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closed mindedness

After participating in Yoga for some time now, not really needing the services of a chiropractor DUE to the Yoga, I took the last week and a half off for the holidays only to find my hip go out of alignment.
So, I called my usual chiropractor (a current RSE student, whom, I might add, I packed and drove her, free of charge about 7 years ago,from the Midwest to Yelm, offered her to stay at my home until hers was liveable for at least 4 weeks. AND, even though she still attends RSE, I find her to be a good chiropractor) yesterday for an appointment.
(She had been treating me up until last month-BEFORE the required events at the Ranch).
Her reply today: " I think you need to find services elsewhere. Good luck in your journey."

To which I replied:
" I received your message. I will do exactly that. ALthough, I would like to point out that you do get your gas from Arabs, and probably some kosher meat from some Jews, and I know you treat other non-
"masters", I find this very closed minded.
One day, may you have the eyes to see."

What a joke.

Re: closed mindedness

I never, never recommend chiropractors--I do not believe in their bizarre premises about "subluxations."

For joint and back problems I prefer someone trained in sport medicine with basic medical knowledge. They are generally cheaper and get right ot the point without weird theoretical elaboration.

Having said that, good chiropractic schools and clinics do know and admit the limits of their profession.

This chiroprator says it well enough:


In any case, I hope you find the right person and treatment. Best wishes.

Re: closed mindedness

In my opinion and from my own experience, osteopathy is preferable than chiropractic, for the osteopath generaly has a more vast and "holistic" knowledge of the human body than the chiropractor.

As Joe wrote, I hope you find the right person and treatment. Best wishes

Re: closed mindedness

I am so sorry to hear a medical professional behaving as a typical "follower" and NOT and advocate for their patients (unless, it appears, the patients pay tribute to JRZ/RSE. Actually, I take back the word "professional," for a true professional will treat an individual regardless of their beliefs.

I'd write to the state licensing board regarding her remarks and why she spoke them.

Such vindictiveness at the school, I'm seeing in retrospect, even JZ saying "I will never walk for anyone else again (neighborhood walk). The only thing I've come to see "enlightened" in that area is her hair. (joke)

Tree, find someone who is truly "blind" to differences, and not someone who simply wears a "blindfold" yet bases professional medical treatment based on personal opinion. Pfui - as they say in hundsport.

I do hope you're feeling better soon.

Re: closed mindedness

Tree -

I say 'good riddance', it just isn't a good idea to have someone with 'ranchatosis' touching you. Like with your cape, t-shirts, tapes, cush.. Gone with the wind, Scarlet. Remember: tomorrow's another day..

I agree with joe that chiros are crapola. For the most part, very questionable long term benefit.

I would recommend rolfing, or structural integration practitioners. I got lots of long term benefit. Best to do the 10 sessions, in order. Bone/tissue alignment & release of 'stuffed' emotions, from years ago. I could see alignent changes in a mirror afterwards. Check online at the Rolfing or S.I. prof association listings.

ALSO -agree w/G2G, your 'abandonment' should be reported to the chiro state board. (If she tried to refer you to another chiro cause 'her patient load was too full', it would be legit. But she didn't.) You were abandoned. (At least she didn't sleep with ya & then abandon you... did she? that would rEALLy need to be reported... but me thinks that's that other chiro down the street.

Re: closed mindedness

wow.... I never gave it a thought that chiropractic was a bit "out there"
(ref Joe's subluxations).
Any way, went to Yoga this morning, on the last posture, my hip moved on its' own.
So, as much as I did want to call her and tell her "oh my heck with that!"
I just let it be.
Thank you all for your input.
I still think a report is in order to the state licensing board.

Re: closed mindedness

"(At least she didn't sleep with ya & then abandon you... did she? that would rEALLy need to be reported... but me thinks that's that other chiro down the street."

too funny.

I did report it. thank you.

Re: closed mindedness

when exit counselors tell people that when a person leaves a group,they literally give up their whole social way of being.....
friends, services, family, holiday gatherings,spirituality.....
they are being literal.
And it is all encompassing.
Thank you all for a refreshing new "belief system" .....

Re: closed mindedness

Injured my back...and really did benefit from my M.D., physio, AND CHIRO. Just do whatever helps, you don't have to buy a whole 't-shirt', 'farm' or belief system to get whatever help u need. But, that Chiro you were seeing, Tree, does not sound like a big loss!

Re: closed mindedness

Tree, what I meant by "osteopathy is preferable than chiropractic, for the osteopath generaly has a more vast and "holistic" knowledge of the human body than the chiropractor" is that the osteopath has a knowledge of the human body as a whole instead of as parts of a mechanistic system.

As Lost In Space wrote, just do wathever helps.

Re: closed mindedness

my e-mail to the chiro:

Dear ______,
It has been brought to my attention that your reason for referring me to
someone else
should be reported to the Washington State Chiropractic Licensing Office.
My attorney will be in touch with you.


the response:

Just for your reference,

This termination of friendship has nothing to do with any religion, race,
creed, culture or school. Never did.

I just have finally decided to end a personal friendship with you ,
that has had a long, most abusive, unhealthy, emotional nature to it that I
no longer desire to associate with or tolerate in my life, my reality. I
have received countless berative, malicious, vindictive and some threatening
"written letters", emails, and phone calls from you over the course of our
relationship over the years that I have known you, some of which I have
witnesses. No one should have to put up with that ever!! It is Over! I
choose to terminate this relationship Now, for my own personal growth and
evolution. That is ALL...


I have been going to that salon for over a year and a half, pretty much keeping to myself(for obvious reasons).
The chiro. would nearly have to PRY anwers out of me as to what I have been doing. I have never mentioned RSE nor EMF
EVER in that salon.
I still had decided to continue to use this person even after a heavy metal toxicity went mis-diagnosed two years ago by her ( I paid an additional however much to get properly diagnosed by Gordy), along with a mis-diagnosis on my son's hand (the chiro said it was "scar tissue...and endeavored to manipulate it very roughly on the bench in 3 sessions, when it turned out later to be a piece of glass on top of his knuckle which later had to be taken out by a physician).
My subsequent calls to her were to ask her to possibly get some additional advice from a fellow chiro, which she took offense too. So I dropped it.
And for these experiences, I get this rebuttal.

I esp find the terminology:

"for my own personal growth and
evolution,I am terminating this relationship"

very typical of Ramsters.
Meaning, I would rather burn bridges and make YOU the bad guy rather than to try to work a viable solution out with you,
all in the name of my enlightenment, because you are now dog meat and I am going to be a christ.

Re: closed mindedness

I find this line of thinking very typical of Ramsters, and Judy's former abuses being lived out in this vein through her followers.
"I am no longer frequency specific to you, so you are history."
Then you run into them in the super market,
or are on some small time committee with them
or even better yet, they post on EMF, and still claim they are not "frequency specific".
Do they study ANYTHING in science for this
"law of attraction" to occur?