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what I lost during my tenure at RSE

I was driving on the way to help my son move the other day, and I realized, for the first time ( since being "out" of RSE)
that during my son's entire childhood, only once, did I ever give him the gift of travel I so longed to give him and that my parents had given me.
My parents always told me: no one can take away those experiences of travel.
And I never did that for my son because every summer I dropped a thousand or two on RSE, rather than on my son for a vacation.
I made a comment to my son as to what I had just realized, and he said to me, that he had thought about that many times,
to which I replied, " I am sorry honey, it just occurred to me yesterday. Thus the process of unravelling such a closed thought process."

Re: what I lost during my tenure at RSE

Tree - I know your son is on longer a young boy but perhaps you could still take him somewhere wonderful and give him one lovely travel memory with you. Worth saving for I think

Re: what I lost during my tenure at RSE

I like Aussiegirl's idea, better late than never, right? I too regret not traveling during my time at RSE. As a result, I never got to see my aunt's apartment in Ibiza and missed much precious time with her and my other relatives strewn across the globe. There's no real recapturing those times obviously, but somehow we have to make peace with ourselves. I think a camping trip or something more lavish would be a great experience for you guys! The accommodations at Longmire are actually nice and Mt. Rainier is such a beautifully serene place. That's one idea anyway.

Re: what I lost during my tenure at RSE

I agree, too, with Aussiegirl's suggestion. We traveled the US when our kids were small, having relatives all over the world but I didn't want to take our kids abroad when they were young. I was concerned about diseases, cholera, dysentary, etc. Once they were in their teens and had time off from school, we took our kids with us, and my older one has made it a "hobby" now, just having returned from touring eastern Europe. It's never too late, and there are so many beautiful places in this country alone. Ranier always surprised me - especially when it was snow-covered and near sunset. It was a pale pink in the distance. Now you are free from the bonds - and the time spent will be joyful and non-binding to any disciplines.
It can all be fun! - something we all need a bit of.

Re: what I lost during my tenure at RSE

yes, I have plans to travel with him after a few monetary things get settled.
It was just a huge revelation after 18 summers.
We did take one fantastic trip around the peninsula with another teenager!
What a blast! Neah Bay has got to be one of Washington State's least known about treasures!

Re: what I lost during my tenure at RSE

That's one thing I never did, and could never imagine myself doing. I've attended the school and a few Ramtha events before the school was established, and I never paid her a single red cent. Some how or another, I was always "invited" at the last moment, a few times even after they'd turned me away when they asked for cash and I said, "sorry...I don't do that."

JZ's crap is so absurd she shold PAY US to listen to it. Not the other way around.