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Tyger's Days To Come

I suppose first things first.

One of the things that always struck me as odd about Scamtha's Days To Come teachings was how incredibly tactically and strategically misinformed and flawed the old sage was.

In addition to preying on the naive, the eunuch actually seems to operate from the premise that 1) not only are global, extinction-level events impending... but 2) that they can actually be survived in close proximity.

Now this happens to be an area of my personal expertise. And the eunuch's entire premise is flawed (as is most of the garbage she pumps out).

If you live on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, ....you don't survive when she blows. Ya dig?

If you live in the path of a 1000 foot tall tidal wave.....you don't survive the ride.....ya dig twice?

Now, forgetting that basic truth and all that frivolous fluff and stuff, let's examine the Scamtha-method of surviving extinction level events.

The concrete bunker. Yes, the legendairyfairy "UG" that makes Scamsters look around and drop into conspiratorial whispers. Ssssssssshhhhhh!!!!!.... (LOL!!! As if the rest of Washington isn't aware of what these idiots are doing??!!! )

Now, while the concrete bunker is a fairly decent option if you live in 1964 and are going through a Cuban Missile Crisis....it's about as boneheaded as it gets considering the current threats that we face.

First of all....this is the Information Age. Things happen quickly here. And THEY DO happen. For example: Rather than spend a ton of hard-earned cash on some ridiculous concrete TOMB for yourself and your loved ones to survive the impending attack the bad guys are going to unleash.....rather than do that, why not spend a fraction of the cash and make sure that the guy in charge of the guys who have OUR WEAPONS go over .....stay with me here....TO THE BAD GUYS BACK YARD.....and do some old fashioned Kentucky azz-whuppin'??? Less bad buys to bring about the Scamtha Timeline (copyfrighted).....don't you think?

It's a better bang for the buck....trust me.

But EVEN all that aside, what in the world can you possibly DO that is effective IF a "disaster" were to occur?

Well, we have to examine the type of disaster.

1) Earthquake. If you are underground and near the epicenter, .....you're toast. As in tomb. Only way to survive earthquakes is not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It ain't rocket science, folks.

2) Tidal Waves. Again, if you are in the path of a tidal wave and sitting in a concrete bubble underground....you're dead. You just turned your "UG" into a powerless submarine sitting in the mud at the bottom of the ocean. Good luck, Skipper. The only way to survive a tidal wave is to get out of the way. That's it.

3) Terrorist Attacks. There are three credible types. Nuclear, biological, and chemical. Now here is a point that cannot be stressed enough. We LIVE in the Information Age. There is no such thing as "secret personal undergrounds" in this age. Hunkering down while the plague descends on you is about as suicidal as it comes. If the threat itself doesn't get you, the bands of starving PEOPLE will. Nuff said.

The real solution to these problems is fairly obvious if you have any sort of strategic or tactical training.

Mobility and communication.

A two-year food supply is a waste of time. If something is so big that it knocks out not only our nation, but the rest of the civilized world for two years....then it's lights out for 40 years...at least. Get a clue. Your Graymen-issued credit card will serve you far better and longer than some silly food supply at the bottom of a new inland sea will.

EVERY SINGLE DISASTER that we as humans have faced has been regional and temporary. On-time, real-time comms and good transportation to move to safe areas is what is critical. Not this anti-human Morlock behavior that the Scamsters are scurrying to accomplish.

Tyger out....(for now)

Re: Tyger's Days To Come

Thanks, keep talking.....youre so full of sense.
I have a few questions Id like to ask your opinion on, if you feel like commenting...
1. David Adairs story is true...T or False
2. David Icke is on the money T or F
3. Richard Boylans "Starseed project"...any comment?

3. RSE locals are being used in many tiered mind control and all else "experiments" [or food, which ever]. T or F and why arent the "students" just becoming more Psy-Empowered in a good way if they just take the lessons and leave before its too late?????

4. And what do you think in general is the reason for all this..Ram/RSE ...JZs motivation.
* It occured to me she may be very trapped in her role and so just keeps serving the purpose. What do you think the school is here for???

Thanks for your participation.
I, for one, am still learning how to discern "truth".
Say more to convince us you are who you say, and as well, admit any example of a misperception youve had in your personal past, that were corrected, so I dont wonder how YOU think youre always right every second..
We here have had it up to our frontal lobes with trusting true sounding entities...
Not sarcastic, I hope you get my meaning here...
With all due respect..

Re: Tyger's Days To Come

Let me respond in order.

Refresh me on who Adair is.

David Yikes is a card-carrying lunatic who is funded by neo-Nazi groups in Canada...among others. He was convicted of publishing hate literature in London years ago and belongs in a nuthouse.

Starseed Trasmission was an interesting read, but for the novelty factor alone. I was impressed with the guy's willingness to detail his oh-so-failed prophecies out in print. The gypsy crystal ball gazers aren't usually so explicit ...for obvious reasons, of course.

Is RSE being used to mind-control students? I would think that the results of that are self-evident. Just reading a portion of these threads can give one the shivers, insomnia, and/or nightmares. It's like a Steven King book come to life.

Why don't the students use the "powers" in constructive ways? The answer to that is basic behavioral psychology and what we call "human nature". I believe Jesus answered it with the parable about new wine in old wine skins. When a persons own behavior or personality is limited by it's own definition and ego development, or lack thereof, then it doesn't matter what you give, feed, or sell this person, they are still limited by their own behavioral choices. RSE sublimates ALL of those choices and replaces them with Scamtha's own intent, methods, and myths. The wine ceremonies were the most blatant slap in the student's faces, the most calloused arrogance I've ever seen from any sort of leader in any circumstance. How in the world can a person become more in control of the nastier sides of their personality when one is stone cold drunk all the time? It's an oxymoron that only a schizophrenic could comprehend.
To summarize: Low-grade paranormal phenomenon doesn't help you keep the kids in school, get that pay raise, impress the boss, take that vacation you've been wanting, ....or anything else that composes practical life. Not finding crudely drawn coloring book pictures....not shooting blindfolded with bows and arrows like little kids....not wandering around starving to death in a McDonalds playland....NONE of that (especially at exorbitant rates.....no American Express, thank you) has any sort of practical value in the real world....unless, of course, you plan a career track as a magic performer in Las Vegas. Then it may serve you well.

What is the school here for? The easiest answer to give so far. RSE is here for JZ Knight and her bank accountant. That's it. Again...the money she charges and re-charges and re-charges and re-charges is self-evident.

And lastly, I'm not a guru, prophet, or enlightened being. At all. My track record at predictions is pretty good and has been well established in more private formats. As to the common sense ideas about how to deal with potential disasters (ala Katrina even) they are only that, ....common sense. Although I DO have a strong background in that sort of thing.

However, I completely understand the sharp contrasts that become visible once you place practical common sense next to Shamtha's kaledioscopic charades and chimeras. It's like what Judith always said....black and white.

Re: Tyger's Days To Come

Thanks for reply.
Adair has a long story about his involvement in Area 51...I just thought you had heard of him...
I was not referring to "Starseed Transmissions" Author, but to Dr. Richard Boylan. No biggie...I just had an impression in your earlier post that you may have some inside on the "Alien Agenda" drama.
BTW, what Do you think of the various disclosure projects? Of all the talkers, who Do you like?
Also, can you link me to the info on David Ickes Neo Nazi trip in canada? Thxxx

I guess I ask these things to get to know posters minds rather than veer towards more and more mockery litany.
Im not defending JZ to say this, but honestly, Ive been on this forum a long time and stay away for long spells when the insults get repeated too much to be satisfying a point.
But dont stop yet!!!
Any propelling to get us ordinary humans to rely on ourselves extrordinary intellegance and wisdom, I do like riding with

Re: Tyger's Days To Come


We are soon to upgrade the EMF forum software program that will hopefully
Improve navigating through the many layers of information now available on EMF.
I think your term “mockery litany” would make a good folder category,
Not that I encourage a barrage of insults to Judith and her entourage, but I do feel
A little humored “mockery” can dispel the unfounded supernatural BS gridlock that haunts many a traveler through the valley of Ramthaland. I remember Joe Zimhart talking about overcoming certain fears with humor, such as the fear of spiders by imagining them wearing big booties and smoking a pipe …!

Also a folder titled "Unfounded Fear"…. is very much in order…

Welcome Tyger…

Good to hear from you..


Re: Tyger's Days To Come

thanks david, I agree, humour saves many lives sanity. But as my name implies, I cant help but wonder of JZ will ever be embraced in this battlefield if ever she puts down Rams great sword and sits on a rock again...that thing called forgiveness towards that thing called To Blame....whata chapter that would be! Many are ready to give Mr. Bush such "love"., and I dont see JZ dropping the types of Bombs He authorizes to go down.
I guess theres all styles of bullies in this world...
time will tell I guess!
I say, let them all go to the 23rd universe and leave earth to Us meek who have no money and dont care for real big houses anyway. Ban building permits and let us have at the natural resourses we can pick up without a chain saw or dozer. Wishfull thinking

Re: Tyger's Days To Come


Re: Tyger's Days To Come

" I cant help but wonder of JZ will ever be embraced in this battlefield if ever she puts down Rams great sword and sits on a rock again"

as evidenced by the Hal Mansfield interiew and the video called The Wave
(David has so kindly and with effort) put on Google, JZ is just as caught up in it as the "students"-
one feeds off and needs the other.
At some point, just as with Hitler, it will see a demise.
It is human nature to want to see it finish soon, and in our life time.
I believe karma has a way.

Re: Tyger's Days To Come

"Encyclopedia Galactica: 20,009.38 Entry 200.142.12 "New Age" (n): pre-Galactic archaeological term denoting a period of Earth history in the late-20th, early-21st centuries, primarily associated with what was then termed "Western cultures" that are particularly noted for their abnormally high Superstition Anomaly. The score on the Thompson Scale of Classic Sociological Anomalies registers at a 21 for that period, only equaled by the mythical "Dark Ages" of a pre-historical and presumptively medieval culture that is considered have existed on Earth prior to the Industrial Age. Recent archaeological discoveries indicate that...."