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Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

This is very interesting post... apparently the other Channel Mafu, is now being given the CREDIT for all the GOOD WORKS of Oprah Winfrey...

The post said

.... send a prayer of gratitude to Mafu for empowering Oprah Winfrey.

I do remember that Mafu was on the Oprah show around 1988. But, I thought all the ILLUMINATED BEING could not INTERFEAR in the personal life and achievements of the people on this planet.

I always found it strange that these Channels tended to cater to the richer hollywood crowd. I remember that Marshal Arts guy.... Steven Segal.... was also very active.

If ALL are EQUALY.. then why would these people SEPERATE and make one better than the other.

It is just like the Christian Catholic Church.... Saints Sinner... Good guys Bad Guys.


Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

Not to even mention the many many actors who were followers of Ramtha.. and then left.

They are Soooooooo Special.

Awwwww.... Smile.

Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

You mean the fat Steven Seagal who abuses women and got convicted of poaching elk illegally in Colorado?

Didn't he make a movie called "Above The Law" at one time?

That putz.

That's how you know that you are a total loser in the universe and have been one of the worst POS to ever crawl out of the primordial mud.....you get to re-incarnate as a celebrity. Ugh....

Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

Well, don't personally know Steven Segal.. but my take is... if the same OCEAN of LIFE FORCE is within ALL PEOPLE......HE SAVE.... as these many channels proclain, How CAN it be, that ONE LIFE FORCE is GREATER than another.. other than in some expression or display... but that is subject to time, and all things subject to time are discolved.

I watch so many people walk on the beach and leave their foot print.. and every morning.. the big bulldozers LEVEL the shore line... and the foot prints are no more.

Kust likes the waves wasing on the shore, living foam, or gifts from the sea... does not matter.. it is all the same Gulf of Mexico ( I live on the Gulf) smile.

The Gulf of Mexico is a great teacher.. and can be compared to anyone's life. Smile.

I don't belive any of them anymore.

It is ALL a lie at other levels. Seems it tends to be just a GAME here.

Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

It's no game, honey. The only time I get called in is for the Final Blow. It's what I do.

JZ Knight is just about over and done with, she's personally murdered too many hopes and dreams. Now the trash has to be taken out. That's ALWAYS when they call me.

Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.

Let me know what I can do to help (if anything). Watched as the woman I spent 18 years with morphed into a ramzombie. Whatever you got planned, I'm all in.

Re: Oprah and Steven Segal... and the Channels Attention.


What we ALL need to do is simply tell the truth. Point out over and over and over and over the obvious psychotic and anti-human trappings that this lunatic is preaching to gullible people....(yes, including us at some level or degree...).

I entered the school with, "Eyes Wide Open", to use a phrase. I realized I was a special case, so my interest was extremely compartmentalized.

I had been researching and experimenting with all of JZ's low-grade "phenomenon" for years prior to ever going to any events. It was nothing new to me. The part that intrigued me was the breathing exercise. I'd heard of it in various Indian texts, but never seen it graphically demonstrated. So I attended for the breathing alone. I'd been practicing moving kundalini up the spine for nearly a decade...the breathing was the completion of that exercise for me.

I do NOT give JZ any credit for that. Any more than I would give an author credit for mentioning the existence of the Eygptian civilization and I discovered that for the simple reason that my library finally ordered the book.

Once at the school itself, I quickly went in and out of the system and society here in Yelm. I did all their crap and then left....unimpressed. It was hardly more entertaining than the stuff the CIA put us through in the 1970's.

The notion of mind over matter is not novel to Judith Hampton, or whatever her name is...it's been around and played with for eons. For her to actually charge money for these low-grade circus acts is not only absurd....it's insulting. For that alone Judith has "karma" that must be paid for. LOL!

And how will she pay it?

By facing the truth....that's how. She can play the Hillary Clin-toon attack parade all she likes....it won't work. There is the Internet and free speech, and too many people have seen too many things at this macabre horror show they call "The Ranch".

It's brainwashing at it's finest. Even Goebbels would be proud.