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OT: Wishing you well during the bad weather -

Haven't seen any posts from up there. I do hope you are all safe! At least RSE prepared people for survival of the body, even if it maimed our minds. That's the only 'good' thing I can say about it.

Sunshine to you all, gentle breezes, and joy!

Re: OT: Wishing you well during the bad weather -

Thank you all for your thoughts.
The Deschutes River was the highest I have ever seen since 1990.
The morning I went to check it out, my neighbor ( still in school) was putting out his recycleables (several 55 gallon cans of wine bottels-but who's looking? ).
I asked him if he would like a ride back to his house.
He replied: "Now if THIS isn't a runner, I don't know what is! Nature is giving us a clue."
I do feel for the people down in the Chehalis and Centralia area. Photos of I-5 being closed until Thursday shows the extent of flooding there.
No goods coming up the coast from the weekend until tomorrow at least.
Many, I understand, do not have flood insurance.
And the Pacific NW was deemed "safe"?
oh wait....."do not live by water".....

Re: OT: Wishing you well during the bad weather -

but it snowed here at least. and what a beautiful snow it was for that one day : )

As far as the flooding, i am soooooooo glad to be out of my last house, where i surely would be hearing nonsense about this proving R's predictions, blah blah blah