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John of God.... Channeling You Tue Info.

This was on YouTub... this guy CHANNELS doctors... but they do talk a lot about CHANNELING and his process.

It is an interesting watch.

I realizae it is off the subject of JZ but there is a lot of info about CHANNELING on it.

Also,HE does NOT CHARGE...



Re: John of God.... Channeling You Tue Info.

Woops Wrong Link.... here it is.


Re: John of God.... Channeling You Tue Info.

Regarding channels on YouTube, i've found a woman that seems to channel a wide range of disincarnated people, from Baird T. Spalding over Wilhelm Reich to Adolf Hitler.


She also does it free of charge but i think she's acting it. The episodes of her channel session are sounding rather similar to me and nearly all the channels got the same characteristic slow bloviating undertone. It doesn't seem very authentic or real to me, but judge for yourself.

Re: John of God.... Channeling You Tue Info.

I channelled DonaldDuck once....but I was drunk as a skunk so it may not count. All I kept saying was "Quack, quack, quack, quack...."

Or maybe that was just the sound of me throwing up.

I dunno.....

Re: John of God.... Channeling You Tue Info.

I think we are ALL ducks in some regards... we all go QUAK QUAK without channeling anyone.