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don't quite know how to title this

today, I was in a happy mood to go to town and run a few errands (in the big
Got a total look of disapproval from a Ramster in the liquor store.
Made a great bargain at the hardware store.
Snow was falling and people were in a merry mood due to the parade.
I go into Safeway to get just a few things for the upcoming storm.
Who greets me in the shopping cart foyer but Mike Wright....with the biggest smile
and hello.He was sincere.
Apparently,what I said at the L.A.R.S.E. gathering referring to the ONLY person on staff OR at RSE who greeted me with respect was Mitja. And I then told the crowd that maybe they could learn something from that.
Maybe it is spreading.....maybe they DO see, others exist and there are countless other ways to think.
Who knows.
At least it was a nice gesture.

Happy Holidays!

Re: don't quite know how to title this

It took just one remark from you - and look what began. It could be a new beginning for another "lost soul." I don't know Mike Wright very well since my time at RSE was short. I do remember his giving a talk at my beginner's, and he seemed to be on top of what he was talking about (or so I thought at the time). Next time I saw the guy, he was sitting on the side of the stage wearing one blue hairnet and one white hairnet and meekly operating the computer while JZeek was onstage. What a difference, I thought. What happened to this person - who gave of vibes of confidence - and who diminished so greatly in the presence of JZeek? Some horrible things took place there; it's easier to feel sympathy for those still caught in her trap (at least some of the time) and hope, with our examples, the blinders will fall from their eyes as well.

It sounds like you had a good day. (they really decorated the tree with kundalini/chakra ribbons?) What was the topper? Oh don't tell me...I think I already know. (A UFO?)
(now that is one "focus" I do not miss!)

Re: don't quite know how to title this

I know my above post was a bit...hmmm...now reading it. It truly was a nice gesture on Mike's part, and it must have felt nice to be on the receiving end of the smile and hello! People learn by example, and you're setting a precedent within that community. Happy "new" holiday!

Re: don't quite know how to title this

G2G what you said about Mike Wright, was exactly what my friend (who went to a Beginner in Italy in 2006) said about him: He was very confident when he was doing the things on his own, but the day JZ made an appearance he came across very unsure, fearful etc. She said: to her it seems as if he had great fear that everything would be going smoothly (with the technical things)when JZ was doing her talking.
So his whole demeanor changed in the presence of JZ.

Re: don't quite know how to title this

ref: Christmas Tree Decorating:

1) the heaviest biggest balls go on the bottom layer-you know...earth..the plane of demonstration....very heavy.
2) the balls get littler and littler the highter up you go according to the "seven levels"
3) of course red balls for infared
4) blue balls for UV (but of course)
and lights accordingly
6) red large ribbon of kundalini weaving it's way up the trunk
7) blue star at the apex
8) then of course there was the peacock teaching (which I mentioned I threw away) having to deal with the "eye" on the peacock's tail for wisdom. I gave out several of these ornaments one year with the teaching on a card.

another year, because I was way to poor to do anything else, I made teeny tiny stockings as ornaments with either a blue star or a triad on them and made three tiny little "cards" that someone could create their own christmas wishes on.

all in the name of "Ramtha".

This year, I am free to do what I like