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Giving Thanks

Thinking about the actual workings of JZ Knight and after watching Joe's interview with Jeff Knight,
I have found it amazing , that one person can play the part of a 4 year old:
Get dressed up, play a make believe person/entity, change accents, have their own stage, and have people come to actually PAY to see them play make believe
in their own sandbox in their back yard.
What an incredible feeling of empowerment:
To play make believe and have that many people believe -and throwing money at the little girl.
I am truly giving Thanks this day for seeing JZ for who she truly is.
Giving thanks for people like Joe Sz who is driven to help people from such New Age nonsense.
Giving thanks to whatever it was in myself that decided to truly wake up and start a path of healing my brain and my entire neurological system.
Giving thanks to all those who have posted the most sincere and kindest thoughts for me, my journey, and recovery.
I am thankful to have finally found some truly caring, loving, and supportive people whose main aim is NOT to throw
Thank you all!

Re: Giving Thanks

Thanks to you too Tree.....for coming back to speak truth....for not giving up...and for the strength you give others. A true gift to us all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Re: Giving Thanks

Thank YOU, Tree, for your courage and strength in sharing what you have experienced.

Thank ALL of you.

Re: Giving Thanks

Thank YOU, Tree, for your courage and strength in sharing what you have experienced.

Thank ALL of you.

Creating a Chronology Time Line

Does anyone on the sight know of (or interested in us developing?) a Time Line of sorts of major eras, phases,episodes, groups, you know (pptte, heh) in order to help us look at this from that perspective.

Key pptte on the time line to be developed might include such things as:

CA Hollywood Era
White Book
Out On A Limb
Dialogue Era (City Events)
Bomb Scare in Colorado
School Formed
Saffron Dust Era of the Arena
The Groups & Symbol Era
Elohim ; Ahk Men Ra; Iaut Aleph; etc.
Days To Come Prophecy
The Transition from Water to Wine Toasts
The Jeff K era
The Arabian Horse Era
The Divorce & Events where we sat doing disciplines
while speaker in court
Celebrities who came and went
The birth of bathroom patrol & event helpers for reduced or free participation
The UG DTC cottage industry Era (UG, Food Storage, etc)
The Original Staff pre-Red Guard
The birth of the Red Guard
Those who left early on from same
The birth of the disciplines
Field Work
Tank Labyrinth
Archery with Blinders
Blue Body work & dance
Rock on the head C&E
Candle work
Paradise Beach
Master of Music & Movie CD's
The birth of wine ceremonies
Bok Tau
Era of passwords for staff, guard, friends of same
for entry into events
The Astro Turf Era (good bye saffron dust)
The birth of Oh-My-Gad investment coming any day
The guest speaker era and their contributions to teachings: Reptilians? Experts? Scientists?
The Focus on Images from Paintings & Music, found from website, put up around arena, and all focused on.. later reputed to be creative marketing for new age musician? Remember the name of same?
The Serotonin uptake era
The birth of Quantum Physics Era
The RSE Website & Chat Room Era
and eventual current only, and by approval only, and end of the era
Whatever happened to the groups? The army of the R?
The Commrade Era Who were they? Where are they now?
The Mirror Work intro
The I'm leaving/not leaving era
The post nine and eleven era
The post OhMyGah info after trials & conviction in IL
The pre What Bleep Era
The Bleep Era & transition
Comrades & Scientists no longer in favor?
Return to Dialogue/Teachings by City era
The Chosen Ones Teach
The International Experience
Catch up Offers to become current
(Were you contemplating? Tempted? Curious? Go?)
The Marketing Resurgence: Create your Day, Become a ..
Radio programs & World Puja
Recent events
Recent Books by (former?)(current?) comrades?
What ever happened to ....??? (pptte)
Why did certain celebrities, staff, guard, supports leave? Why not other groups, channeled info okay?
Why students, "masters" left
Those who separated and divorced
Those who moved, those who returned home
Insider insights to what it was like without blinders

The purpose would be to create a time (date) evolution and time-line of the entire phenomenon
It could serve to share and document how many things
went into the choices made for those who chose to attend, stay current at whatever cost or price.

Likely there are those here, it seems, may have been in the know during some or all (and more!) of these experiences.

What an adventure to 'make known' that which was not known (the unknown)

To Clarity & Understanding
With Healing Laughter upon Recollection
That which we may (have once?) held dear

Re: Giving Thanks

Great ideal
What a trip down Memory Lane.

Re: Giving Thanks

Terrific outline - vignettes which would all be a great start for a 'docu-drama movie script. I don't know how you would collect people's info, stories to bring forth the scam-ology into Living Colour for the BIG screen or 'book of days': those that HAVE come, those PREDICTED to come and those IMAGINARY days that keep the whole house of cards in place(ha-ha.)

It might be almost too awful to watch. But for those with no personal his or her-story, could be as funny as Monty Python.

Re: Giving Thanks

Something of this magnitude may possibly destroy a corporation's reputation. That might very well provoke lawsuits spitting from every orofice of Ramtha's being...

Re: Giving Thanks

I didn't think spiritual entities had orifices.. ?

I think Hollywood is ready.. mostly for a scientology expose due to Tom Cruise & his-story which seems to be unraveling strangely. I saw on another blog that people are boycotting his movies cause they don't want $$$ to go to his sicko cult. So.. the floodgates could be opening to wash it all out into the open.

With the currently rapid devaluation of the US dollar, the FOJZ (friends of JZ) have to work fast to keep enough mola coming in to cover overhead as well as the 'Lifestyle of The Rich & Famous' that she has become accustomed to. (isn't it time to redecorate again? and then a photo-shoot..sigh..)

Lawsuits? those cost money. Skeet-shooting of a local shaman, a chiropractor, a channeler in Austria..is there more I don't know about?

Remember, we CAN share our own experience. and hundreds of experiences do add up to quite a cacophony.

Re: Giving Thanks

excellent outline.
Quite comprehensive.

Hopefully one who views or adds to such is moving along quite well in their recovery so as to not instigate "triggers".
Otherwise, TOTALLY Monty Python-esque!

Re: Giving Thanks

I can see it now - a segment on "the ministry of funny walks" -


Re: Giving Thanks

G2G -
Now just how much time did you spend in that creekbed at the end of the field? Seems like it might have been those baptismal waters that brought you forth, here to see the light.. glory, light from under those blinders, and now, no blinders at all!!

I know when I felt that slippery slope under my boots and the 'squish' of mud/water/rock - I said the name of god (along with other adjectives) and helped me 'see the light' (under my blinders) 'cause I was NOT ever gonna fall down, smash my knees on those rocks, twist an ankle (almost) or any other bull-hokey, no matter who said WHAT.

I tell you, that part of the field is REVEALation itself. The beginning of the end.

Re: Giving Thanks

LOL! It certainly was a revelation, since I didn't know it was there at all! (It was either dry or ice on my previous retreats). Gosh. I would have brought along scuba gear had I known! Not. It IS dangerous for a lot of people, especially with the rocky slope - but of course if people are injured, the RSE way is "they created it." Everyone I talked to during that retreat was particularly aware of the creek and NOT going into it, so much so, their focus was on not going into the creek. One poor guy had no clean trousers in which to fly home. Everyone was sick from the cold/wet combo. But fevers, well that was a GOOD thing - "burning karma" I was told. Oh my heck.

I was "baptized' many times over during that retreat. Perhaps it was the water of "liberation" - from RSE!

Methinks they ought to post a lifeguard. (I begin to wonder about what is in those woods, off limits unless you're wearing blinders....it's scary -not prudent - (sarcasm)

Over the creek and through the woods - what lurks beneath! Hmmm.

Re: Giving Thanks

"Over the creek and through the woods - what lurks beneath! Hmmm."

I believe that would be 'the big bad wolf' in sheep's clothing, of course. At Grandma's house, having done his NLP thing on L.R.R. Hood, Hansel, Gretel and all those who thought they could trust everybody in the forest...not so, say the 3 blindered mice..!