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A Way to the Nuthouse

This is the kind of self scrutinizing that creates guilt and madness, starting from the moment you wake up , in the womb, infancy and into the grave.
All affiliated with RSE.

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Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

More spin of "nothing new under the sun"..I remember when the talk was how these awesome concepts appeared to "Come from Ramtha" FIRST, and then the rest of the world followed. The arrogance some students have, is where I have my criticism, when they dress up some idea, and becasue of RSE affiliation, its somehow, "more powerful" and "better than" if just an ORDINARY person thought of it, or made a product of it.
It wasnt until I left the school and went back in to the "mundane world" that I heard all sorts of "ordinary people" having extraordinary minds, all without the aparent help of Ramtha...and if a student said it was actually HIM doing it...well, the competition begins!
How could the Mind of God be so localized anyway????

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

if it works to write it on a waterbottel it will work on children too.just a briliant aplication of extraordinary teachings.its more going in a cicle in a nuthouse.kids are strong they will survive.

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Wow. So now all we need do is attach a written word to our children and all will be fine? Why stop there! Let's do it with everything, from our vehicles, to airplanes, to ....why, even terrorists! (just label with "peaceful human" -

And to think I have a t-shirt that says, "I do bad things!"....and I don't believe I do. (maybe just a little "mischief" here and there)

Does the label on my clothing listing the fabric used then affect what I am? Am I going to turn into polyester or nylon? Oh no. They just might begin "tattooing" babies at birth - "good" - "intelligent" - "remarkable." For a group so intent on avoiding debit cards, anything that might have a "chip" in it, why would they wish to "label" their children with a written word? Why not simply love them, encourage them, and be available for them.

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Forgot to add, why not bumper stickers stating "fabulously wealthy" - (a GREAT advertisement to be carjacked or worse!) And then, what about "birthmarks?" What do they mean? Freckles anyone? Where will it end?

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Don't you know freckles and birthmarks are battlescars from a previous life??? Duh, what rock do you live on?

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Oh, I just got it, you meant tattoo freckles... don't mind me.... still, I used to believe the especially large freckles were where I'd been stabbed in a past life.

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Why, the Hard Rock (cafe), of course!

(But now I'm wondering if my spouse was shot/stabbed in the buttocks during one of his past lives!)....(trying to imitate David's dark chuckle)

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

Lol! Hey, it's one way to feel better about one's imperfections!

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

I meant 'imperfections'...

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

"Don't you know freckles and birthmarks are battlescars from a previous life??? "

These kinds of humorous remarks I find healing because, just the other day, I was out for a walk, minding my own business,when I was thinking of my friends' children. My thought process went on about how they look so anglo and their mother is porteguese, and then my mind went to the "teaching" of "genetics" and how the stronger the gaze or focus of the partner, THOSE are the genes that would be dominant.
And I felt my inner being just battling,
which is it? Which is the "real" explanation?
My beleif systems collided terribly to the point where I had to call someone who is NOT affiliated with the school and for them to explain to me that what I learned in high school biology was probably the most correct explanation.

I would rather take this the humorous way than the "am I going nuts" way!!

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

I wasn't in RSE when those teachings were given, but I'm fairly certain my husband and I both had our eye's closed at that moment in time . hehe -on that note, there ought be kids out there who resemble wrinkled pillowcases, ceiling mounted paddle fans, or the astroturf floor of the not-so-great hall!

LWO - I like your way of explaining away our imperfections-battlescars from a previous life-! ("yeah, those stretch marks are from when I rearranged the "big guy's rock!) That could help explain a LOT of things-hehe. And now I wonder-could RSE be an "imperfection infection?"... or rather, an "infection of perfection?" (I knew I should have taken antibiotics with me to the ranch! I was "infected!"

You all, here, are the magnificent "antiobiotic," the "cure" for RSE. Thank you.

Tree-I hope you're feeling better. These ideas have infected us all and for the short time I was there, I still have moments of RSE deja-boo!

Re: A Way to the Nuthouse

I wanted to add, a very wise woman said to my husband and me, "your children got the very best from each of you."

It's the childrens' journey (with our help). So the teachings, I can only surmise since I didn't hear them, well, are whacked because the children, then, are NOT "creating their reality."

I do remember JZasR stating, "it's in the DNA." Obviously, she hasn't heard of "chimeras." (link below) - some totally "messy" DNA situations.


""Chimera: In medicine, a person composed of two genetically distinct types of cells. Human chimeras were first discovered with the advent of blood typing when it was found that some people had more than one blood type. Most of them proved to be "blood chimeras" -- non-identical twins who shared a blood supply in the uterus. Those who were not twins are thought to have blood cells from a twin that died early in gestation. Twin embryos often share a blood supply in the placenta, allowing blood stem cells to pass from one and settle in the bone marrow of the other. About 8% of non-identical twin pairs are chimeras.

Many more people are microchimeras and carry smaller numbers of foreign blood cells that may have passed from mother across the placenta, or persist from a blood transfusion. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is also contributing to the number of human chimeras. To improve success rates, two or more embryos are placed in the uterus so women who have IVF have more twin pregnancies than usual. More twins mean more chimeras. ""