny how the times change.

Re: To Aussiegirl;

There is a very good book by Daniel Goleman called 'Emotional Intelligence'. Talks about how many highly intelligent people (IQ wise) can still have major interpersonal issues in regard to compassion, anger, making choices etc.

Re: To Aussiegirl;

Thanks Tyger for your response. Your interpretation of intelligence is interesting, I feel a little differently but thats okay. I probably have a similar opinion to Marie but as we are in the same position its not unusual (both of us have family members in RSE)

I don't think searching for answers is particularly intelligent, it just shows an interest in the subject. I have personally never been interested in any religion, or any belief system outside myself. My personal observation of those seeking faith, God or whatever is that they are looking for something to make them happy. The same way people look for love, money etc.

And of course the answer is never found, because happiness is only found in one place, within. My 11 year old daughter brought home her end of year school portfolio (in Australia the children are now on their big summer break)and I was reading through it. She had written about her hero (and it was me!)in it she wrote a few poignant sentences but it was an absolute joy for me to read that I was her hero because I had taught her that you can make a decision to be happy, that happiness is within. What is interesting is that it is only in the past 4-5 years that I have realised most people don't know that simple truth. (sorry I've gone a bit off topic but it has a weird relevance for me)