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Yelm is not "safe"

Why doesn't JZ take into account the Cascadia Subduction Zone which was highlighted on the Discovery channel?

One big earthquake and an ensuing tsunami
would wipe nearly half the state of WA
OR and CA.


Re: Yelm is not "safe"

Dear Tree:

Try telling that to a current student...sadly, they really believe it is.
This touches on the central flaw in RSE, and the reason that, even though I was nearly persuaded to join, I could not.
My question was, so, R knows what's coming, but ignores the actual physical facts...like, the lava dome in Mount Saint Helens is reforming, I read an update of that yesterday...not old news. And, as you mention, there could be earthquakes and tidal waves...
Nowhere is guaranteed safe.
So, then, if R and his 'flock' are so enlightened, and so knowledgeable about science, and they can do miracles, what, I asked, do they plan to do for this planet, and their fellow humans who have not spent their life savings to be a current members????
And, from what I can gather, the answer is - NOT A BLAMED THING...they plan to save themselves only, and let the s**** hit the fan for the rest.
HOwever, I see signs on you tube that JZ is actually trying to speak out about global warming. maybe I am mistaken??????

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

"HOwever, I see signs on you tube that JZ is actually trying to speak out about global warming. maybe I am mistaken??????"

First she was a Republican, siding with Reagan.
Then 9/11 happened-and she takes a totally patriotic take on the US (took a huge ad out in the NVN to say this was so) and then she turns Democrat and follows the whole Gore/Kennedy crusade about the environment.
Maybe start in her own back yard and recycle EVERYTHING: used oil, plastic containers (they do recycle glass
-all those wine and tequila bottles), ink cartridges, etc.

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

LOL!!! That is so true. "Ramtha" flip flops more than John Kerry does.

Another point. How does one survive a tidal wave by being underwater? Are they constructing their undergrounds with giant Ramtha-approved snorkels? Or perhaps they will levitate out the millions of tons of debris that will have permanently BURIED THEM!!! LMAO!!!!

The only thing more absurd than "Ramtha's" stupid junk science is AL Gore getting a Nobel for....science??? LOLOL!!!!

Hey, here's an idea! I hear the Artic Ice pack is basically earthquake free....maybe she could move the school to the North Pole. I hear Santa has lots of property for rent.

"Did you hear the one about the dyslexic Satanist? He sold his soul to Santa..."

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

The North Pole is melting...not such a good bet...but, maybe an island somewhere...a big island, where there will still be dry land in the middle...once the polar caps melt and sea level rises...no, maybe the space station...dunno, there must be somewhere

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

Antartica....then she could teach penguins C & E. I bet the first thing they'd manifest would be some global warming.

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

well, R claims that s/he will "protect" us from an earthquake until it's safe to leave hovels. I beleive the quote from the DTC audio CD was something like "as long as this body [JZ's body] inhabits this world, you will be safe from any shaking of the earth". something stupid like that. then the crowd went wild.

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

Gee...I guess that didn't include the earthquake in 1999 that cracked the dome of the Capitol Building in Olympia who's epicenter was 1.5 miles from the **** ranch????

She's such a blatant fraud that it's absurd.

"the shaking of the earth"? WTF? Ramtha doesn't know what an earthquake is? More hucksterism "creating the term" to try an be unique. More of the "specialness" crap. What does Ramtha call taking a leak? "The streaming of the urine"???

This crap just makes me angry.

Her charades are straight out of the "How To Sell Snake Oil To Morons" manual.

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

hahaha. i don't remember for a fact that s/he said "shaking of the earth" but i'm pretty sure it was something similar to that. i was only listening to the CD to laugh at it.

and remember, Olympia is a very very dangerous place. it's going to be under water. s/he never said s/he'll protect you in Olympia. this was a very Yelm specific protection. and only once the DTC are here.

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

What will she protect it with? Sandbags of botox?

Re: Yelm is not "safe"

judy plastic face (pjf)will protect Yelm with a barrier of ramtha or bullshirt as we used to call it. She produces more BS (read ramtha) than her students can haul so they are stockpiling it at the ranch or shirthole as we call it. Port-o-let contents are recycled as "new ramtha"! by pjf. All of it will form the barrier around plastic judy face (pjf)and parts of Yelm, much like it does presently.
The question remains that if the cataclysm is coming soon and money will be worthless why is she still charging her students??? All those millions will be wortless. A loving asswipe (ramtha/pjf) would let them keep their money to help prepare for the big deal. If however it is not gonna happen than it makes sense to fleece the stoopit flockers (that's what ramther/pjf calls'em).
For you newcomers ramtha/pjf is brown and smells bad and you don't want to step in it.
You can get ramtha/pjf out of a vibram sole with a stick and then water. Do NOT let it dry!!
The reason pjf picked Yelm is that it only had 4 letters and she could spell it (most of the time).
Potty mouth Bud.............. Kissit pjf!