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"Tyger's Guide To Identifying Ramsters"

After having read these boards for a large part of the day, I've come to think that it may be helpful for the readers to identify (for themselves or others, whichever the case may be) whether you are a Ramster....are still a Ramster...or are not a Ramster. So I came up with this little test. Hehe...enjoy.

My thanks beforehand (or apologies....lol) to Jeff Foxworthy ;-)

If you wake up and "create your day" for half a day with a quart of wine and BS while everyone else is having coffee, brushing their teeth, going to work, eating luuuuunch....then you might be a Ramster.

If everyone gets gets a case of the sniffles in the wintertime, but you're "transmuting"....then you might be a Ramster.

If you named your dog "Ascension", "Blue Body", or "Red Guard"....you might be a Ramster. (makes you wonder where the pink hearts, blue moons, green clovers, and yellow stars are? Maybe they should rename the ranch the School of Lucky Charms?)

If you've had more than 3 DUI's and live in Thurston County, WA.....then you ARE a Ramster (LMAO!!!)

If you think drawing spiderman webs in blue ink on your skin heals you, ....then you're not only a Ramster, you're so delusional we could sell you bottled air and you'd buy it.

If your idea of "tasteful decoration" is a star made out of popsickle sticks and painted blue....you might be a Ramster.

If you gargle with red wine after you brush your teeth in the morning, ....you might be a Ramster.

If you see pebbles on the ground and envision them as castles that all belong to you, then you might be a Ramster (copyfrighted).....or, perhaps, a World Of Warcraft (copyrighted) addict...

If you prepare for a flood by constructing a concrete bubble at the bottom of the new lake.....then you might be a Ramster....that or just stupid.

If you sold all your stock in the 1980's while JZ was getting rich there, (like millions of other smart Americans)....then you might be a Ramster.

If the words "I" "R" "S" send shivers up your spine, ....well, then you're just an average American. LOL!!!

If you've ever lived on road kill and called it "manifesting food".....you might be a Ramster.

If your idea of accomplishment in life is finding crude crayon drawings in a place where farm animals are confined....you might be a Ramster.

If you think you can purchase enlightenment, peace of mind, or knowledge of self, .....then you might just be simply crazy.

And there you have it..."Tyger's Guide To Identifying Ramsters"....free of charge too.

Re: "Tyger's Guide To Identifying Ramsters"

Make a poster, sell it in Yelm.
Good stuff, made me laugh, maybe help get them out of fairy-land.
I was looking for more about digging a hole because there is gonna be a flood.

Re: "Tyger's Guide To Identifying Ramsters"


Too *&^%&^# funny!!!! besides the posters, they would make great bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets!

Re: "Tyger's Guide To Identifying Ramsters"

My kind of No SHXXX kind of guy.

This is hysterical.