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JZ'S Kids

I am a lurker on here, and my family was heavily involved in the Ranch for years. Happily most of them are out now. I know alot of people in the school that are my friends and also many ex-students. My good friends ex-husband is best friends with Brandi Knight. He grew up with him and he said that he used to hang out at JZ's in Yelm before "ramtha" she lived off 93rd in a mobile home and he said he never heard anything about Ramtha, but when she started up with it-the kids kind of disappeared. Her kids attended off and on, but now they do not believe her. I guess they said they love her, but thinks she's crazy. Thought I would share.

Re: JZ'S Kids

Did Jeff Knight adopt them? They obviously had a father JZ left, so their last name ought be different than Knight. They weren't Jeff's children, so I wonder why they use the last name?

So the story about moving out of one home within a week, driving off and buying another and then "Oh Dear....guess what - I bought a new house?"...doesn't seem to be the real version. Oh, who knows what version lives within her mind. It's got to be sad. Thanks for the info.

Re: JZ'S Kids

she had a first love in high school, then apparently hooked up with the kids' father
(now whether this one was related to Vicky Cady, or the next one was who was left nameless in a State of Mind, I am not clear, hence Vicki staying on in such a visible capacity in Ramtha Dialogue days), who was a drunk.
Then I believe it was Burnett.
Then Jeff Knight (obviously, where the kids' name came from).
Then Jo Alt.
Then James Flick.

The kids might think she is crazy, but I don't think they mind all the houses and money momma provides.

But yes, G2G, I am thinking a State of Mind
may be in continuous flux and therefore, not provable