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Christmas gifts...

I had to go out in the mall becaise we are in the process of opening a new school for January, was purchasing things for my school.

I had a revelation.... there is truly nothing more I desire to have that is material goods for me personally. I have had it all. Smile.

I have been finding more more greater joy in givingand helping my students with their success and hopes and dreams; which I hear about daily at my center.

I am also in the process of interviewing for a new teacher, and in this process I feel very blessed because the person I have hired is so inspired and excited about coming into my organization... and giving to others...

Truly my greatest gift to myself this Christmas is helping other FIND and Create their dreams.

Over the past 3 years, I so oftem contenplate how blessed my life is. It is hard to express the self satisfaction you feel when you can be so belssed to help others... create their life dreams.

I am truly blessed with this great blessing and gift at Christmas. Big Smiles and such joy in my heart.

I am truly living the song...

I have the joy joy joy joy... down in my heart...

and Joy Joy Joy to the world.

It is amazing that inspite of so many crazy things I have experienced and endured during this life... the BIG Up's and SOWNS... and in my later years.... 50's I am so blessed.

I need to pinch myself.


Re: Christmas gifts...

Beautiful story Lavendar;

And it encompasses what the "Christmas Spirit" is supposed to be about.

I recall as a boy the first time I was able to actually GIVE a real Christmas gift. Not something my mom or dad or some aunt had made up for me to give. I was SOOOO excited!!!!

I was more excited doing that than I was in getting gifts...

That's the meaning of the spirit of Christmas to me. Giving.

Re: Christmas gifts...

Smiles Tyger.

and THANK YOU.. for your many post... I enjoy them all.

The BLESSING YOU BRING.. is your NO BULL BS style.

Plain talking and calling a spade a spade.

As I get older, I appreciate this moroe than the LA LA Land.. of spiritually CORRECT talk... and mean while, the knife in the back under their breath.


Re: Christmas gifts...

Lavender posts, "As I get older, I appreciate this moroe than the LA LA Land.. of spiritually CORRECT talk... and mean while, the knife in the back under their breath."


David has said to me in private talks and he's posted on this forum, too, about how the poison of RSE can be carried forward into our lives if we don't clean it out, especially after we've left the cult-school.

I think he's right about that. Perhaps the strawberry in the mud with all of this, is that we all have the choice of looking at ourselves, and seeing the good/bad, the weak/strong, and polishing ourselves to get past the rough edges and shine. In other words, be balanced. I understand that it is said that this can take many years, and imo that's true whether we've been in a cult or not. Some people just never grow up, whether they're 30 or 80. Others spend years wanting to be a better person and the polishing goes on.