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I have left

I am not going to write on this website again because numerous people on this message board persecute truth and justice.

Re: I have left

When they do not or can not JOIN or AGREE with you....
First they ignore you... then they laugh at you and last they attach you... when they do not JOIN or AGREE with you.

Sorry that you are leaving, you have some really good post.

I enjoyed your writing.

Take Care.

Re: I have left

Christel - I enjoyed your posts as well. Who is the "they?"

Re: I have left

Others in ORGANIZED Group... and like it or not... THIS IS an Organized Group.

You must admit, there are many RSE Supporters that post here and muck around with the ones who have or are in the process of moving on.

They, in this case... = "Numerous people on this message board"


Re: I have left

I love it when David starts a post talking about WALKING LIGHTLY or Gently here...

Communion/Joining/Agreeming is the whole REASON we all feel seperated at times on this board.

Tring to walk lightly...

Joining or becoming one with one another or communion semms to be the whole journey of our lives everwhere.

Finding that place where we are ALL brothers and sisters... can be hard to see at times... as the many personalities come out to play.

Here, we tend not to talk about the thousands of places in our personal daily life where we are ALL connected with others outside of this baord and in those place our life is in agreement and LIFE IS GRAND.

Perhaps if we changed the subject, we would all find that we are each more connected to each other than we could possible imagine. I am sure we all have experiences that are the same. There are many mom's and dad's here who love thier kids. There are many people here who have animals that thaty love and adore.. and we could have some wonderful stories about those topics that would bring out our softer side, becuase there is not a open sore festering up in those parts of our life, just love, happiness and joy.

On this board... the very fact that it is a "move on" type of board lends its self to dis-connections.

Many points of views of the same picture.... and the maturity of self all gets cooked into the SOUP of moving on.

This is a "Reason" for the behavior that I myself as well as others, "Go to the MAT"; in disagreement, to support their/our causes or many points of view.

I would say, everyone here, has places in their life where these issues do not filter their Happiness and Joy, in those places we just live their life.

I can not DRAW a conclusion about anyone here, just by the post on this board, for it is only one window of their thousands of windows in their life.

But, even when ONE WINDOW is unclear... it can cause a thorn in our ass that we each in our own way will defend, argue, support or reject, ect. Smile.

We would need to create a dfferent TYPE of web site that would focus on THE OTHERS PARTS of all of our lives; where the FOCUS was where we each have pleasure and happiness and joy; it seems this is not the place to talk about ALL of our life success stories here.

This is the WINDOW that is being washed and cleaned up right now.

So, of course during the process, many points of view and personality issues comes up.

It is hard at times to AGREE to disagree.... and still put a HAPPY FACE on it all..

and so now, the BEAT gones on.

As I read many of the post here, I could have written the words myself; in those moments I feel very connected to the writer.

In other post, there is a feeling of what planet do you live on. Smille.


Re: I have left

I agree with most of your post but this part:
We would need to create a dfferent TYPE of web site that would focus on THE OTHERS PARTS of all of our lives; where the FOCUS was where we each have pleasure and happiness and joy; it seems this is not the place to talk about ALL of our life success stories here.

I just share my journey as I go.
This holiday season seems to be one of both letting go of an entire belief system and simulatneously living in freedom.
I'd like to think that I can state where I'm at, regardless if it is "clean" or not
(according to your view Aria-or whatever your name is-it IS confusing) freely.
And I think it is the same for everyone else. It is a matter of perception.
Yes, Christel is an advocate and it seems, still dealing with various aspects of anger.
That is all well and good and part of the process.
If she chooses not to post, then that is her right.
She does have a unique and direct approach, very necessary for advocacy issues regarding the state of Washington
and its' laws.
I just choose another venue that suits me.
I think we all are an important ingredient to the recipe of the soup that you suggested.
Any names for the soup?

just teasing.....

Re: I have left


My Legal Name is Arianna.

My Short Name Aria

There is NO WHATEVER my name is... I have given this information befor. No need to be rude.

Re: I have left

I wasn't being rude.
I can just never figure out who is who when people change their posting names.
I'm not quite as savvy as the moderators in that department, so I ask.
Take it as you wish.

Re: I have left

Christel, I'm sorry to hear we will not have your contribution on this site anymore but respect your choice of course. Are you interested at all in elaborating about why you don't want to write anymore? I don't think you should change your mind but I just thought I'd offer the invitation in case you'd like to discuss it further. You can always email me privately too if you want.