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No Hable???

I guess when you're a 35,000 year old ascended master you've just got more responsibilities than you do time tiles to handle them all in. ;-)

One of the things I never understood about the oh-so-illustrious-by-his-own-admission ascended warrior himself was.....how is it that he can master all these things, including taking control of another human's mind and running their entire body (has Ramtha ever had to change a tampon, one wonders?) for extended periods (lol...) of time....has spoken Sanskrit-Star-Wars-Yabba-Wok gibberish on tape and said "....in my language this means....blah, blah, blah...", speaks a form of written colloqial old-English that WAS NEVER SPOKEN ANYWHERE (it was a temporary English literature affectation that lasted about 40 years in popular written English lit) on Earth, devolves into a decidely southern drawl once a few bottles of cheap red wine are consumed....but can't seem to master something as simple as....Spanish?

Or French....(parles vous France, non?)

Or German....(spraken??!! NEIN!!!?)

Or even....Basque?

Now how does this work? You can master time travel and prophecy....well, okay, you can't master prophecy, (LOL!!!) ...but you can "look into a persons soul and past lives", tell little kids they are really the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson(?) (....must be the bed-wetting, brat version of Thomas (eyeroll))...you can do ALLLLLL these things....but you can't even master a few simple words in some well-known language that (co-incidentally) the channel herself doesn't already know.

Now HOW exactly does this work, Mr. Ascended Master?

I have a theory, folks.

I think Ramtha is an imposter. That's right. This is NOT really Ramtha. His real name was actually Bates.

That's right......Master Bates.

What's the matter, "Ramtha"? Tyger got your ....tongues?

Re: No Hable???

"that fictional character who calls himself Ramtha" will alwyas come back with the line:
"Of course I use the information in my daughter's brain."

Well then, that is the limit of "his" knowledge which just goes to show you, it is HER impersonating some altered self, not some time travelling , time line changing, dances with fairies "God" realized.

Re: No Hable???


Can you IMAGINE the media feeding frenzy if this "channeled entity" actually demonstrated it's credibility by speaking a few VERIFIABLE ancient languages that JZ could not possibly know?

Ramtha would instantly become the celebrity that she has always purported herself to be. It's too bizarre and absurd for mere words.
I think I'll just laugh myself to tears instead.


Re: No Hable???


Don't you know that if r/jz used the portion of JZ's brain that deals with language he/she/it would fry that portion of the brain due to the differing vibrational speeds? Then who would be around to collect the dough if something like that happened?

Re: No Hable???


Well, obviously all the little people that live under the earth and the extra-dimensional bankers from Panet Zzzzyxx. You gotta get current, dude.


Re: No Hable???

Laugh myself to tears?
Yup, that has been going on for a long time now.
After laughing yourself to tears you get to cry yourself to sleep.

Re: No Hable???

I think the moment of clarity for me was when I was doing C & E, focusing on leaving my body, you know, whiz-bang around the planet for a bit....and I did it.

Then I looked down and saw this stupid, idiot hippy sitting on a hill meditating for world peace or some such crap, and I thought, "Now who the hell is that?"

So I went in for a closer look....

And it was me.

That would probably be my last official experience with anything to do with Ramblah or any of his Seven Dwarves.

Re: No Hable???

I have been off line awhile---am catching up. read some of your postings. Interesting. Who are you?

Re: No Hable???

I am a rude, arrogant ego-manic that posts here trying to be a big-shot. I get my rocks off doing my best to insult people, be condescending and generally just being haughty to people. Since my day job is so low and demeaning, I have to use this forum to feel better about myself, if you know what I mean. In my sick mind, well, ‘somebody’ has to do it.

I’m a real ‘know-it-all’, prefer fear-mongering and meanness to most anything else, except making myself look SO impressive and smart.

I guess I am just really bored with myself, and have to create some kind of fantasy ‘super-hero’ guy that people look to for answers and ‘uncommon’ knowledge. People around here always go for that military personality thing! It’s always worked for me to push other people down so I look and feel better about myself. Everybody here has been tolerant of my rudeness and bullying so far. I certainly feel better – look how smart and unique my posts are!!!

Well, back to being the rank a-hole that I am. Perhaps one day I’ll get blocked from the sight because I tend to upset people who come to emf for some community sharing.. oh well, I don’t need community, I’m bi-polar…

Re: No Hable???

Now this (see above post) is more what I'm used to from the people at myspace and AOL. Ghost "tygers"!!! My Lord, I haven't seen one of those since the old chatroom days on AOL!!!

Thank you, tyyger!!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

As to the previous post, well....I'm Tyger. LOL!!!

Re: No Hable???

Seems you hit their "trigger," Tyger!
I SO remember those old AOL days, and I won't say, "those were the good old days," - because "These are the good old days." (Thank you, Carly)

Re: No Hable???

how long did you attend RSE?

Re: No Hable???


I started the teachings and first saw JZ's act in 1988. I moved to Yelm in 1997 and only attended one Beginning Retreat, when I was kicked out after five days.

Re: No Hable???

Tyger, I have a little problem with your time line here.

You say that you were vomited on by Ramtha AND you were kicked out of RSE in 1997, your only event.

These incidents happen at the same event?

Do recall what time of year your beginning event took place in 1997?

Re: No Hable???


I'm really curious - what was it that caused you to actually move to the Yelm area, when you hadn't even attended an event yet ? I know plenty of people get hooked and will throw away their past, and move to Yelm to "be in the energy", but usually they do that AFTER they've gone to an event.

I think you're the first person I know of, who has moved first, then attended an event.

Re: No Hable???


Correct. That would be the fall beginning retreat in '97 I believe, although it's possible it was '98....so much wine at the time.

I attended the "Weekend" which was followed by the beginners retreat. After the weekend, JZ (in her guise as Scamtha) called "a party" and claimed "the dream is over..." Experienced students were in tears out at the fire pit, thinking that "the Ram" was leaving them. It was at the "party" that JZ puked all over me.

As to how I ended up here in Yelm;

My mother and aunt had been living in Yelm and attending the school for several years prior to that. Due to my grandfather's ill health and an untimely divorce on my part, I found myself, along with an uncle and my mother, back at my grandfather's house in Colorado. After ensueing legal battles by the siblings a generation ahead of me (ugh....) my mother convinced my uncle and I to return to Washington with her and attend the school.

We did so.

Re: No Hable???

I think there is SOME merit to tyyger's (notice two y's) post in ref to being kicked off a site for being rude.

Tyger-at least your last response to Wolfman and watcha is the first in days that has NOT had an abusive, condescending tone to it.

Re: No Hable???

Why thank you, Mommy.

Re: Re: No Hable???

we musy have been in the same beginning event?

Re: No Hable???

Methinks we are witnessing one of the "truths" of estrogen vs. testosterone at play, at least here in the western world (in the east, men hug, boys hold hands, etc. and it's not considered ANYTHING.) And so what if it were? Our sexual preferences are our own business, but that doesn't imply women and men still have the basic hormones according to the XX or XY chromosones. Also, here in the west, generations of men were taught to not show their hurts; my own father is one of them, even after losing my sister, he must mourn privately. (Mom's now are allowing their sons to demonstrate their nurturing side in many cases). By the same token, many women were raised to be 'delicate flowers, save your virginity hoo haa. Well, I don't think this applies to many of us, SURVIVORS and GRADUATES of RSE. We just have a different manner of perception, through our own experiences and life events. I'm not sexist-women and men are capable of the same things - but I wonder how many men still feel they MUST come off as being tough, when women in a similar situation, are viewed as "weak" if they demonstrate an easier time of verbalizing/writing their fears and feelings.

First, I believe Tree has an ENORMOUS amount of courage. Tyger, yes you're a man, but men have also been raped. What would you do? Would you do as Tree has done, stand before a huge crowd and detail the experience, or would the fact that you are male not allow you that experience? Tree did this with the full knowledge of what would occur after-living in Yelm, a teeny-teeny town in the corner of this massive country. Everywhere she goes, she faces some type of 'judgment' by RamTheirs. Yes, I understand you've been before congress, as have I. And THAT took a lot of guts, for me I know, since I was terrified of public speaking and was up against some MAJOR chemical companies, with years of documentation and also corroboration from my own state's governing bodies. I still faced harassment, stalking, you-name-it. But, the important thing is, I didn't cave in. Yes, I cried at times, yes I felt "emotional." So what? I've also had a gun pointed directly at me during a robbery of a bank. I was tied up, and nearly taken hostage. Was I angry? I was happy I survived. Every life has its own story, and these are just a couple of things that made me strong enough to be a "Mommy." : ) I know being a dad isn't easy, as well. Oh yeah, I had to stay in bed for five months with my first child because I'd gone into premature labor-I wasn't sick. I just had to lie there on my left side, sleep that way, eat that way. All these things made me stronger, not that I would wish to experience them again, and I in fact, wish I hadn't had to go through this. Recently, I've lost my sister, a sister-in-law, my beloved dog, and my adult child's fiance's father. I am still kicking, although it is NOT easy. And I know many, many others here have had worse experiences. I can say these things here because of the "anonymity," but I would not wish to stand before a crowd and discuss these things at this point. Tree has done so, and is courageously facing the consequences, and continuing her fight.

TREE IS STRONG, AND GROWING STRONGER EVERYDAY. To say anything less is dismissive of her ongoing participation and her actually living in the same community where her rape occurred. Now what would anyone doe if Tree were their daughter and you learned your daughter had been raped under these circumstances? (and again, I ask you men the same, suppose it were you or your son?)

The important thing to keep in mind is that we "exers" have a common goal, don't we? Is it to bash one another or be condescending to each other? In that case, then imo we're wearing blinders of another sort. We have various backgrounds, have left various parts of our lives, have missed out on time with loved ones - we don't need to be combative here, do we? There are plenty of places on this planet for that, and it is occurring. (I pray my cousing makes it home from Iraq the same way he went over-and let's always remember there are women-mothers-over there as well). So imo, there is no need to talk harshly to one another here - be we male or female or both (ramthat) - we're all here for similar reasons, and if we don't agree, we can do it in a civil manner, can we not?

Everyone here has valuable input. Let's not, oh please let's not, turn this into "Us....and Them....who knows which is which" ---I think you get the "Floyd" of it.

Can we agree to disagree in a civil manner, with respect to others? Otherwise, we fall into the abusive corridor of the infamous "RSE." And I WILL NOT GO BACK.

Men and Woman are the same. But sometimes we don't have the advantage of knowing what the other has experienced simply as a result of their gender. But we are all human, right?

PEACE OUT. I send my love to all, everywhere.

Re: No Hable???

I don't believe I've posted anything criticizing Tree, her style, her writing, or anything else for that matter. Until this morning she'd posted nothing but supportive comments.

I think it's an alpha male resenting alpha male thing, myself....but I could be wrong.

Re: No Hable???

G2G.....Courage To Stand Up........

This brings up an interesting little experience I had at the Ranch one afternoon while doing field work.

My thinking brain was going nuts that afternoon. And the red guard was chastising somebody for cheating on the field.

I then went into this "story telling frame of mind" within myself that lasted the entire field event.

I told myself I was being falsely accused of cheating on the field by the red guard and at the end of the field work I was taken to the great hall escorted by the red guard and put on stage in front of a packed house of students and was on trail of sorts for cheating.

While the whole hall of people jeered, ridiculed and called for my head, I just stood there and took it all through a firestorm of inner turmoil that was screaming inside of me to defend myself against such injustice. I stood there without showing the emotion,BUT feeling every bit of it throughout my entire being. I was feeling the hatred of a 1,000 people.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to kill. I wanted to run away. I wanted to cry. I wanted to sue for libel. But all I could do was stand there and take the feeling of injustice within and make it all my own. I was innocent and right and thats ALL I had to hold onto even though everybody else thought me to be a liar and a cheat.

In the end all the feelings evaporated and the field was synchronisticaly called and was over.

This is a true story and not one I just made up and at this time and it seemed just as real as I have here described it. I did not go into another dimension or time or airy fairy state when I experienced this. I just made it up and went through all the emotions that such an experience would bring up.

Later on, maybe a few weeks later, I heard someone sitting near me at the Ranch tell this story about about being singled out by Sir Robert on the field for cheating on the field and the person swore that they never did cheat and couldn't understand why they were so falsely accused.

The point being here is................ Well I'll let you genius's figure that out for yourselves.

Re: No Hable???

Oh! By the way G2G.

Isn't this (referring to taking injustice without retaliation) how "Mommy" handles her "little ones".

Your not a "Mommy Dearest" are you?

Re: No Hable???

"Why thank you, Mommy. "

and I rest my case.
You can't just say, "uh, I have been a condescending ass."

and Wow!
Wolfman. Abuse at its' finest.
Wow.all perpetrated by the all mighty powerful "red guards".

Re: No Hable???

So many egos..... So little wiggle room on the board...

Re: No Hable???

...what's with the "abuse" word? is this some keyword I've missed in the victimization teaching? Last I checked abuse doesn't cover printed words unless it causes you financial damage. Therefore....what the hell are you talking about?

Re: No Hable???

To clarify.

My experience was in my own mind and I was not really abused by the red guard. Its a story I made up for my own learning. Although it did appear to be true in another's experience.

ABUSE.... One definition states. "The Wrong Use Of Something."

Yes. The wrong use of ones power over another is one example BUT the other side of the coin is how we handle THAT feeling we have when someone wrongfully uses their power against us.

We are programed from the time we are children that the feeling we feel when someone teased us or called us a bad name, that that feeling is hurtful. We feel hurt because we don't know any better.

I would like to say that that feeling is not hurtful in itself, but that our preconceived notion that "elevated energy" in the body and the "sinking feeling" that follows, we associate and think that it relates to our unworthingness and it is the thought that we are unworthy that is so hurtful.

It is the thought that we are inferior somehow when someone "jockies" for a more powerful position in our atmosphere.

In reality it is an opportunity to experience "Taking Back Our Own AWESOME Power" for our own self preservation and experiencing a more sovereign being within.

And when this AWESOME power is then realized within, without any outward retaliation to another, then one realizes for themselves the power of the LOVE of MOMMY, as it has been referenced to by others on other posts.

And one does not have to be a women to experience this just as one does not have to be a man to experience competitive drive and elevated frequency through self competition.

There is NO power is feel good love, without it running its course through the vehicle that we embody.

Feel good love is cerebral. And so is what I just spoke of to one who has refused to experience it for themselves.

Now Tyger does a grand job of raising ones frequency and he ranks a distant second to what the Wolfman has and can do, if I don't say so myself.
The point is that it (the frequency) drives one out of that feel good airy fairy non powerful cerebralness to the point of feeling attacked but in reality he or I hasn't hurt anybody. You are just starting to feel alive enough for the first time to start CLAIMING YOUR OWN POWER BACK.

This does not mean that now is the opportunity to start "smelling your armpits" and thinking that you are tarzan the ape woman/man and start reeking havoc everywhere just because your now more powerful than poor Joe Blow who is still fast asleep. And this is the reason why this stuff has not been taught to the general public at a young age.

This is personal and should be treated as such for ones own evolution and development. And when you experience this for yourself you will forget all about yesterday and you will see the horizon.

If you should taste what I speak of and go back to "yesterday" you will be like Judi and have to create a following and in reality what we were all attracted to here in Yelm was the smell of Judi's armpits.

Re: No Hable???

....."distant second" (chuckle...hehehe...)

Re: No Hable???

On a side note that may cause anguish in some females reading this.

It is obvious that Tyger has had some high level training in his military service. I taught myself on a baseball field with the help of a particular book along with the sting of failure.

In the past, publicly, men have had more of a chance and opportunities to learn about what I just posted.
BUT this is not to say that women are not less because women are secretly the masters of this through the natural ability at natural childbirth and mothering their young. Women have just been kept ignorant, by men, about self empowerment.

Men learn the secrets in competitive activities. The great ones learn how to raise their energy in the body to a fevers pitch and they learn how to silence the critic of the mind and how to allow the energy to fall in and down hrough the body, past the point of fear of failure,(and death in Tygers training) to where the energy bounces and transmutates to the miraculous that comes through the body and is realized on some kind of activity usually on a playing field whether it be a battlefield, stealth opts of sorts or a ball field.

Its all the same. Men have excelled in this because there drive is encouraged.

Women have been kept out because they would over ride mans drive.

The smart INDIVIDUAL sees both assets within and goes about learning and using them for his/her self even though when he/she goes about it she/he will be shunned by both groups with the regular men thinking he is sissy ***** and the regular women thinking he is pompous and self arrogant.

Now I am not an expert at all that I say BUT I have experienced enough to see what is happening.

I don't need Ramtha from here on out and I surely don't need Judi's advice or a student body to teach and lecture to.

I just need to proceed. On my own.
And with that said I would like to thank this outlet and forum for allowing me an opportunity to write and acknowledge myself.... because in all honesty that is what I am writing for. I am not writing for you or for your acknowledgement. I am writing because I can.

Re: No Hable???

Thank the good Lord and George Washinton on that cold, wintry global warming night on the Potomac for that right, my good man. LOL!!!!

My God, how far we've come. Thanks for posting that Wolfy. Very true words.