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I started Factnet thread on RSE - "Common Ground" articles

In the early 1990's there was a "New Age" news/mag in the Seattle area called "Common Ground". Two articles were written and printed by the, then, publisher of the magazine. I do not have the articles at my hand, so I cannot provide you with the specific date of the publication or the author. I will follow up later with that information.

Regardless, the writer was invited by JZ Knight to visit the Ranch and interview her for what she thought would be a favorable presentation of the program. The final product was anything but favorable. The author reported on his direct experienc at the "Event" he was invited to attend and did considerable research into the activities of the students, the principals of the business, and the pressures of the program. The article was in two parts and was titled "Ramtha - Dark Side of the New Age".

I will dig out the articles and see if there is any way they might be posted on this site. They were very well researched, very objective in terms of presentation, and very informative.

I think that those new to RSE will see, if simply from the date of the articles, that JZ Knights Zebra stripes have not changed one bit. The outcome is still the same - she wins and everyone involved with her eventually loses.

(Covert ops Commander for First Battle Group of the Galactic War Federation)
(Advanced Training in Financial Markets Manipulation - Remote Viewing - Hologram development)
(Veteran of area 51 invasion and MKUltra conspiracy)

PS to David McCarthy - would it be appropriate to have a thread on this site regarding locating relatives lost to RSE? I have a sister who got involved in this group and has since shunned me for reasons I cannot figure out. I would like to locate her. She moved to the Yelm area in 2002 or so. That is the last I know of how or where she is.

Re: I started Factnet thread on RSE - "Common Ground" articles

LMAO @ Area 51 Invasion and MK Ultra Group!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Re: I started Factnet thread on RSE - "Common Ground" articles


If you want to, why not email the contact link above (messageboard@) and share further info, including your sister's name ? Maybe we can help connect you to others. Or maybe we know, ourselves.

Re: I started Factnet thread on RSE - "Common Ground" articles


just as Watcha suggested..
we will do our best to find your sister,
while treading gently...



Re: Re: I started Factnet thread on RSE - "Common Ground" articles

My sister's name is Christy. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound, she attended Nyjenrod University in Holland. When we were little, we had a dog named Fluffy and a cat named Ginger. Our pediatricians name was Basil Gregoras. Our aunt's poodles name was Pamper. Only her brother would have this information. If you can help me contact her I would appreciate the help.

There is a picture of her on the following website:

Reference page nine of this article.

Thank you.