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Santa's Coming

And if you believe in Santa, then we’ve got some really prime real estate in Florida! And if you want to add ‘color’ to your spiritual world, there is always the tinting of your spiritual life by the school of ‘lightenment’ where a bleached blonde former cable marketer a.k.a. Ahtmar (body-less Neanderthal of the past, dsylexic spelling) can relieve you of all burden, especially all those heavy gold coins..

So what do you wish for Xmas, child?

Santa told me of a few of your wishes already..

-a new brain, that works, without paranoia, suspicion or issuance of ‘who-done-its’ everytime someone posts something new or different, that might not initially be understood.

-a sunny, warm beach vacation to retune a sense of calm & well-being in the world.

-a wonderful new home, far, far from the maddening crowd.

-geninue compassion of others, with the development of an ability to receive it.

-inspiration and time to write a script for a screenplay.

-an exhilarating ski vacation, where prowess is tested body exhausted & mind put to rest.

-‘teleportation’ (or whatever *really* works) to begin anew in NZ.

-new threads on emf which are not the ramblings of someone who really needs professional help.

-English-as-a-foreign language lessons, to be able to read, understand & write more fluently.

-a self esteem that is more evolved than ‘chopped liver’ so moving on in life occurs effortlessly.

-full allowance & acceptance of a natural life, with simple joys of caring, without consumerism and media focus. Knowing this is a ‘best practice’ for global warming and easy to do. (enuf hype no matter what kind.)

-elimination of my ‘evil twin’ who keeps making me say stuff on this forum and then asks that it be deleted by the all powerful moderators, please help....

Did anyone's wishes get missed?

p.s. the Christ child said we needed a new thread, really badly.

Re: Santa's Coming

Perhaps a new thread that does not point fingers at anyone... to make you have a happy day.

Chuckle chuckle...
*************************************************** -new threads on emf which are not the ramblings of someone who really needs professional help... ****************************************************

Professional help is an interesting concept... but even then, you look deeper and SEE CLEARLY... Seeing Clearly does not make your PERSONALITY any better... in fact it does just the opposit... once the EGG has been broken ... you can not go BACK to the way it was before.

We could all JUST put ooooeeeegoooooie Cool-wip.. Nuts and Cherries over everthing and in that case, you do not need to be here at all.... but you will be more happy not to see what is really there beneith the FLUFF.

Funny thing... it is impossible to have a deeper discussion without ALL of the above.

Perhaps a CAVE to run and hide and live within or a sand doon to stick your head in so you don't need to deal with life...

I am smiling at your post... it is AMUSING...


Re: Santa's Coming

incognito, because of what I am about to say...
have had a nervous breakdown before, all the professional help I can stomach, all kinds of medication, unwanted pregnancy, sexual assault, gross intrusions into my life by special 'groups'...
know what?
I am coping just fine now. And "Santa Clause" to me is just the spirit of GIVING....so instead of thinking about what I want, at this time of year, I think about what I have to offer others...like all the people who post on this forum, in the hopes that it will help people still stuck in, or recovering from the snare...
GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE - Tiny Tim, a Christmas Carol

Re: Santa's Coming

"-English-as-a-foreign language lessons, to be able to read, understand & write more fluently. "

thank you, i will add it to my wish-list...