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dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

I went to the Rick Ross site to browse around a few months ago and entered the Ramtha area. Some guy asked what anyone knew about RSE as his wife is in the group.
Well, we have been corresponding for a couple of months now. I have been really thinking about him the last few days when I received an e-mail today saying that his wife is moving to Yelm to dig an UG, etc etc.
He told his wife JZ had her head up her a $ $ and the wife cried. He knew at that instance, JZ had the woman hook , line , and sinker.
So they split Nov 30.
The guy is BEYOND frustrated, sees JZ for what she is, and now his wife is moving to Yelm.
I told him about the EMF site and that there were several family members of RSE students that come here for support.
I hope he checks it out.
My heart goes out to him.
RSE affects entire families!!!! Not just one person's brain.
This is beyond believeable the affect she has is such a destructive way.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Tree I am so devastated for this man. I am dreading the time if it comes when my partner goes to Yelm for an event (as I have mentioned before he hasn't done this since we met - too busy going on exotic holidays with me). I feel as long as he stays away from events the pull of RSE is less, from what you have all said the euphoric feeling at an event is part of the attraction.

It's hard as a partner of a Ramster to understand what the attraction is, I have accepted it, but I still do not understand why anyone in their right mind would want to be part of this group. Its also hard not to take it on as a personal betrayal when someone you love chooses RSE over your life together - as has happened with this man.

He would find a lot of support here, I hope he is reading the forum even if he doesn't post.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

If he is reading this site, let him know he is in good company.

As I think most people here know now, my (ex) girlfriend and I split up last month, largely because of Ramtha and other cult-ish things (Peak potentials, pyramid marketing) she's into. if he wants my story, reading the "I have a BIG favor to ask" thread would probably be best.

the best thing I can say is that if his wife has the type of personality that is generally accepting of cults, then this was probably the only way it could have happened. if she is not the type to get involved with things like RSE ad somehow they duped her, then I strongly advise that he stag and intervention attempt before she moves.

if he is reading this- I am sorry to hear about this. I was only with my girlfriend for 10 months and it sucked to go through this, so I empathize with you having to go through with what was presumably a more serious relationship

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

I'm the guy. Almost 20 years with the same (now different) woman. I am more concerned for her than I am for myself. I think this site is a good start. Let's start changing the word to "the make believe thing ramtha". No caps for this POS comic book character. It denotes respect and there should be none. Just like we don't capatalize the word dog****. I am still concerned over the state of mind of those who have left and hold some fear. Practice this way. Say along with me........
ramtha can kiss my fat ass.
Good job! I have been channeling a duck who tells me that we should all say this 3x a day facing toward Yelm.
If you happen to live in Yelm and see that gold Benz you should turn slightly away and pat your ass so plastic judy can see. It will bring enlightenment almost immediately. The best part is that my duck does NOT charge for his teachings. But just like ramther you have to clean up the **** after they leave.
Hey gang listen up. Life is SHORT! The message is HAVE FUN! every day every minute you can. It's NOT what happens......it's how you handle what happens.
Get some bumper stickers
ramtha....garbage in-garbage out
The biggest holes in Thuston are related to ramtha
You get the gist
I gottago,
Braddah Bud

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Bud --

Welcome to this forum... I have posted more than once or twice about my own family members who are involved with RSE -- my mother, sister and her husband... All have been participating at events at the ranch for 7 years, but I believe my sister has been involved for at least 10 years through books and videos... She has been an automaton emotionally for at least that long and shuts me out of her life whenever I don't go along with what she wants to hear... Changes her reality and "poof" I'm gone.

My mother -- 73 years old -- announced last summer she was moving to Yelm to "continue her spiritual journey"....Mind you, she has no real means of support other than the SS she gets and a very minor pension .. and nevermind that she has nowhere to stay once she gets there... and nevermind that she is a sober alcoholic who supposedly has never participated in the wine ceremonies that are so much a part of of r's teachings [if you can call them that].... and never mind that she will be on the opposite coast of me, the daughter she now lives with and her only grandchild and all the friends and family she has... My sister and her husband have a house in Yelm, which they currently rent to a ramster, and which I believe he is building a UG in.. My mother NOW says that she "might wait" til my sister makes the move first to Yelm, which might be never for all I know, since they have been saying they are going to move there for the past four years, but since my sister can't get decent employment there, they have not made that move yet, and might never for all I know... An ex ramster did tell me that my mother would probably waffle on the move since according to ramther, there is no real hurry until "the aliens start to attack and then they will know it is time".... So I am willing to hold my breath on that one... And maybe the same will hold true for your wife.

But beside the move, or non-move -- the madness continues... I have just found out that she has become "a distributor" for reservatrol (?) .. a supposed product that promotes anti aging and for which she has "a very good feeling about"... She has not told ME she is doing this, of course, I found out by sneaky means.... ... Anyone know anything about reservatrol? I figured it's just the ranch scam de jour....

Also, something a little more disturbing to me, is that she is now claiming abuse between the ages of 4 - 6... Some years ago she had told me it was between the ages of 10 and 12.. Now it's 4 and 6... My father said he doubts it happened at all -- I have that kind of family where everyone re-writes history so it's hard to know what's really the truth -- but this new claim disturbs me as I know it is part of JZ's story and it makes it appear that my mother is now claiming this as part of her own story.... Disturbing.

G2G -- I know you asked a while back how she was doing since her fall BC event and I never got back on that... She has been in a REALLY good mood since then, although that does not make me back off from the whole EMF board....It in fact, makes me sad, because I know someone else posted that JZ was particularly loving and supportive this particular BC event, perhaps because of all the recent flak on this board... So it just is an illustration to me how my mother's moods are reflective of how she is treated at the ranch... Which makes me feel like she is some zombie with no part of her real self interacting with me...She is due to go back again in Feb.

Anyway, welcome Bud -- I loved your "kiss my fat a**" comment... Don't you wish it were that easy?

Feel free to mail me if you want.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

I remember when I was just learning about Ramtha. It was such a brave new world, all the drama and mystery. I was at the exact time in my life when I could have fallen for it, but man! It was fun! I had no idea of what I would learn at RSE and I was stunned and enthralled. I call it the 'Honeymoon Phase'(HP). And, just like when in love, the chemicals are pumping big time so a rational mind might not be available. For me, the HP was about two years. FreeNow

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

marie- my ex now sells new age health stuff too! is your mom involved in a multi-level marketting/pyramid scheme? my ex sure is! i called it before her event, too. i almost wote down on paper "she will break up with me, find a ramster who she becomes really interested in, and start selling isogenix"

i would have a 3 for 3 if i had written it down. she didn't exactly leve me for a ramster, but she talks to him on the phone every day, etc. anyways, so creepy the way these patterns go. her mom also sells anti aging stuff through orenda, another pyriamid scheme.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

zyxwv ,

Sorry to hear that. Pyramid schemes are akin to destructive cults in many ways. One being, the people at the top can always claim it is not destructive to them, the people underneath have gotten a small little taste and sooooooo want to be on the top, the upper middle and below, are just the subserviant labor for the ones above ; all along singing what a great thing it is!!!

Notice, that would not be what the laborers building the pyramids in Egypt would probably be singing.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Many Many and I mean Many pyramid schemes go in and out of Yelm. The people who are the biggest MLM ers (Ron Reid, Rebecca Galbraith) usually bring them in hard and fast.
Reservetrol was originally found in wine and in grape juice; WHICH , was promoted by "scientific studies" at the ranch. It does have an anti-aging agent in it, so I guess the new producers of the herbalized reservatrol have found a new MLM nitch.

You can Google reservatrol.
Many are now advertising on the Master's Connection.

and Marie:
I am not surprised by your sister not being able to find viable work in the area. For the better jobs, one has to go to Olympia, Tacoma, and some even to Tacoma.
Many Ramster have started their own businesses. Many do tele-marketing through a company called OMI. Many more to elderly home care -usually privately. But when the patient kicks off, one needs to find another. Very typical for this area.
Many Ramsters also work under the table...and of course, it is within the "community" or network of Ramsters.
Unless of course you think you "score" and work for THEE organization-at which they get you for a bargain basement price with no health or 401k benefits (because you are your blue body and you are fabulously wealthy). They can pay cheap wages because they know they have a work pool of many thousand. Who would not give their right arm or leg to work for
"the next Christ?"

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

pyramid schemes ....

Yep I can attest to this.. if I had a buck for everything someone approached me.

I belive it is simply a CON GAME.

I never participated... as I always had a going business and made my own money.

Those things tended to be some GET RICH FAST deal for those who were feeding off the money of others.

and they called that Self-Mastery and Manifesting.

There really are a lot of very manipulative con artist in these groups.

You must be able to see from the sky not the trees to call a spade a spade in those things.

It is always BUYER BE WARE.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Tree -- I will say that for my sister -- as "taken" as she seems to be with everything else RSE, she has somehow maintained the "knowingness" that she needs to keep her good paying tech job in order to live in the manner she wants to.... I think she just had a facelift, and has had her eyes "done" in the past.. Her husband lost his job with the same company about a year or so ago and has from that time been going back and forth from Massachusettes to Yelm on a regular basis, and staying for long stretches... that's what makes me think he's working on the UG... What he's doing for income now, I don't know... He did get a good severance from his job, but not enough to retire on... Anyway, my point is, that with him not working legitimately anyway, I am kind of surprised they both haven't made the move there, as it seems to me the fact that only one would now have to quit their job would make their current location less stable...

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

"someone else posted that JZ was particularly loving and supportive this particular BC event, perhaps because of all the recent flak on this board... So it just is an illustration to me how my mother's moods are reflective of how she is treated at the ranch.."

I DO think the flak caused by this board reflects what will happen at events.I think an even bigger flak would be a court case.

I would have to agree with your assessment of your sister and her husband.
There are many who come here who have money. Some get good paying jobs (like your sister) in order to keep up with that lifestyle.
For most, it is a HUGE shift as far as income is concerned.
I am sure your sister's husband has some under that table help here in Yelm.
The latest, greatest UG's are going for over $160/sq foot. Quite a cry up from the original "no microphone night" teaching Jan 9, 1991 that started all this.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Remember it's NOT the big r.
It is "the stupid made up thing called ramther or ramtha.
I have found some truth in the teachings about the "blue body". I stayed at my kids house. 20 acres on solar with an outhouse. Now this is TRUE!!
When I got done taking a ramtha (that's a #2) my ass was BLUE!!
It was unbelieveable!
Hey plastic judy!!If you or your blue assed buddies read this.
Bring it on you *^#@. I'll flush you like I did my last ramtha.

Braddah Bud

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Right on Bud....I like the way you think

Humour....LOVE IT!!

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

I stoop to this level in hopes of being so demeaning that in some way these folks can laugh at something they appear to be in fear of. Equating j z knight with with excrement is childish and silly. It parallels her teachings,.........sorta like my farts.
Who loves you judy baby???

Glad you enjoyed. Hope I catch on.

Re: dealing with family members who are RSE entwined

Bud - I'm so sorry for what you're going through. But one thing - at least you're "venting' if you catch my "drift." Just keep on breaking "wind" - which Judith claims Ramtha "is." Hm. From an anatomical perspective, perhaps ya really did "dump" the big guy!

(sometimes the "bathroom" humour helps when one is dealing with such tragedy!)

("Lord of the Wind" indeed. Does that interpret to Ramtha is just a big phart or Judith has a bad case of the vapors?)

Remember to take time to laugh. It's part of dealing with and healing.