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Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

People ask me (Ramsters and ex-Ramsters) all the time how it's so easy for me to be so against the Boogie Man Boogaloo that Judy is teaching up there at China Beach.

It's a fair question, so I'll answer it. See, I have an edge in this by being a Republican. We just naturally don't buy into junk-science and weirdo crap. We may investigate it....even sincerely. But you gotta go the extra mile and then some if you want to convince us. This comes from a lifetime of living around Democrats. We just don't believe many of them anymore. Been lied to and stolen from just too many times. I'm not being facetious here. It's the truth.

Along those lines, I wanted to share with you guys a perfect example of what happens when you put your trust in freaks, idiots, lunatics, and stark-raving maniacs who ARE NOT SCIENTISTS, yet claim scientific knowledge. Kinda like a paper-cutout guru or a disgruntled politico with a stone age axe to grind....you know....you get the idea.

This is from todays news. A senate EPA website posted it originally, I believe. Enjoy....

Skeptical Scientists Urge World To ‘Have the Courage to Do Nothing' At UN Conference

BALI, Indonesia - An international team of scientists skeptical of man-made climate fears promoted by the UN and former Vice President Al Gore, descended on Bali this week to urge the world to "have the courage to do nothing" in response to UN demands.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a UK climate researcher, had a blunt message for UN climate conference participants on Monday.

"Climate change is a non-problem. The right answer to a non problem is to have the courage to do nothing," Monckton told participants.

"The UN conference is a complete waste of our time and your money and we should no longer pay the slightest attention to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,)" Monckton added. (LINK)

Monckton also noted that the UN has not been overly welcoming to the group of skeptical scientists.

"UN organizers refused my credentials and appeared desperate that I should not come to this conference. They have also made several attempts to interfere with our public meetings," Monckton explained.

"It is a circus here," agreed Australian scientist Dr. David Evans. Evans is making scientific presentations to delegates and journalists at the conference revealing the latest peer-reviewed studies that refute the UN's climate claims.

"This is the most lavish conference I have ever been to, but I am only a scientist and I actually only go to the science conferences," Evans said, noting the luxury of the tropical resort. (Note: An analysis by Bloomberg News on December 6 found: "Government officials and activists flying to Bali, Indonesia, for the United Nations meeting on climate change will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year." - LINK)

Evans, a mathematician who did carbon accounting for the Australian government, recently converted to a skeptical scientist about man-made global warming after reviewing the new scientific studies. (LINK)

"We now have quite a lot of evidence that carbon emissions definitely don't cause global warming. We have the missing [human] signature [in the atmosphere], we have the IPCC models being wrong and we have the lack of a temperature going up the last 5 years," Evans said in an interview with the Inhofe EPW Press Blog. Evans authored a November 28 2007 paper "Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming." (LINK)

Evans touted a new peer-reviewed study by a team of scientists appearing in the December 2007 issue of the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society which found "Warming is naturally caused and shows no human influence." (LINK)

"Most of the people here have jobs that are very well paid and they depend on the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming. They are not going to be very receptive to the idea that well actually the science has gone off in a different direction," Evans explained.

[Inhofe EPW Press Blog Note: Several other recent peer-reviewed studies have cast considerable doubt about man-made global warming fears. For most recent sampling see: New Peer-Reviewed Study finds 'Solar changes significantly alter climate' (11-3-07) (LINK) & "New Peer-Reviewed Study Halves the Global Average Surface Temperature Trend 1980 - 2002" (LINK) & New Study finds Medieval Warm Period '0.3C Warmer than 20th Century' (LINK) For a more comprehensive sampling of peer-reviewed studies earlier in 2007 see "New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears" LINK ]

‘IPCC is unsound'

UN IPCC reviewer and climate researcher Dr. Vincent Gray of New Zealand, an expert reviewer on every single draft of the IPCC reports since its inception going back to 1990, had a clear message to UN participants.

"There is no evidence that carbon dioxide increases are having any effect whatsoever on the climate," Gray, who shares in the Nobel Prize awarded to the UN IPCC, explained. (LINK)

"All the science of the IPCC is unsound. I have come to this conclusion after a very long time. If you examine every single proposition of the IPCC thoroughly, you find that the science somewhere fails," Gray, who wrote the book "The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of "Climate Change 2001," said.

"It fails not only from the data, but it fails in the statistics, and the mathematics," he added.

‘Dangerous time for science'

Evans, who believes the UN has heavily politicized science, warned there is going to be a "dangerous time for science" ahead.

"We have a split here. Official science driven by politics, money and power, goes in one direction. Unofficial science, which is more determined by what is actually happening with the [climate] data, has now started to move off in a different direction" away from fears of a man-made climate crisis, Evans explained.

"The two are splitting. This is always a dangerous time for science and a dangerous time for politics. Historically science always wins these battles but there can be a lot of causalities and a lot of time in between," he concluded.

Carbon trading ‘fraud?'

New Zealander Bryan Leland of the International Climate Science Coalition warned participants that all the UN promoted discussions of "carbon trading" should be viewed with suspicion.

"I am an energy engineer and I know something about electricity trading and I know enough about carbon trading and the inaccuracies of carbon trading to know that carbon trading is more about fraud than it is about anything else," Leland said.

"We should probably ask why we have 10,000 people here [in Bali] in a futile attempt to ‘solve' a [climate] problem that probably does not exist," Leland added.

‘Simply not work'

Owen McShane, the head of the International Climate Science Coalition, also worried that a UN promoted global approach to economics would mean financial ruin for many nations.

"I don't think this conference can actually achieve anything because it seems to be saying that we are going to draw up one protocol for every country in the world to follow," McShane said. (LINK)

"Now these countries and these economies are so diverse that trying to presume you can put all of these feet into one shoe will simply not work," McShane explained.

"Having the same set of rules apply to everybody will blow some economies apart totally while others will be unscathed and I wouldn't be surprised if the ones who remain unscathed are the ones who write the rules," he added.

‘Nothing happening at this conference'

Professor Dr. William Alexander, emeritus of the University of Pretoria in South Africa and a former member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters, warned poor nations and their residents that the UN policies could mean more poverty and thus more death.

"My message is specifically for the poor people of Africa. And there is nothing happening at this conference that can help them one little bit but there is the potential that they could be damaged," Alexander said. (LINK)

"The government and people of Africa will have their attention drawn to reducing climate change instead of reducing poverty," Alexander added.

Related Links:

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Panel of Broadcast Meteorologists Reject Man-Made Global Warming Fears- Claim 95% of Weathermen Skeptical

MIT Climate Scientist Calls Fears of Global Warming 'Silly' - Equates Concerns to ‘Little Kids' Attempting to "Scare Each Other"

Weather Channel TV Host Goes 'Political'- Stars in Global Warming Film Accusing U.S. Government of ‘Criminal Neglect'

Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

ABC-TV Meteorologist: I Don't Know A Single Weatherman Who Believes 'Man-Made Global Warming Hype'

The Weather Channel Climate Expert Refuses to Retract Call for Decertification for Global Warming Skeptics

Senator Inhofe Announces Public Release Of "Skeptic's Guide To Debunking Global Warming"


And there you have it. More real science from real scientists. Sorry the links at the end didn't come out, but you can catch the original story yourself at drudgereport.com.

Isn't it amazing the similarities between the frustration of real scientists trying to wrest science itself away from motivated political nutcases like Al Bore, and the ex-students frustrations with dealing with the attacks that come out of "The Ranch". I'm sure Lord Monkton would relate to it, don't you think?

Trying to tell the truth in this day and age of leering faces can be an exercise of a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. And we aren't the only one's who apparently are dealing with this social phenomenon of denial.

Word to the Wise: When you want to know if the sky is falling, don't ask Chicken Little, ...ask a pilot.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Sorry...drugereport....come on now....give us a site with a bit more credibility(imho)...isn't he the guy that was listed as a gay escort to Rove and the neo-cons in the WH....Jeff Gannon?/Gluchart(spelling)...

Will search out the nice little picture of him on the site that shows his nice stuff for all to see and taste if the price was right...oh..yeah..Bush loves those bald heads...

and I do like the little slap there about how being a Repub you don't believe in all that junk-science and weirdo crap....so are you saying that a democratic person does? From your description..I was thinking you were talking about the Repubs..just can't belive them anymore...LIES=IRAQ/ LIES=PLAME Come on now....We have heard enough from those in the WH..and don't buy it anymore...

This world will never heal, when it and us are so divided....but maybe that is the plan..NO?

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Sorry to the mods....you know what they say...Politics/Money/Religion....HOT TOPICS!!

I don't want this to be a ******* match of THEM AND US...but needed to say a few words...

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

I think moderate/liberal republicans and right wing/conservative democrats have heaps in common...I think there is less polarity than the news would indicate...
And any right thinking person can see through the haze of hype and BS, no matter where it emanates from...just my thoughts....

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Living Force;

A few questions. Are you suggesting or implying that Republicans fund or actively promote the various environmental groups that also (conveniently) espouse global warming?

If so, ....you are mis-informed and vastly so.

I am curious as to why you ignored the premise and topic of the thread....which IS the validity of global warming. How real is it? And myself pointing out that this is the same issue most students and ex-students face when confronted with Ramtha's junk-science. i.e.: How real is it?

Furthermore....I live in Yelm and have resided here for over 10 years, off and on. I will testify in a court of law that I HAVE NEVER met a single Republican Ramster, ....other than myself. I've met a few online...but that is all. I've met a few who lie and like to say they are really Republicans when I'm around, but these people also think they are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and that their bed-wetting kid is the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson. You must get my point, I'm sure. I get ribbed about it ALL THE TIME.

In closing....your defensive posture, and your failure to address the premise or point itself tells me much. I said what I said because it was the truth. If you don't like that, feel free to attempt to re-package it to a more palatable flavor.

But do try and stay on topic....please?

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Man(Mankind) is so arrogant...with regards to Climate change...I do believe we have influenced it...but not ultimately to the point that Gore has been saying...(believe me I know Gore aint no saint..Prince Albert as some call him)
I feel it is real in the sense that earth has gone thru this process before...and that yes..humans have maybe helped speed it up....as with the information age we live in now...we are just able to see/hear more...but to say its human only is not really being fair...its being arrogant.(I think anyways)

I replied to your post initially with emotion..as you have triggered it with your words....hope you are able to see that point...and apologies for going of the main topic....darn internet rules....STAY ON TOPIC

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

excuse the spelling/grammer errors please....can't edit your own post..

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

I am not responsible for your "emotional response". I would be just as responsible for the color of your cat's crap. You could have just as easily laughed and taken it for the OBVIOUSLY satiric style and intent it was meant in.

In other words, ....I am NOT responsible that you can't recognize satire when you read it. Get educated in some classic topics would be my suggestion. Simply because the current population can't recognize what your great-grandparents could is not my fault....or responsibility.

Do try and keep that in mind. It's not arrogant....it's simply a waste of good people's time and keystrokes to have to belabor it.

Do you understand?

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

oh silly me...pardon my ignorance please...


Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Living Force;

Back to the topic...the evidence suggests that Co2 IS NOT affecting any sort of meaningful climate change. It's a zero point.

I'd also like to point out the discrepancies in holding two opposing viewpoints, which, from what I read of your posts, you seem to have.

On one hand you say that we as humans are affecting the climate and "maybe speeding it up"....but on the other you say you think it's arrogant (species-wise, I'm assuming) to think that we can change the planet this much with our refrigerators, cars, etc. etc. Those are two opposing viewpoints.

Please explain this to me.

My understanding is that astrophysical phenomenon has such an impact on solar systemic bodies and atmospheres (presuming they have one in the first place) that the notion of our puny pollutions pale in comparison when describing climate or weather change OR patterns.

For two years now they've been predicting "SUPERHURRICANES!!!!!" (dun, da, da, da....)

....Nothing since Katrina.

Meanwhile....all weather satelites report the planet as COOLING, ....not warming.

To blindly make an assertion based on "I believe" only means that you have zero concrete evidence to back that "belief" up. That's what belief is....an emotional feeling based on zero....absolutely zero evidence.

If you had any evidence, you wouldn't "believe"....you'd "know". You'd be certain.

No one "believes" that the sky is blue. They know it is.

As time rolls by, we are finding out that yet another grossly expensive charade based on an utter lie was politically motivated at it's core. This sounds like the school, but only on a larger scale.

Understanding THAT is reality...and not belief.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Your preamble concerning republicans/democrats truth/lies did a dis-service to your post. Read
Logic I "the error of generalization". Truth is nothing more than a "probability". I've seen science turned upside down a few times in my lifetime.
I got a kick out of your initial posturing and own-horn blowing but you are trending toward patronization.
My wife got sucked in by jz. I want to see jz grovel.If you want to get something done there, let's do it, together.
If you want to do "Fox v CNN" use another format. This site is the last place to play that.
With respect,

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

the sky is blue....??..isn't it a reflection of the water on the atmosphere or something like that...

and all those **** photos of Greenland etc showing the decline in the glaciers are wrong...

You have yourself a great afternoon....gotta go...will have to get back to you when I have some more time to waste....

Meet ya tomorrow...YOU ME SANDBOX
It's On...

Seriously tho....I will yak with ya tomorrow.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

So I did not read Tyger and Living Force's petty war of words, do I may have missed something, but, did anyone here yet bring up that Tyger's hollow article didn't cite a single piece of scientific evidence at all? Real science from real scientists? Where? The only quotes from scientists cited no studies, no peer reviewed papers. Real Science my ass.

The overwhelming majority of scientists are say that global warming is somewhere between 90% and above 99% likely to be caused by humans. The evidence linking carbon dioxide to climate change is EVERYWHERE. Even if humans did not cause it, adding more certainly won't help any. Furthermore, fuel burning causes other sorts of environmental disaters. The "Courage to do Nothing" is about the stupidest thing i've ever heard.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Sh*t. I knew this would happen. This place is not for intellectual banter. It's the place to grow the crop that will bring jz and "I'm all in, Flick" down. Sendem back to Las Vegas where both of them are in their element. Want to get back on point?
It's about that puffy faced jz.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

First of All;

It's probably my fault that the links didn't copy and paste with the articles. There are links for every scientist and their research and published works in that original article, but I did mention where to read it and follow up from there, for those that are interested.

Secondly, I don't let personal attacks pass, much less unfounded bombast.

Thirdly, The larger thrust of my point was that this junk-science that is being steadily debunked as we speak, despite certain sections of the public's adherence to it like religion, carries the same dynamic as Scamtha uses at the Ranch.

You (Scamtha and others) make silly assertions that YOU THINK no one can prove, ....get a lot of people to go "well yeah..." And bring in the bean counters to count YOUR MONEY!!!

THAT was my point.

Bud; You say, "my wife got sucked in."

Well, the same way people are getting sucked into global warming is the SAME WAY that JZ works. The same thing. Junk science that validates this weirdo "humans-are-cancer-to-Earth" mentality that is anti-human at it's core.

If you can recognize how this process works in your own life....then you'll be able to understand your wife's denial and devise an effective strategy to burst that denial.

That's the most effective way, in my opinion.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Not to mention the fact that Scamtha is using the entire global warming fiasco as fuel for the eunuch's stupid and never accurate predictions.

Debunk one....you debunk the other.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Wow. Your logical fallacies are astounding.

So, if climate change is not going to wipe out 2/3 of life as we know it in 2009 (as Ramtha says)...then there's no way that in next century or so it's going to cause serious disruptions to life as we know it including loss of biodiversity (plant and animal species extinction), weather catastrophes, severe air pollution, lack of ability to grow food, and a host of other problems?

What "Ramtha" says has absolutely nothing to do with what Al Gore, IPCC or the large majority of world scientists say will happen. R says that we will experience such severe environmental crises (as well as economic collapse, political collapse, etc, all conveniently at the exact same time) between 2009 and 2012 and that because of this 2/3 of the world will die. R also makes bold claims about the past that are completely out of line with what scientists, historians, geologists, etc say.

What the scientific body says is that sometime in the next 50-150 years we will see the above mentioned problems to a degree that that will make life somewhere between inconvenient but tolerable to devastating and catastrophic. Furthermore, R's predictions have failed time and time again, where as those made by the scientific body have, if anything, only failed because they UNDERSTATED what the effects we'd be seeing today are. Predictions for this decade have come true several fold what was originally estimated.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

You are denying that Scamtha is not using the global warming-IPCC feeding frenzy to further the entire DTC scenario?

Of course there are inconsistencies. That is part and parcel of anything that Scamtha comes out with. You must be able to see how one hand is shaking the other, however?

I fail to see your point. Scamtha "said" that it would all crash in the 1980's and an interstellar war would be fought in our own skies while little people burrowed out of our very backyards too. Who cares what line Scamtha is putting out now. That wasn't the point.

MY POINT is that Scamtha uses junk-psuedo science (like global warming/climate change/whatever-we-need-to-call-it-to-make-a-buck) to the same end as the IPCC and others (Al Gore comes to mind) are using global warming. The REAL science supports neither. And the predictions are so far off base in both cases as to be comedic in historical significance.

Never mind the fact that BOTH are fear mongering....and in the face of ice storms too.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore


I get the comparison. perhaps one of the things that junk science always does is appeal to ones sense of understanding about subjects which they may be familiar with but not proficient in.Virtually all the time, junk science is presented in such a way that it either appears to solve a problem priviously unsolvable, or, present a problem with little or no fixes; ie the sky is falling approach.

In researching alot of the RSE claims, I had to dig out some old text books on chemistry, physics, and biology. Nothing fancy, just your basic *&%#. Once you see how the majority of what is presented does not fit into any of the well known and proven guidelines, there is not much reason to go too much further unless you really want to strain the brain.

I would love it if a physics professor, gave a basic knowledge test to the rse students to see where they would come out as a student body.

A main difference I see between Jjz/r and G.W. debate is the fact that the media has bought into the hype and perpetuates it and jz/rd simply attempts to cash in on that fact so they can appear main stream.

rse is a 2 faced entity, the one they want to put on publicly and the other that they put on when giving their private show. Any time they have an opportunity to attempt to unify the 2 they will take it.

Perhaps a less contentious example of junk science would be the use of QM and neurosci in the school.

I am still amazed, that given the amount of time spent on that in lectures and books there is very little discussion about that. I would wonder if some of those who attended the school might chime in on that.

Particularly, did you feel a grasp of the material presented? Did you read all the books , or, put them on a shelf. did they make sense? Do they still now?
Do you believe the micro, predicts what goes on in the macro? and lots more....

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore


I've taken quite a few science courses at the college level. One of my favorite subjects was/is science. I felt some misplaced pride when the Legacy Teachings (the bulk of the pseudoscience taught there) was compressed into several years of especially intense teachings on the biophysiology of the brain. I was familiar with many terms and meanings. But I wasn't alone when I heard words that Ramtha him/herself coined and gave meaning to. False meaning.

I remember that we were shown the PBS documentary on the Brain, by Brian Greene several years ago. The tone in audience was one of arrogance and intolerance at how much those scientists did NOT know. But of course, Ramthimher had the "mysteries" of science explained.

Curiously enough, s/he failed to demonstrate the effects to all of the student body to prove any credentials. Just cited wild claims.

Also, I was disgusted (no offense, this is my opinion), by the overwhelming support by Ramsters, of the Democratic party. I prefer a lot of what the Libertarians espouse, but in reality, I don't think what they support will happen in our society. So, I opt for the Republican party.

Be that as it may, the point here is that in my experience and opinion, there is a political agenda in RSE. I sat through many lectures on that stage from Blue Body and others who were running for politics, or promoting a cause. I thought then, and still think now, that it disgusting and an abuse of position to use a captive audience who paid for spiritual enlightenment, to push a political agenda.

Indirectly related to that was being subject to the marketing agendas, too. We were basically Strongly Encouraged to only shop at (we were asked to PROMISE) JZ's store, or at least other master's shops.

Or donate to that community. How effing arrogant is that ? I have my OWN community in which I live that I choose to support. If we all do that in our own backyards, first, much will be taken care of.

Global warming - bologna. (That was short and sweet)

Doesn't matter, anyway. In 2009 we'll all be toast, and if Long Caldera blows as Ramthimher said it's INEVITABLY going to, we'll all be dead or wish we were it will be so bad.

Party on, folks ! It's called Bull ****. I've said it before and I'll say it again - those Ramsters will be freaking out in 2009 waiting for the doom and gloom (if RSE is still open, that is), and we'll be enjoying the summer sun, the autumn leaves, the winter snow, and the spring flowers.

Living Force - no apology needed.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

In reality our vomiting SUN is causing our global unrest. And something is surely causing our sun to react differently, probably a bigger celestial cyclcle of sorts.

Common mans saving grace up to this point has been the secret government technology known as HAARP. It has been shielding the Earth from most of the suns harmful radiation for sometime now. Our suns vomiting pollution is far more toxic to the planet than anything man can pollute with down here.

This does not mean that man should run a muck and trash his environment because he can. Thats STUPID!
The reason its being done here on this planet is because the major populace is asleep (dopplegangers) and has not been given or taught the truth of the importance of being sovereign and an individual and thus responsible for ones own well being.

The problem has been that all along a FEW were taught the laws of being sovereign but the few choose to revert to magician tricks to gain even more powerful means of sovereignty through creating nations and then governments to keep their power up and running.

Does this sound familiar JZ? Of course not. Thats because she is a coward when it comes to facing herself. And in her case its all about her past that she is responsible for, which involves leading countless to their deaths all in the name of her righteousness and her god, which is PENIS ENVY. (She never allowed herself to reincarnate as a man.And this is why she channels a male deity) (do you get it all you ex and current ramsters?)

The few that know the truth are "Conservative" by nature and they duly demand their due because change would put them back at the bottom of the heap that would require them to have to climb over everybody else all over again.

The people who have the most to loose fight against change tooth and nail. And they are called RE-PUBLICANS.

Republicans are NOT leaders. They are robot soldiers following an unquestioned directive.

Democrats are NOT leaders. They are a machine that that excretes out just enough to sustain its own momentum.

The true leaders will come via the neutral poles of individuality.

They will be EX republicans. EX democrats. EX gi-joes. EX naval intelligence. EX cia. EX nsa. EX masons. EX christians. EX animal lovers. EX ramsters.

The leaders will come from the REBELS that repel against everything except for personal sovereignty.

They understand what has been taught to them.

As the Wolfman has said before. RSE and all the ancient mystery schools and the secret societies only true purpose was, was to create a class of rebel renegades that then could lead at a particular time in the future.

We are at that time.

P.S. .... Mark...... your web site is very mediocre at best. Typical republican by its very nature.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Tyger lost me at:

"...When I was at the "school", I performed all of the disciplines...and with rather exemplary and startling results...."


"For this I was kicked out of the school and literally escorted off the property at gunpoint. 9mm Glock if memory serves correctly (and it does)."

.... .

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

JTR, whatcha, and Wolfman;

Wow, and entirely correct!!! Thank you.

Marie, I believe you're referencing a super-short synopsis of my school experience I made in a comment. Nothing in-depth.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Wolfman said, "The leaders will come from the REBELS that repel against everything except for personal sovereignty."

Yes, I can agree with that - and if you haven't already, you may be interested in what the philosophy of the Libertarian party is about. They support having very, very little government. They're all about personal sovereignty. I've kept tabs on the party at a local and national level. I would be happy to be mistaken, but it seems to me at this time, our society is either not ready for that, or unwilling to enact the changes to have such a form of pretty much, non-government. The latter supports the former - we're not ready yet as a collective.

Two or three cents worth...and IF you are curious...

This isn't an endorsement, nor am I am radical hardliner for any political party. If I lived in my idealistic world, we wouldn't need government to control the masses because the masses would control themselves.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

whatchamacallit : "If I lived in my idealistic world, we wouldn't need government to control the masses because the masses would control themselves."
I completely agree with that point.

And Tyger, I just don't buy this political propaganda.
IMO, political partys, religions and cults are very similar in their functioning. Their main goal is recruiting the more followers, supporters, disciples, partisans, whatever you call them, obviously for the money and power these people bring to those groups. They all divide people, us/them, republicans/democrats, christians/pagans, catholics/protestants, the saved ones/the ****ed ones, the enlightened ones/the rest of the world... Human hystory has clearly shown that as long as people will be relying on leaders of all kind, there will always be corruption, abuse and domination.
I am a personal sovereignty sympathyzer.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

"Marie, I believe you're referencing a super-short synopsis of my school experience I made in a comment. Nothing in-depth. "

Tygger -- my point is I believe that synopsis, and most of what else you post, is a bunch of hooey.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore


Try and remember that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Politics and the New Age are as inseperable as bread is from flour. One provides the social impetus for the other. Perhaps you will learn this over time. Then again, ....perhaps not. I don't know you so I figure it's a coin toss.


You are entitled to your mis-informed opinion. Every single word I've posted in this forum is true and I will take it to court if necessary. The opinion of some nameless, anonymous person on the Internet is meaningless to me. Sorry.....

For the record:

1) I am quite happily and contentedly married to the Angel of my dreams.

2) I am not running for political office nor am I some sort of wanna-be celebrity. Popularity contests are not my motive, or my thing. I say it like it is and state explicity what happened....I honestly don't expect people who've fallen for the line so many times it's become breakfast cereal to them to "get it". Not my call, my interest, or my motive. Live your own life as you see fit. I'm used to your kind of heat, Marie....

3) I've been writing professionally for over ten years now. And on a regular basis. There is no such thing as a professional writer "coming across" as ANYTHING other than what he specifically intended when he began penning the dialogue. Think about it. If you do, then you will understand the difference between professional writers and scribbling kids.

This may surprise some of you "Lurking Ramsters" (some of who have already contacted me with their absurd BS and threats), but your pathetic Judith Hampton is not that smart. At all... But, again, this is not my fault or my problem. You live your own chained, bought and sold life....not me. LOL!!!

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Please, SOMEONE take it to court, if you're talking about your experience with Judith/aka RamThat! If not for failing to deliver the product advertised, I'm sure there are many out there who can attest to "alienation of affection" and "loss of consortium" after their spouses went to an RSE event.

While this is a place for healing, venting, sharing "Judith" experiences, I personally feel uncomfotable when politics enters the discussions to the degree it has. It is an "us versus them thing" - and as long as the people on this planet have this view, we will always have conflict. There IS no "us versus them." We are all one. We are all human. Let's all try and be humane to all, whether we agree with one another or not. There is no other manner in which to change this world, for it IS a barbaric world, and always has been as our history books "show and tell." Let's rise above this "animal" instinct and truly "become" one, with tolerance, love and compassion for everyone. Maybe then, there will be a "beautiful age dawning."

I appreciate all of the opinions, however, I don't see where division is healthy when we're trying to heal ourselves, and perhaps as a result, begin to help others of this world also heal in other ways.

Tyger - you had one heckuva ride with Judith, and seem to have a fascinating background. I'd love to hear more. I just am weary of this world and ages of religions, countries, leaders, tyrants - all abusing others. We've been to RSE and know what it is - so we need not divide any longer; we are one even with those still there. IMO, Judith is simply sick and always has been. Maybe that's one thing many ex RSE'rs can agree with - I don't know.

There's a lot of room in the sandbox, but I'll keep my cat at home!

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Tyger, I have been reading your copious comments on this forum and I have been looking for something from you that would indicate compassion and understanding of this forum as being a place of healing and support for those who have exited RSE, as well as friends and families looking for support and understanding of current RSE members. What I see instead is constant filibustering from you, on many and various topics that imho is not the highest usage of this forum.


Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore


Not everyone contributes in the same fashion or method. What a dull and dry world that would be. This board is also about sharing experiences, insights, and observations by ex-students. I can only do that in the way that I choose to do that, it's called a person's personality and mine is what it is.

David invited me personally and in person to post here, ...and I've been doing so.

Do you have anything to comment on or contribute to regarding any of the topics that I've voiced...besides your personal opinion of me, that is?

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

As someone so rightfully posted on EMF recently..
“We have all worn the RSE blinders”….
Some... just for a few days, others for nineteen years or more.
Why am I posting here?...
I blinded myself for seven years, I foolishly thought that my “spiritual sincerity” was some kind of Buddha badge that entitled me to trample on the lives of others with Gods impunity..all for the greater good…!
Yet…during my first year my blinders were wet from tears and the dark night of the soul that never ends Oh.. But the glorious rewards…Someone amongst us will become a Christ…
Who am I to judge..?
Meanwhile my two beautiful daughters were abandoned without a father and my wife was left struggling to raise them…How many families have been destroyed..?
and continue to be destroyed under Judith’s banner of “enlightenment
Lives have been lost due to this madness.
while others scream in an empty life trying to comprehend what the hell happened..
Not only is the Emperor "Ramtha" wearing no clothes..
He does not even exist....
All the while Judith revels in her greedy sickness under a media spotlight that feeds it back to society without a glimmer of journalistic reporting of what the Judith’s RSE cult is really about..
Kerry Brenner of The Olympian is a case in point.

This is my request….
Please endeavor to tread gently here….
as you would in a hospital for abused children,
It is not an alone journey.

I will step off my soap box now..
And use the soap.


Back on topic anyone?


Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

on the subject of this thread...

There is an EMF thread posted by "sifting for truth" titled...

of Nov 16, 07 -
The discussion moved into the Global warming issues..
Nov 16, 07 - 12:30 AM Climate Change Skeptic!
EMF Link…


Here are the video links I posted.
To my mind more credible than Al Gores "An Inconvenient Truth"..
Vegan Pride…any comments on these videos?

Google video link.




Scare Tactics in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth


CBC - Global Warming Doomsday Called Off
A very informative documentary about the real cause of global warming. It clearly discuss about the fact that CO2 is not cause of global warming. Take a look also at the Great Global Warming Swindle and Green House Conspiracy in google video. This documentary discusses many topics that are not covered in the Swindle such as the hockey stick graph, from the viewpoint of Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas.



Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Excellent point, David;

Another thing that most Americans seem painfully unaware of is that Mann never used a Medusa Program (a common statistic analysis program that is used to check statistical programs - like the famous Mann hockey stick curve) on his "hockey stick". Two statisticians ran the Medusa on his work, and it turns out to be utter junk. You can feed Mann's computer program the receipe for a chocolate cake and it produces a hockey stick. Feed it your lawn watering schedule....hockey stick. It's utter junk and since publishing their results in Canada (and FINALLY in America as well) more and more intelligent people who actually bother to diligently dig through all the data and studies, WITH A CRITICAL THINKING MIND (ahem), find that mankind-caused global warming to be the biggest hoax since Orson Welles told us that Mars was attacking. (ack, ack, ack, ack, ack!!!!)

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

I am going off topic here. so, too bad if you don't like it.
I met tyger in person and he is just what he seems here and sais here.
he has absolutely no idea about the in depth issues I have had to deal with mentally and emotionally and in this community. it's kinda like asking a kid to understand a grown-ups issues.
But I do respect and allow for his points of view.
They are quite varied and I think he can draw some great irksome responses from still blindfolded
Ramsters.he has much to offer, just as each one of us do.

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore

Thanks to Wolfmans first post here....so I dont have to say all that myself...
Ill just add, it seems All of these things are "causing" GLOBAL WARMING..
Add to it, [if you believe it] the polar ice caps of peoples brains..no wonder they think all that gassy toxic tecnology is all thats causing the problems.

Tyger, BTW, do you really think there IS such a reality as a 2 party government?? You mean you dont believe in the Secret Govt, NWO, NAU, Bilderburger Control thing, perpetrating polarities to keep us busy fighting for one side or the other? That it is a REAL charade....like the "theatre" of war...

Anyway, IM glad Wolfman mentioned HAARP, and that goes for all the other weather mod games being played.
Shame on Gore for not mentioning these things. It shows how he'll go down too..

Re: Science Disagrees With Ramtha And Al Gore


Due to my experience, (my father detonated nuclear warheads for a living for 25 years, and I held a Top Secret clearance in the USN and saw much during my time there) no I do not believe in NWO, Secret Graymen cabals or all of the other flotsam and jetsam that floats around an uneducated and naive society. There are conspiracies out there, you just haven't found the true one's yet. Methinks. ;-)