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Whatever happened to Burnett?

Whatever happened to the dentist, Burnett, JZR was married to when the big guy first made "his" appearance? Did he see anything? And i'm curious - I've read she's been married five times, yet I only know of the three (the one she left taking the kids (is their last name really Knight?!), then the dentist, and then Jeff. (I'm just very curious)

Burnett would HAVE to know a good deal about what went on during those days, wouldn't he?

Re: Whatever happened to Burnett?

I think it would be quite interesting to speak to him.
I would find it HIGHLY interesting to speak to JO Alt (she was with him for five years).
But if you ask me, it looks like he was (well) paid off and now lives in Sardinia with his girlfriend.
Everyone who has had associations with her must be gagged to some degree or another, I would imagine.

Re: Whatever happened to Burnett?

This clip is from a long paper I wrote on Ramtha, 1993-95 [fyi, I will post the entire paper on my website under http://home.dejazzd.com/jszimhart/ramthapaper.htm]:

"According to her, JZ was disgusted by her first spouse after marrying him out of "need." She had two sons by him, Brandy and Chris. During this period she reports paranormal experiences: seeing UFO's, hearing accurate predictions in her life by a fortune teller, and being miraculously healed by a revivalist preacher. Her friends have reported that she was "possessed" temporarily at prayer meetings by an entity speaking through her called “Demias.” JZ denied the event during a “20/20” TV show interview.
Later she was successful at marketing, creating two corporations in cable TV. She met and married a dentist, Mark Burnett (perhaps Jeremy Wilder in her autobiography A State of Mind) in Tacoma, Washington in 1977. He shared her paranormal interests including a compulsive fascination with “pyramid power.” It was while they were playing with cardboard pyramids in 1977 that Ramtha appeared to JZ as an alternate personality.
Burnett claimed he did not see an entity, rather he saw JZ's altered personality reacting to him or something as “Ramtha” (Stearn, "Soul Mates", p 120). He subsequently became more obsessed with JZ's Ramtha personality believing it to be an autonomous spirit. JZ claims that she saw an eight foot tall, semi-transparent entity dressed in white robes of light with deep, dark eyes when Ramtha "appeared." JZ later divorced after she began an affair with Jeff Knight, her much younger third or fourth husband—Jeff told me he may have been the fourth—in 1980. "

I have no idea what became of Burnett.
joe sz

Re: Whatever happened to Burnett?

go here to read this 1995 paper on Ramtha that I wrote: