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Young Man's Suicide Blamed on Mother's Cult

I do remember seeing this young man in an online video (maybe in the EMF link section), Sadly, the following link tells all.


Re: Young Man's Suicide Blamed on Mother's Cult

I just finished the book "Jesus Freaks: A true story of murder and madness on the evangelical ege" by Don Lattin (Harper One, 2007). Lattin does a good job with the Ricky R story and gives all the background on what created this cult in the early 1970s under Moses Berg now called "The Family" and earlier "Children of God."

I've had many interactions with this cult and its members over the years.

Re: Young Man's Suicide Blamed on Mother's Cult

For a minute there, I thought you were talking about RSE.
There was a teenager several years ago, his mother was in RSE at the time (and for several years...she was a bit ummm.....eccentric or "off"....very loud,creative, asked for attention from'"the Ram").
Anyway, this teenager's backpack and gun were found near the river between Tenino and Bucoda. His body was never recovered.
Never did I ever see any media attention brought to this.
A few years later, JZ had this woman removed from the school (she was not compliant in the Vendor's Food Court).